Manage Workplace Stress Strike a Balance

Our lives can be filled with daily stressors. Learn to manage stress and strike a better balance in your life.
Manage Workplace Stress Strike a Balance
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Manage Workplace Stress Strike a Balance

What you’ll learn

Learn the physiology of stress
Practice ways to manage that stress & relax
Understand how to strike a better work-life balance & get things done
Find your priorities in life & in work

Manage Workplace Stress Strike a Balance


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Our lives are filled with daily stressors & high pressure situations, but it doesn’t have to erode our relationships & health. Don’t let stress silently steal stability & happiness for yourself or others. In this course explore the neuroscience behind stress & learn techniques to help you handle stress & bring your body back to a relaxed state.The combination of ambition & “always on” technology is often a big source of stress & can leave us wondering exactly where to draw the line. Sometimes we get frustrated when the scale tips too heavily in one direction, but actually achieving work-life balance takes effort. In this course we’ll share some tools & techniques that you can use to help you strike a better balance. Course 1: Manage Workplace StressIdentify & understand your stressors. Learn how to manage them with these techniques. Understand what causes stress & recognize the signsStop the cycle of stress & relaxGet your move on & manage your stressCourse 2: Strike a BalanceBalance your life and your work by setting up your priorities and factoring in some downtime. Determine your priorities & valuesSet smart & measurable goalsFind the importance in down time & schedule it inThis two course bundle will teach you how to understand, manage & succeed during stressful situations & strike your best work-life balance. It includes dynamic video, interactive practice lessons, tips from industry leaders, & downloadable PDFs. Each component is designed to be completed in short time allotments, or all at once, to suit your schedule. It will take approximately 1 hour to complete both courses. You have a lot to balance in your life & making it all happen can be a very stressful proposition. In this course, learn how to handle it all & still maintain your sanity!


Section 1: Course 1 – Manage Workplace Stress

Lecture 1 Don’t Stress Over Stress

Lecture 2 Recognize the Signs

Section 2: Meet Your Nervous System

Lecture 3 Deconstruct Stress

Lecture 4 Reflect on Your Stressors

Lecture 5 Identify Your Style

Section 3: Break the Stress Cycle

Lecture 6 Reduce the Effects

Lecture 7 Maintain Rest & Digest

Lecture 8 Find Your Office Zen

Lecture 9 Make Stress Your Friend

Section 4: Find Stress Relief

Lecture 10 Meditate

Lecture 11 Change Your Brain

Section 5: Try Movement-Based Stress Relief

Lecture 12 Take a Yoga Pose

Lecture 13 Take a Breath

Lecture 14 Handle Stress in the Moment

Section 6: Put It to Work

Lecture 15 1 More Thing to Manage Stress

Lecture 16 Tips & Tools to Manage Workplace Stress

Section 7: Course 2 – Strike a Balance

Lecture 17 Recognize Reality

Section 8: Start with What You Know

Lecture 18 Find Your Balance

Lecture 19 Learn to Prioritize

Section 9: Define Work-Life Balance

Lecture 20 Redefine Balance

Lecture 21 Balance It Better

Section 10: Establish Your Priorities

Lecture 22 Evaluate Priorities

Lecture 23 Set SMART Goals

Section 11: Rest & Recharge

Lecture 24 Schedule Downtime

Lecture 25 Rest & Recharge

Section 12: Put It to Work

Lecture 26 1 More Thing to Strike a Balance

Lecture 27 Tips & Tools to Strike a Balance

Anyone balancing the stresses of the job with getting things done,People looking to find the balance between work & life

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