Marketing Customer Analytics Segmentation and Targeting

Learn how to analyze market based on customer and location data analytics with the most powerful tools available
Marketing Customer Analytics Segmentation and Targeting
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Dr. Mohammad Reza Habibi | 24,000+ Enrollments Worldwide


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Marketing Customer Analytics Segmentation and Targeting

What you’ll learn

Customer Analytics for Marketing Segmentation and Targeting
Marketing Analytics, Digital and Media Selection and business Segmentation and Targeting Tools
Mass and Niche Marketing Strategies
Location Based Market Analyses
Digital Marketing
Analyzing locations for restaurant business and retail business
data analytics

Marketing Customer Analytics Segmentation and Targeting


Familiarity with Microsoft excel


Learn some of the most important marketing skills such as marketing analytics, customer segmentation, media and website selection, and targeting. The ability to analyze customers and find the right group for your brand, product, or service. You will learn how to find the right target and the right targeting strategy; Niche or Mass Targeting. Additionally, you will learn powerful tools and techniques to generate deep insight about any location in the United States and other countries by Location Based market analytics tools I will teach you here.Also, using a case study method, I will teach you how I used a qualitative technic in one of my consulting projects to define different customer segments for my client and then picking the right groups and designing a marketing campaign to reach to the target groups. This is part of a course I teach in one of the largest business schools in America and I am sure will be useful to anyone involved with business and marketing. In this course I teach you one of the most important of these principles. That is, knowing the right customer for your product or service (whatever they may be) and targeting them with the right vehicle (TV programs, Digital, Newspapers, etc). This is the essence of every successful marketing strategy. Unless you implement the concepts I teach you in this course, you will not have a high chance of success and you run a high risk of wasting your precious marketing resources.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Market Segmentation and Targeting

Lecture 2 What Is Segmentation?

Lecture 3 Benefits of Segmentation and Targeting in Business and Marketing

Lecture 4 What Is Effective Segmentation?

Lecture 5 Bases for Segmentation

Lecture 6 Target Market Selection

Lecture 7 How to Implement Segmentation? Different Methods of Segmentation

Lecture 8 A Real Case Study of Segmentation and Targeting in an Educational Institution

Section 3: Implementing Segmentation and Targeting Strategies for more than 6000 products

Lecture 9 Introduction to Simmons – MRI

Lecture 10 Login to Simmons – MRI and Create a Solid Crosstab

Lecture 11 How to Read and Interpret the Crosstab Data

Lecture 12 Finding Mass and Niche Markets for 6500 Products and Brands

Lecture 13 Simmons – MRI Calculations

Lecture 14 Composer and Other things

Lecture 15 Quick Reports on Consumer Demographics and Habits

Lecture 16 Course Announcement

Section 4: Geo Market Analytics, Location-Based Market Analytics

Lecture 17 Introduction to Location-Based Market Analytics

Lecture 18 Login to ESRI BAO and Define Map Area for Analytics

Lecture 19 Esri Infographics and Reports Overview

Lecture 20 Tapestry Segmentation: How to Segment Market Locations Like a Pro

Lecture 21 Restaurant Marketplace Profile

Lecture 22 Retail Marketplace Analytics

Section 5: Bonus Videos

Lecture 23 Household and Home Expenditure Analytics

Lecture 24 Lecture 18: Smart Map Search

Professionals and students interested in how to implement an actual segmentation and targeting,Business owners curious about analyzing a location for future or current business,Anyone interested in marketing and customer analyses,Anyone interested to learn most important marketing skills; customer analytics for segmentation purposes

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Udemy | English | 2h 39m | 1.85 GB
Created by: Dr. Mohammad Reza Habibi | 24,000+ Enrollments Worldwide

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