Make Masterpieces with Average Talent Ai Assistant

Anyone with some art talent can learn to create professional illustrations for clients, get paid big
Make Masterpieces with Average Talent Ai Assistant
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Neil Fontaine


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Make Masterpieces with Average Talent Ai Assistant

What you’ll learn

How to work with Invoke-ai to create beautiful illustrations
Complete several full illustrations along with me like Harley Quinn and Deadpool
Learn several techniques to create professional works of art
Learn ways to make money on deviantart, fiverr, and upwork

Make Masterpieces with Average Talent Ai Assistant


To get the most out of this course, have a good computer and graphics card
Average art skills
Be creative


Do you want to create professional illustrations but can only produce average art? Well now you can, and I don’t mean making Ai generated art. This is a full workflow using Ai assistance to create work for clients to their specifications, which cannot be done with Ai generated art. It cannot generate someone’s original character. But this course will show you how to create these incredible pieces of artwork you see right now. A little about me first. I’m Neil Fontaine, a professional artist with years of experience working in the industry, and over 90,000 Udemy students taking my other art courses. So, what will you learn in this course? We will learn several techniques on how to work with invoke-ai to create professional illustrations, drawings, paintings, etc. I walk you through step by step on how to download, install, and use invoke-ai. Then we create different illustrations step by step, each one teaching us different techniques that we can use to create professional works of art per our client’s specifications. I want to stress this point. This is not how to generate Ai art. You wouldn’t be able to get jobs or commissions with generating Ai art. It cannot generate specific characters. It cannot produce your client’s original character. For example, in this course, I show you how to make a beautiful illustration of Harley Quinn in her original jester outfit. Ai cannot generate that. But after taking my course, you will be able to create professional illustrations for commissions on deviant art, fiverr, upwork, etc. All the images you have seen in this video, I created in 1 to 3 hours. It is why you know they are not Ai generated, which takes mere seconds. It has rocketed my deviantart account and is bringing me many returning clients for commissions. Using Ai is the future, so get on board and start making beautiful illustrations. Besides, you get a Money back guarantee, upheld by Udemy’s high standards.  You have nothing to lose. You ready to learn? Buy the course. I’ll see you on the inside.


Section 1: Start Here – Don’t Skip

Lecture 1 How to best use this course

Lecture 2 A bit about your legal rights to ai images and morals

Section 2: How to do a beautiful mermaid from a basic sketch from a client

Lecture 3 This is the final image we will be creating

Lecture 4 Mermaid 1

Lecture 5 Mermaid 2

Lecture 6 Mermaid 3

Lecture 7 Mermaid 4

Section 3: Installing and Learning InvokeAi to create any masterpiece for clients

Lecture 8 Downloading and Installing Invokeai

Lecture 9 How to Open and get started with Invokeai

Lecture 10 How to use Invokeai and interface 1

Lecture 11 How to use Invokeai and interface 2

Lecture 12 How to use Invokeai and interface 3

Lecture 13 How to use Invokeai and interface 4

Lecture 14 Installing new models for styles in invokeai

Lecture 15 How to get pretty faces in invokeai

Lecture 16 Let’s add glasses and a watch

Lecture 17 Converting models (checkpoints) into diffusers to load faster

Lecture 18 How to get two unique characters in a scene like Superman vs Doctor Fate

Section 4: Getting Started to understand the process with Deep Dream Generator

Lecture 19 The Final Image we will be creating of Rick and Morty

Lecture 20 Creating Rick and Morty high detail illustration

Lecture 21 Creating Rick and Morty 2

Lecture 22 Creating Rick and Morty 3

Lecture 23 Creating Rick and Morty 4

Lecture 24 Creating Rick and Morty 5

Lecture 25 Creating Rick and Morty 6

Section 5: Harley Quinn Painterly style with the Joker

Lecture 26 The final image we will be creating

Lecture 27 Harley Quinn eating ice-cream 1

Lecture 28 Harley Quinn eating ice-cream 2

Lecture 29 Harley Quinn eating ice-cream 3

Lecture 30 Harley Quinn eating ice-cream 4

Section 6: Harley Quinn Original in her jester outfit shooting a gun

Lecture 31 This is the Image of OG Harley Quinn we will create

Lecture 32 Harley Quinn OG 1

Lecture 33 Harley Quinn OG 2

Lecture 34 Harley Quinn OG 3

Lecture 35 Harley Quinn OG 4

Lecture 36 Harley Quinn OG 5

Section 7: Woman Riding an Octopus

Lecture 37 The Final Image we will be making

Lecture 38 Woman Riding Octopus 1

Lecture 39 Woman Riding Octopus 2

Lecture 40 Woman Riding Octopus 3

Lecture 41 Woman Riding Octopus 4

Lecture 42 Woman Riding Octopus 5

Lecture 43 Woman Riding Octopus 6

Lecture 44 My overall workflow fir high res images to deliver to clients

Section 8: Deadpool using Deep Dream Generator

Lecture 45 Deadpool 1

Lecture 46 Deadpool 2

Lecture 47 Deadpool 3

Lecture 48 Deadpool 4

Section 9: How to make money doing this

Lecture 49 Make money with Deviantart, Fiverr and Upwork

For every artist that wants to create professional art that sells

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 20m | 8.65 GB
Created by: Neil Fontaine

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