Marketing Fundamentals Search Engine Optimization SEO

Learn the basics of modern and successful search engine optimization in this comprehensive SEO fundamentals course
Marketing Fundamentals Search Engine Optimization SEO
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Marketing Fundamentals Search Engine Optimization SEO

What you’ll learn

The basics of Search Engine Optimization
What a search engine is and how it works
Crawling, Indexing, Ranking
How to do keyword research
On Page SEO
Technical SEO
Link Building
Analyzing your efforts

Marketing Fundamentals Search Engine Optimization SEO


No prior experience is needed, we will begin with the absolute basics


In this new, comprehensive SEO fundamentals course, I’ll teach you how to use search engine optimization to lay the foundation for a successful long-term online marketing strategy. We’ll start at the very basics of what a search engine is and will end with having a solid and thorough understanding of the entire process of search engine optimization.SEO is the basis for steady, high-quality traffic that you don’t have to pay for and should therefore be a top priority for every website owner.We’ll begin by looking at the absolute basics – what does search engine optimization even mean, what is a search engine and how do they work?We will then look at the three processes a search engine must complete to display websites on the search result pages – Crawling, Indexing and Ranking. For each of these steps, we will detail how they work and how we can do our best to support the search engine and be found by searchers on the web.Afterward, we talk about the critical topic of keyword research. What does our target audience want? What are they looking for? And how can we provide this content for them so that search engines will consider our offer?On-Page SEO is the next extensive section of the course, where we will begin to get a bit more practical. How can we best offer our content? What are elements we need to now, and how do we implement them correctly?We’ll even get a bit more technical here. Look at how websites actually work and how we can work together with developers and web admins to make our website the absolute best.Finally, we talk about how we can get our content and our website out there with link building. This way, we can make sure that all the effort we put into content, structure, and website optimizations pays off, and we can reap the well-deserved reward for our work in the form of qualified organic traffic from search.


Section 1: Welcome to Marketing Fundamentals

Lecture 1 Intro and Curriculum

Section 2: What is Search Engine Optimization, actually?

Lecture 2 A brief intro to Search Engine Optimization

Lecture 3 What is a Search Engine?

Lecture 4 Why is SEO important?

Lecture 5 White Hat and Black Hat SEO – The right and wrong way to optimize a Website

Lecture 6 Is SEO relevant outside of Google? Are there other Search Engines?

Lecture 7 How to define good goals for SEO

Section 3: How do Search Engines work?

Lecture 8 How do Search Engines work?

Lecture 9 Can Search Engines find my Website?

Lecture 10 The important robots.txt File

Lecture 11 How to check if your Website is accessible for bots and crawlers

Lecture 12 Why proper Information Architecture matters

Lecture 13 Different Error Types

Lecture 14 Redirects

Section 4: 002 – Indexing

Lecture 15 Introduction to Indexing

Lecture 16 Meta Tags and their Role in SEO

Lecture 17 The X Robots Tag

Section 5: Ranking

Lecture 18 Introduction to Ranking

Lecture 19 The Evolution of Search Engines

Lecture 20 What Role do Links play in terms of Ranking

Lecture 21 The Role of Content

Lecture 22 Rankbrain and Interaction Metrics

Lecture 23 Evolution of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Lecture 24 Why Local Search requires specific SEO

Section 6: Keyword Research

Lecture 25 Introduction to Keyword Research

Lecture 26 How to find our what your target audience is looking for

Lecture 27 Search Volume

Lecture 28 Strategic Keyword Research

Lecture 29 Finding the right format for your content

Section 7: On Page Optimizations

Lecture 30 Introduction to On Page SEO

Lecture 31 Types of Bad Content (Avoid this)

Lecture 32 How to create great content

Lecture 33 Developing a content strategy

Lecture 34 How to structure Website Content

Lecture 35 Structuring content using internal links

Lecture 36 Internal Redirects

Lecture 37 Optimizing Images

Lecture 38 Formatting Content 101

Lecture 39 The Title Tag

Lecture 40 The Meta Description Tag

Lecture 41 How to name your pages

Lecture 42 What you need to know about URLs 1

Lecture 43 What you need to know about URLs 2

Lecture 44 Why it’s important to use HTTPS and not HTTP

Section 8: Technical SEO

Lecture 45 Introduction to technical SEO

Lecture 46 How do websites actually work?

Lecture 47 The three main components of Web Design: HTML, JS and CSS

Lecture 48 Manipulating the Website’s Design with CSS

Lecture 49 Creating interactive elements with JavaScript

Lecture 50 Using Async to load resources

Lecture 51 More optimizations for our website

Section 9: Link Building

Lecture 52 Introduction to Link Building

Lecture 53 The concept of EAT

Lecture 54 The difference between Follow and NoFollow Links

Lecture 55 What is the ideal Link Profile?

Lecture 56 Links as a traffic source

Lecture 57 What to avoid when link building

Lecture 58 How to get high quality backlinks for your website

Lecture 59 Analysing your link building efforts

Anyone looking to get an insight into search engine optimization,Marketers looking to expand their knowledge about SEO

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 49m | 2.64 GB
Created by: Johannes Ruof

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