Marketing Success Programme for SMEs and sole traders

Includes 62 templates to download & 48 lessons to enable you to create & implement your profitable marketing action plan
Marketing Success Programme for SMEs and sole traders
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Joanne Wilson FCIM


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Published 1/2023



Marketing Success Programme for SMEs and sole traders

What you’ll learn

Learn how to write a marketing programme for your SME or sole trader business
48 bite size videos and 62 editable downloadable templates
Create your marketing strategy, positioning statement and USP
Build your essential marketing pillars that you can use in all your campaigns
Learn how to implement offline and digital marketing to grow your business profitably
Create a six month tactical action plan that tells you what marketing to do when – bespoke to your business
This programme works for both B2B and B2C or Retail or Ecommerce

Marketing Success Programme for SMEs and sole traders


No marketing experience needed. Every step you need to take is explained. Downloadable templates are provided for every stage of the process.


Do you crave marketing direction? Do you want a customer attraction system?If the answer is yes . . .You need a marketing plan.A repeatable process that gets results.I have been writing and implementing marketing plans for small and medium-sized businesses for 20+ years.I have seen the huge difference a marketing plan can make to a small business. From dabbling at marketing with random communications to a laser-sharp plan focused on your ideal customers. Results skyrocket.Everything I have learnt about small business marketing is available to you through the Marketing Success Programme.You don’t need to re-create the wheel. I’ve done the work for you.Does your business have between 1 and 50 people? Are you looking for more business? Do you want a marketing system? A marketing plan? Do you wish you knew where to start?Do you want an easy way of creating a marketing plan so that you can just get on with it and then make the customer attraction happen?Perhaps you manage a business or maybe you have been asked to do the marketing but have no marketing background? Or maybe you are in marketing and want a refresher?  Perhaps you are a consultant and want to help your clients with their marketing?I hear you. I am here for you.You want a marketing programme. You want it to work, and you would like some help.If any of this resonates with you, then you are in the right place.BUY NOW for a step-by-step guide on how to write and deploy a marketing programme (including 62 downloadable templates to make it easy for you to make the magic happen!).See you inside :-)Joanne Wilson FCIMChartered Marketer & Professional Copywriter


Section 1: Putting this section here whilst I await you engineers

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Explanation of Know your Numbers spreadsheet

Section 2: Welcome and thank you for investing in the Marketing Success Programme

Lecture 3 Welcome

Section 3: Introduction

Lecture 4 Introduction

Section 4: Module 1 – Customer Research

Lecture 5 Types of Customer Research

Lecture 6 How to Fill in Template 1 – Customer Research

Section 5: Module 2 – Marketing analysis

Lecture 7 Competitor Analysis

Lecture 8 PESTLE analysis

Lecture 9 How to fill in Template 2 – PESTLE Analysis

Lecture 10 Internal Analysis

Lecture 11 How to fill in Template 3

Lecture 12 End of Module 6 – Customer Avatar – Recap Quiz

Section 6: Module 3 – SWOT

Lecture 13 What is a SWOT and Process recap

Section 7: Module 4 – Goal Setting and KPIs

Lecture 14 SMART Objectives

Lecture 15 How to fill in Template 5 – Goal setting

Section 8: Marketing Strategy

Lecture 16 What is Marketing Strategy?

Lecture 17 How to fill in Template 6 – Marketing Strategy

Section 9: Module 6 – Customer Avatar

Lecture 18 What is a customer avatar?

Lecture 19 How to fill in your Customer Avatar Workbook

Section 10: Module 7 – The Marketing Mix

Lecture 20 The Marketing Mix

Lecture 21 Product or Service

Lecture 22 Price

Lecture 23 Place / Distribution

Lecture 24 People / Process / Physical Evidence

Lecture 25 How to fill out template 7 – the marketing mix

Lecture 26 BONUS! Live Lesson Replay – How to use all 7 Marketing Ps

Section 11: Module 8 – Promotion

Lecture 27 The Communication Continuum

Lecture 28 How to fill in the 5 stages of awareness template

Lecture 29 Online Marketing Tools

Lecture 30 Offline Marketing Tools

Lecture 31 The best kind of marketing

Lecture 32 Build your authority and trust

Lecture 33 BONUS! Live Lesson Replay – Create 3 months of social media content in one day

Section 12: Module 9 – Your Marketing Pillars

Lecture 34 Introduction to campaign-building pillars

Lecture 35 What is their itch? How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 1 template

Lecture 36 What is their problem? How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 2 template

Lecture 37 What has been tried before? How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 3 template

Lecture 38 Before & After. How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 4 template

Lecture 39 What VALUE do you provide? How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 5 template

Lecture 40 Values. How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 6 template

Lecture 41 YOUR story. How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 7 template

Lecture 42 Why don’t people buy? How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 8 template

Lecture 43 Cost of Delay. How to fill in Campaign Builder Pillar 9 template

Section 13: Module 10 – How to Build a Campaign

Lecture 44 Campaign Building Explanation

Lecture 45 Campaign Illustration

Lecture 46 Types of content for each pillar

Lecture 47 Using the Pillars in each Communication

Section 14: Module 11 – Create and Implement the Plan

Lecture 48 Nearly there!

Lecture 0 Introduction

Lecture 49 How to fill in your marketing plan

Section 15: Module 12 – Record and Measure

Lecture 50 Record Measure Review

Lecture 51 Growth Hack Strategy

Business with between 1 and 50 people,Sole traders,Marketing professionals wanting a refresh,Consultants wanting a framework to share with their clients (eg business coaches / accountants etc),People beginning a career in marketing,People wishing to get a job in marketing and wanting an understanding of how to create a marketing plan to grow a business,B2B or B2C or Retail or Ecommerce

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 1m | 3.28 GB
Created by: Joanne Wilson FCIM

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