Management Consulting Presentation Essential Training

The secret formula of McKinsey slide deck: The art and science of building persuasive business presentations
Management Consulting Presentation Essential Training
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Management Consulting Presentation Essential Training

What you’ll learn

Learn how to build a presentation like a management consultant from scratch
Explore the basic blocks of a McKinsey-styled presentation
Understanding storyboarding for business
Writing powerful key messages
Using dot-dash storyline and pyramid principle to craft a compelling storyline
Working with tables, words, and graphics
Using simple and complex charts to visualize insights
Apply plan-do-check-act cycle to create a management consulting presentation yourself
Managing presentation nerves
Setting up your room for presentation
Master the system that covers almost everything you need to create compelling, memorable, and persuasive business presentations
Tips for handling a Q&A section
Understand essential body language techniques of public speaking
Learn how to write cover page, agenda, and executive summary like a management consultant
Learn the complete consulting presentation list to give an outstanding business presentation
Understand how to prioritize findings from many analyses
Tips for finding the right data quickly

Management Consulting Presentation Essential Training


This course has no pre-requisites. It’s designed for anyone who wants to get better creating compelling, memorable, and persuasive business presentations
In this course, we’ll be working with decks, so it’d be great that you have some hands-on experience in using presentation applications like PowerPoint or Apple keynote
There are no mandatory prerequisites for this course, you can dive right in


**Updated for 2023!**In today’s job market, you are only as good as your presentation skills. As the competition for high-level consulting and management positions becomes increasingly cutthroat, you need a powerful way to make your message stand out from the rest.My name is John Burress and I’m excited to introduce you to the McKinsey presentation system. During my time as a corporate strategist, I’ve used McKinsey presentations to significantly grow many leading businesses using the same techniques you’ll learn under my instruction.Recent studies reveal that over 80% of clients intuitively prefer presentations that use the McKinsey system due to its unique mechanics and ease of understanding. My multi-faceted intensive course will guide you through the intricacies of management consulting presentations and cover a wide range of topics so you can begin utilizing the system for your own clients. You will graduate with a deeper understanding of the principles and best practices needed to compete in today’s job market.Topics include:· Exploring the basic blocks of a McKinsey-styled presentation· Learning storytelling for business· Writing powerful key messages· Building smarter storyline· What’s a storyboard and why do you need one· Using dot-dash storyline and pyramid principle to craft a compelling storyline· How to build a presentation like a management consultant from scratch· Working with tables, words, and graphics· Understanding simple and complex charts· Managing presentation nerves· Setting up your room for presentation· Tips for handling a Q&A section· Essential body language techniques of public speakingForbes reports that 70% of successful Americans report that presentation skills were critical to the development of their careers. Are you certain your skills are up to par?If you’re ready to move into the upper echelon of effective communication and presentation success, sign up today. I look forward to meeting you soon.


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What you should know before watching this course

Lecture 3 Why do consultants use PPT so much

Lecture 4 Using exercises

Lecture 5 Preparation: learning principles

Lecture 6 Explore presentation apps

Lecture 7 Download the presentations from McKinsey, BCG and Accenture

Section 2: Plan

Lecture 8 What is management consulting

Lecture 9 What’s consulting project

Lecture 10 Understand PDCA (Plan Do Check Act)

Lecture 11 Identify main building blocks

Lecture 12 The basic building blocks

Lecture 13 Headline

Lecture 14 Keep vertical and horizontal logic MECE

Lecture 15 Storyboard

Lecture 16 The basic storyline in business contexts

Lecture 17 Build dot dash version of storyline

Lecture 18 Write first, format later

Lecture 19 The Pyramid Principle: logic in writing and thinking

Lecture 20 Bonus: The thought process in McKinsey reports and presentations

Lecture 21 Analyze your audience’s knowledge level

Lecture 22 Audience checklist

Lecture 23 Free gift worth $199

Section 3: Do

Lecture 24 Combine the best of written and oral presentation skills

Lecture 25 Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and the plain English test

