Massage as a dance of love

The author’s course on tantric massage for women who want to find sensual contact with a partner and with themselves.
Massage as a dance of love
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Irina Zinovieva


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Massage as a dance of love

What you’ll learn

Transform tension between couples to positivity and understanding.
Work through physical and energetic blocks in your partner’s body.
Work on the bio-energy centers of the body.
Develop elasticity and flexibility.
Perform Thai body massage, Shiatsu pressure point massage, along with elements of Tantric and Dao practices.

Massage as a dance of love


The course is suitable for all skill levels


Learn how to do high-quality tantric massage without effort and stress, I will feel deep contact with a partner, using the “Massage is like a dance of love” techniqueWhy choose this course?On Irina’s course, you will learn simple and effective massage techniques, practices from the field of Tao, Tantra, Yoga and Meditation. You will work not only at the level of physical, but also emotional and energetic relaxation, which will allow you to reach new heights in feeling yourself and intimacy in relationships.You will receive a full disclosure of your femininity and an understanding of how to fill your partner with energy and care. Massage will not only relieve bodily tension and maintain a high level of health, but will also help open awareness and sensuality to find harmony in a couple.For men, it will be a high-quality, deep massage of the whole body, a manifestation of care and love.And for women, it will be dance, meditation, a sense of unity and fulfillment.In addition, the course includes exercises that help strengthen relationships and improve the quality of your communication. You will feel great closeness with each other and enjoy a wonderful massage experience together.”Massage for me is not just a technique or a set of movements that allow you to relax. It is an amazing world of care, tenderness and love in every touch. You can always love more!” – this is what Irina says about her course.Join this course and learn how to reach new heights in your love!


Section 1: Introduction to Massage as Love Dance technique.

Lecture 1 Structure of the training course.

Lecture 2 Determining the level of skills and knowledge in massage.

Lecture 3 Creating an atmosphere for the practice of massage.

Section 2: Practical lessons on mastering the basic principles of massage practice.

Lecture 4 Basic principles of movement, breathing and work with the weight of your body.

Lecture 5 Tantric exercises to activate the energy in the hands.

Lecture 6 Energy preparation before massage.

Lecture 7 Accident prevention.

Section 3: Learning massage techniques, in the correct sequential order.

Lecture 8 Foot massage along the lines of sen on the foot. Relieve stress and fatigue.

Lecture 9 Foot massage. Technique for working with calves and thighs.

Lecture 10 Massage of the buttocks and sacrum. Dao channel activation technique.

Lecture 11 Back massage. Working out deep muscles for complete relaxation.

Lecture 12 Generalization of techniques for working with the feet, legs and buttocks.

Lecture 13 Nice hand massage.

Lecture 14 Neck and head massage

Section 4: Mastering the full scheme of massage and additional secret techniques.

Lecture 15 Combining the learned techniques. Demonstration of the full scheme of massage.

Lecture 16 Additional Dao and Tantric principles for activating the energy of a partner.

This is a course for women who want to learn the art of massage and feel easing of the mind and be able to enjoy the process, as well as for those who want to:,Help your partner to discover his or her energy potential.,Create a harmonious, secure and happy relationship enabling love to blossom.,Master Tantric and Dao practices for a deeper understanding of self and partner.

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Udemy | English | 3h 18m | 3.98 GB
Created by: Irina Zinovieva

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