Making Sense of User Stories

An in-depth look at writing, understanding, and working with user stories
Making Sense of User Stories
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Making Sense of User Stories

What you’ll learn

A practical (not theoretical) understanding of user stories and how to use them out there in the real world
A chance to practice these skills through exercises and solutions
The knowledge you’ll need to apply user stories to your projects and use them effectively
The ability to use personas to help you find and focus your user stories
A deep understanding of the 3 C’s model, and the knowledge to apply that model to your stories
The knowledge you need to build high quality stories, using the INVEST criteria
Techniques to split large stories into smaller, more manageable ones
A fun learning experience, complete with examples, exercises, and solutions

Making Sense of User Stories


No specialized knowledge or prior experience needed – we’ll go through everything you need to know


Discover the cure for the common course as we take you on a tour through the world of user stories. We’ll have fun along the way (did you know user stories are like video games?), and we’ll dive into the essential terms and concepts you’ll need to effectively apply user stories to your projects.In this course, you’ll learn:What a user story is and how they can make projects more successfulBenefits of user storiesRoles and responsibilities in user storiesHow to identify, analyze, and build personasHow to use those personas to write stories that will really meet your users’ needsThe 3 C’s of a good user story (Card, Conversation, and Confirmation)How to use the 3 C’s to write your storiesAll about epics and themesHow to use themes to organize your storiesHow to use INVEST to make sure your stories are of good qualityTechniques to effectively break down epics into smaller storiesAnd through the whole class, we’ll use real world examples and exercises to help reinforce the ideas and give you the chance to practice. In this short course, you’ll get the skills you need to start applying user stories to your projects right away.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Overview of the Course

Lecture 2 Introduction to the Example

Section 2: Overview of User Stories

Lecture 3 What is a User Story?

Lecture 4 User Stories and Video Games

Lecture 5 Why User Stories?

Lecture 6 Roles and Responsibilities

Section 3: Personas

Lecture 7 Introduction to Personas and Part 1 of the Persona Definition Process

Lecture 8 Part 2 of the Persona Definition Process

Lecture 9 Part 3 of the Persona Definition Process

Lecture 10 Exercise: Personas

Lecture 11 Exercise Solution: Personas

Section 4: Building User Stories with the 3 C’s

Lecture 12 Overview of the 3 C’s Model

Lecture 13 Card

Lecture 14 Exercise: Define User Stories

Lecture 15 Exercise Solution: Define User Stories

Lecture 16 Conversation

Lecture 17 Confirmation (Acceptance Criteria)

Lecture 18 Exercise: Define Acceptance Criteria

Lecture 19 Exercise Solution: Define Acceptance Criteria

Lecture 20 Epics and Themes

Section 5: Building Quality into the Stories with INVEST

Lecture 21 Overview of INVEST and the First 2 Criteria (Independent, Negotiable)

Lecture 22 INVEST Part 2 (Valuable)

Lecture 23 INVEST Part 3 (Estimable, Small, Testable)

Lecture 24 Exercise: INVEST Criteria

Lecture 25 Exercise Solution: INVEST Criteria

Section 6: Splitting Stories

Lecture 26 Splitting Stories Overview

Lecture 27 Splitting Stories – More Techniques

Lecture 28 Exercise: Splitting Stories

Lecture 29 Exercise Solution: Splitting Stories

Section 7: Summary of the Course

Lecture 30 Course Summary

Lecture 31 Course Summary – Downloadable PDF

Business Analysts,Product Owners,Project Managers,Anyone who wants an in-depth understanding of user stories and how they can help projects succeed

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Udemy | English | 2h 7m | 1023.35 MB
Created by: Luminescence Training

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