Mapping in Leaflet JS

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Mapping in Leaflet JS
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Victor Temprano


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Mapping in Leaflet JS

What you’ll learn

Make Leaflet maps, with all kinds of features and geoJSONs
Build complex filters, handle live data, and manage events.

Mapping in Leaflet JS


Some knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS.
A little geographic knowledge helps, but isn’t necessary.


In this course, mapping expert and founder of Mapster, Victor Temprano, takes you through LeafletJS from start to finish. You’ll learn the best reasons why you should use Leaflet, how to build strong mapping interfaces, managing big data, map interactivity, and a heck of a lot more.This is a comprehensive course that covers basic things like markers and popups, but also goes into depth on event handling and provides a variety of helpful tips for more complex topics. We’ve striven to make this course as useful as possible for beginners, and we’re open to feedback if you have any suggestions for more episodes!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Mapping Online

Lecture 3 LeafletJS

Lecture 4 Data

Section 2: LeafletJS Basics

Lecture 5 Shapes & Basics

Lecture 6 Custom Marker Icons

Lecture 7 Custom Popups

Lecture 8 GeoJSONs

Lecture 9 Bounds

Lecture 10 Events with Features

Lecture 11 Events with the Map

Lecture 12 More Map Events

Lecture 13 Designs

Section 3: Overlays & Interactivity

Lecture 14 Overlay Design – Overview and simple overlays

Lecture 15 Overlay Design – Side toggles and mobile

Lecture 16 Loading Map Data

Lecture 17 Loading Map Data – dynamic data styling

Lecture 18 Integration of Data & Interface

Lecture 19 Filters — making a slider

Lecture 20 Filters — finishing the slider

Lecture 21 Filters — select dropdowns

Lecture 22 Filters — geographic data calculations

Section 4: Advanced Topics in LeafletJS

Lecture 23 Heatmaps

Lecture 24 Clustering

Lecture 25 Clustering II

Lecture 26 Routing & Directions

Lecture 27 Geolocation

Lecture 28 Drawing & user editing

Lecture 29 Animation

Lecture 30 Big Data

Lecture 31 Images on the map

Beginner front-end developers,Developers making specific applications with LeafletJS

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 16m | 6.80 GB
Created by: Victor Temprano

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