Managerial Accounting 1 Ranked University Course 2 of 5

Honored by the President of the United States for outstanding teaching, learn Accounting from a self-made millionaire.
Managerial Accounting 1 Ranked University Course 2 of 5
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Norm Nemrow


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Managerial Accounting 1 Ranked University Course 2 of 5

What you’ll learn

Follow-up course from the #1 highest rated Accounting course on Udemy
Produced and used at the #1 Accounting university in the World (as rated by the London Financial Times – 2013)
You will learn how to run a business with real world skills and methods
Learn how to maximize profits in your business
Management Accounting
Managerial vs Financial Accounting
Product vs. Period Costs
Job Order Costing
CVP Analysis
Variable and Fixed Costs
Business Planning , Personal Planning, Operational Budgeting
Relevant Costs & Revenues
Balanced Scorecard

Managerial Accounting 1 Ranked University Course 2 of 5




Welcome to the Norm Nemrow AC 2 – Accounting Course 2 of 5Quick GlanceProduced by the #1 Accounting University in the World (as rated by the London Financial Times)Professor is a self-made millionaire many times over. Taught accounting at his university as a volunteer and became the #1 best teacher on campusProfessor honored by the President of United States for teaching #1 rated Accounting course on Udemy for many YEARSEarn real University CREDITS by taking this course (see below for details) Between 5-10 times MORE content than other Udemy accounting courses. A real university course isn’t accomplished in 1-3 hours (don’t believe the hype). We train the highest recruited accounting students by the top four accounting firm on earth. We know what it takes to make you powerful in accounting. Description Learn accounting from the self-made millionaire Norm Nemrow and the recipient of a famed teaching award from the President of the United States. This course is produced by the #1 accounting university in the world, Brigham Young University (Rated by the London Financial Times 2013). This course will teach you the fundamentals of Financial Accounting better and more effectively than any course available today… guaranteed. Other courses may talk a good game but our course is the gold standard. This IS the specific course that prepares the top recruits into the big four accounting firms worldwide and recommended by HARVARD to its incoming MBA students.  Join over 100,000 top students from the top universities all over the world with our famous course that we’re now making available on Udemy.  No other Accounting course to our knowledge has been highlighted in Wired magazine, Gagaom, and the New York Times, yes, it’s that popular and well acclaimed. Welcome to the Norm Nemrow Accounting Course where you can get a NNAC in Accounting.The Introduction to Accounting Course Series is composed of FIVE courses. If you take the challenge and learn the content in all FIVE courses then you will have mastered the first year of accounting at the best accounting university program in the world. These are the SAME courses we use at the university, which means if you sign-up with our Independent Study program, you only need to take the exams and you’ll receive 6-credit hours. These credits are extremely valuable and will transfer to virtually any higher institution in the world. No other course on Udemy prepares you for real college credit-hours like our courses. However, if you decide the credits are not for you, that’s also great… you will have received the best accounting education in the world here on Udemy, and you will have the knowledge you need to master your business and lead your company into the future.Courses Offered (All FIVE courses build on each other in order):Course 1: Introduction to Financial AccountingCourse 2: Introduction to Managerial Accounting (THIS COURSE) Course 3: Advanced Financial Accounting  Course 4: Advanced Managerial Accounting  Course 5: Accounting Capstone  Developed and used at the #1 Accounting University in the World    Discussed in Wired Magazine, Gigaom, & New York TimesProfessor Norm Nemrow, self-made millionaire and the recipient of the National Points of Light Service Award from President Bush and teacher of the year at BYU EVERY YEAR the award was offered.Let’s be honest, accounting has a negative stigma attached to it. Why? Because mainstream accounting education teaches students how to be nothing more than bean counters. Talk about boring! We take a different approach; a better approach. In a nutshell, we teach students how to become business decision makers. Our goal is to give business leaders and entrepreneurs the necessary tools so they can unleash their ideas and be successful in the open business market. Accounting is the language of business and an entrepreneur with a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of accounting can run a business and solve problems better than competitors who fail to learn these crucial concepts. So join us in this exciting educational experience that will enrich your life and give you the competitive edge in your business.


Section 1: Introduction to Managerial Accounting

Lecture 1 Financial vs. Managerial Accounting

Lecture 2 Product vs. Period Costs

Lecture 3 Glossary

Section 2: Manufacturing Product Costs

Lecture 4 Importance of Knowing Your Costs | Cost Accumulation Methods

Lecture 5 Job Order Costing

Lecture 6 Applying Overhead

Lecture 7 Practice Problems: Job Order Costing

Lecture 8 Glossary

Section 3: Cost-Volume Profit Analysis

Lecture 9 CVP Analysis

Lecture 10 Variable Costs

Lecture 11 Fixed Costs

Lecture 12 Stepped and Mixed Costs

Lecture 13 Approaches to CVP Analysis

Lecture 14 Contribution Margin and CVP Practice

Lecture 15 More Practice with CVP

Lecture 16 Glossary

Section 4: Operational Budgeting

Lecture 17 Business Planning

Lecture 18 Personal Budgeting

Lecture 19 Business Budgeting

Lecture 20 Operational Budgeting

Lecture 21 Heavenly Molds Budgets

Lecture 22 Glossary

Section 5: Non-Routine Business Decisions

Lecture 23 Relevant Costs & Revenues

Lecture 24 Make vs. Buy

Lecture 25 Discontinue vs. Add

Lecture 26 Special Order

Lecture 27 Product Emphasis

Lecture 28 Further Processing

Lecture 29 Heavenly Molds Part 3

Lecture 30 Glossary

Section 6: Balanced Scorecard

Lecture 31 Balanced Scorecard

Lecture 32 Evolution of the Balanced Scorecard

Lecture 33 Glossary

Entrepreneurs,Small Business Owners,Students at University,Investors

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Udemy | English | 16h 14m | 10.12 GB
Created by: Norm Nemrow

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