Management Skills Self Leadership Personal Transformation

Leadership starts with the Self. Unlocking highest Potential through Value-Insight-Purpose based life-long learning.
Management Skills Self Leadership Personal Transformation
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Management Skills Self Leadership Personal Transformation

What you’ll learn

Identify your core values and translate them into behaviors that reflect them;
Gain extra awareness of core and meta needs;
Discard or replace behaviors that do not align with your values;
Identify or even eliminate conflict within your personality;
Have a better understanding of who you are at core level;
Elaborate your “Ideal Model”;
Define your personal “Theory of Everything”;
Set daring goals for yourself, personally and professionally;
Cultivate an expanded state of consciousness;
Align to a purpose greater than yourself;
Minimize loses and maximize resource investments, such as time, energy, money, feelings and emotions;
Praise yourself properly for all of your human qualities.

Management Skills Self Leadership Personal Transformation


A healthy dose of curiosity, intermediate English proficiency, basic psychology knowledge and a decent internet connection is all you need to embark on this journey.


RoundTheClock Leadership™ – VIP Experience program is a thought-provoking, in-depth leadership program designed to ignite self-realization – the fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one’s character or personality – through value, insight and purpose based life-long learning strategies.It appeals to complex psychology, education and social sciences principles, yet it is easy to follow, straight to the point and has all the secret ingredients to channel theory into practice and shift the center of psychological life from the ego to the Self in order to achieve the harmonization of the personality.Depending on the level of personal development, the program can impact growth in many unexpected ways by generating a long lasting spiral of transformation, leading to an incremental raise in the quality of life.In order to acknowledge and ignite the highest positive potential, all roads explored within the program lead to the central idea that “Leadership starts with the Self”, opening the doors to endless possibilities.From the vision of how life should be to the decisions made each day in order to achieve it, Self-leadership dictates the quality of life and personal fulfillment.In order to make the most of this self-discovery journey, please do your best to take the Activities, Insights, Assignments and External Resources provided for your reference as seriously as you take your personal growth and miracles will be in the making.


Section 1: Introducing RoundTheClock Leadership™ Program

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 2 What is RoundTheClock Leadership™?

Lecture 3 Program Learning Objectives

Lecture 4 What is VIP Experience?

Lecture 5 Questions, Resources and Meet the Instructor

Lecture 6 What is Leadership?

Lecture 7 What is Self-Leadership?

Section 2: Value Based Learning – Values and Vulnerability

Lecture 8 General Context

Lecture 9 Why does Value Based Learning matter?

Lecture 10 Values and Transformation

Lecture 11 What happens in real life?

Lecture 12 What needs are to be met in Personal Development?

Lecture 13 Defining Elements of the Self-Determination Theory

Lecture 14 Value Based Learning Recap

Lecture 15 Central Values vs. Adopted Values

Lecture 16 Why knowing our values is important?

Lecture 17 What are the challenges of leadership?

Lecture 18 What makes leadership styles different from each other?

Lecture 19 Why does vulnerability matter?

Lecture 20 What is vulnerability anyway?

Lecture 21 Armored Leadership vs. Valiant Leadership

Lecture 22 Valiant Leadership

Lecture 23 Conclusion

Section 3: Insight Based Learning – Presence and Alignment

Lecture 24 General Context

Lecture 25 What is Presence?

Lecture 26 What does Presence mean in Leadership?

Lecture 27 How exactly do we generate the spiral of transformation?

Lecture 28 A Personal Perspective on Presence

Lecture 29 The Four Levels of Engagement

Lecture 30 Orientations of Awareness

Lecture 31 What is Alignment?

Lecture 32 The 7 Energy Centers

Lecture 33 Conclusion

Section 4: Purpose Based Learning – Motivation and Self-Actualization

Lecture 34 General Context

Lecture 35 What is Motivation?

Lecture 36 What does Motivated Behavior mean?

Lecture 37 Self-actualization Needs

Lecture 38 Conditions for Satisfaction of Primary Needs

Lecture 39 Cognitive Needs

Lecture 40 Esthetic Needs

Lecture 41 The Role of Needs Gratification

Lecture 42 Conclusion

Section 5: RoundTheClock Leadership™ Grand Finale

Lecture 43 Commit to the Change You Want to See in the World

Those who sense a greater purpose lurking beyond their linear career trajectory;,Those who understand that achieving personal potential is a lifelong journey;,Those willing to take a bold leap forward in their personal development;,Anyone stuck on the same rute expecting a different life story;,The dreamers and achievers, skeptics and believers;,The conscious leaders of their own destiny.

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Created by: Petra Paitici

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