Lecture 26 Cover page

Lecture 27 Agenda

Lecture 28 Agenda checklist

Lecture 29 Executive summary

Lecture 30 Communicate the main message in < 2 lines

Lecture 31 Use down-to-earth language

Lecture 32 Remember why you are paid to be there

Lecture 33 Checklist to display information effectively

Lecture 34 Headline checklist

Lecture 35 Headline checklist

Lecture 36 Maintain the logic flow

Lecture 37 Using active phrasing examples

Lecture 38 Use ellipsis to support the flow

Lecture 39 Produce the most important data to support headlines

Lecture 40 Body is a more detailed explanation of the headline

Lecture 41 Avoid lengthy and dense bullets of text

Lecture 42 Using columns

Lecture 43 Layout design

Lecture 44 Graphs tend to be poorly presented

Lecture 45 Why management consultants love data

Lecture 46 Data visualization apps for management consultants

Lecture 47 How to choose among words, tables, graphics

Lecture 48 Graphics or exhibits

Lecture 49 Main types of charts

Lecture 50 Other types of charts

Lecture 51 Key graph elements

Lecture 52 Each chart form is best equipped to illustrate one of five comparisons

Lecture 53 5 basic kinds of comparisons

Lecture 54 Component comparison

Lecture 55 Item comparison

Lecture 56 Time series comparison

Lecture 57 Frequency distribution comparison

Lecture 58 Correlation comparison

Lecture 59 Typical amount in a consulting presentation

Lecture 60 Secondary y axis

Lecture 61 3D chart

Lecture 62 Review chart checklist

Lecture 63 Chart checklist

Lecture 64 Diagram

Lecture 65 Bonus: Editable PowerPoint diagrams

Lecture 66 Tables

Lecture 67 Table checklist

Lecture 68 Table vs. Chart

Lecture 69 Bonus: IBCS STANDARDS for free (Worth $49)

Lecture 70 Words

Lecture 71 Find the right data quickly

Lecture 72 Kicker

Lecture 73 Kick checklist

Lecture 74 Version management

Lecture 75 Prioritize findings from many analyses

Lecture 76 Appendix

Lecture 77 Legal disclaimer

Lecture 78 Theme

Lecture 79 Color

Lecture 80 Design principles

Lecture 81 Font

Lecture 82 Font size

Lecture 83 Image

Lecture 84 Video

Lecture 85 Background

Lecture 86 Animation

Lecture 87 Pace information flow

Lecture 88 Slide chooser

Section 4: Check

Lecture 89 In summary, when faced with a deadline, remember the following guiding principle

Lecture 90 Presentation checklist

Lecture 91 Use these questions to review your slides

Lecture 92 How to choose meeting room

Lecture 93 Minimum legible font size

Lecture 94 Set up your room for presentation

Lecture 95 Location checklist

Lecture 96 Practice

Lecture 97 Pre-meeting

Lecture 98 More management consulting presentations that are publicly available

Section 5: Act

Lecture 99 Quickly establish a link with your audience

Lecture 100 Build credibility

Lecture 101 Avoid hedgers

Lecture 102 Attitude

Lecture 103 Eye contact and body language

Lecture 104 Three techniques to improve body language

Lecture 105 Voice control and how to improve yours

Lecture 106 Don’t read your slides

Lecture 107 How to talk without notes

Lecture 108 Taking notes

Lecture 109 Call participants by name

Lecture 110 Using a microphone

Lecture 111 Managing space

Lecture 112 Apply 10-minute rule

Lecture 113 Humor

Lecture 114 Handle disruption

Lecture 115 How to dress for a client meeting

Lecture 116 Wrap up

Lecture 117 Meeting minutes

Lecture 118 Meeting minutes template

Lecture 119 Q&A

Lecture 120 Debrief your presentation

Section 6: Conclusion

Lecture 121 Next steps

Lecture 122 Course keynotes

Anyone who wants to get better creating a compelling, memorable, and persuasive business presentation and effectively delivering it,This course should be helpful to all business professional and anyone involved in public speaking and persuasive presentations,This course is also great for business owners and entrepreneurs who need presentations to support you and pitch your products,This course will cover all you need to know to get started building a McKinsey styled presentation right from the beginning,Anyone wanting to use a system to build an elite management consulting presentation,This course is for anyone looking to improve their presentation skills at any point in their career

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Created by: John Burress

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