Master ASPNET MVC Core 31

Master ASP.NET MVC Core with hands on experience on real world website. A step by step course to learn ASP.NET Core MVC
Master ASPNET MVC Core 31
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Master ASPNET MVC Core 31

What you’ll learn

Learn structure of ASP NET MVC Core 3 Project
Learn basic fundamentals of ASP NET MVC Core 3
Build applications using ASP NET MVC Core 3
Build 2 Projects throughout the course
Integrate Identity Framework and learn how to add more fields to Users
Interact with Razor class library for Identity
Integrate Entity Framework along with code first migrations
Learn advance topics of ASP NET MVC Core 3
Sessions in ASP NET Core 3
Custom Tag Helpers in ASP NET Core 3
View Components and Partial Views in ASP NET Core
Bootstrap v4
Authentication and Authorization in ASP NET Core 3
Deploying website on Microsoft Azure, IIS and third party hosting
Adding admin user through migration

Master ASPNET MVC Core 31


3-6 months knowledge of c#
Visual Studio 2019
SQL Server Management Studio


This is a Beginner to Advanced level course on ASP.NET Core 3.1 that will take you from basics all the way to advance mode. This course is for anyone who is new to core 3.1 or who is familiar with ASP.NET and wants to take a first stab at understanding what is different in core 3. From there we would be building multiple projects to understand all concepts in ASP.NET Core 3.1 as we will deploy our final application on Azure, IIS and other hosting website!Throughout this course we would understand the evolution of ASP.NET Core and then we would take a look at the modified files and folder structure.We would then take a look at new concepts in ASP.NET Core 3.1We would build a small Razor application with CRUD operations using entity framework for integration with database.We would build our Granite House website where we will learn advance topics in ASP.NET MVC Core 3.1Finally we will deploy our Granite House website on Microsoft Azure and IIS.What are the requirements?3-6 months knowledge of c#Visual Studio 2017SQL Server Management StudioWhat am I going to get from this course?Learn structure of ASP NET Core 3.1 ProjectLearn basic fundamentals of ASP NET Core 3.1Build applications using ASP NET Core 3 using Razor Pages and MVCBuild 2 Projects throughout the courseIntegrate Identity Framework and learn how to add more fields to UsersIntegrate Entity Framework along with code first migrationsCustom Tag Helpers in MVC Core 3.1Learn two factor authorization and other important details of ASP.NET Core 3.1What is the target audience?Anyone who wants to learn core 3.1Anyone who wants to learn most latest changes with Microsoft newest framework


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Live Preview

Lecture 3 Is this course for me?

Lecture 4 Evolution of core and advantages 3

Lecture 5 Project 1 – Book List Demo

Lecture 6 Project 2 – Spice Demo

Lecture 7 Project Resources

Lecture 8 Tools Needed

Section 2: Section 2 Fundamentals and Security

Lecture 9 Introduction

Lecture 10 Create New Project

Lecture 11 Csproj file

Lecture 12 Launchsettings.json New

Lecture 13 wwwroot

Lecture 14 Razor Pages

Lecture 15 Pages Folder

Lecture 16 Routing in Razor Pages

Lecture 17 Tag Helpers

Lecture 18 Action Result in Razor

Lecture 19 Main Method

Lecture 20 Startup 1

Lecture 21 Startup 2

Lecture 22 Middlewares

Lecture 23 AppSettings

Lecture 24 SQL injection

Lecture 25 Dependency Injection

Lecture 26 Cross-site scripting

Lecture 27 Open redirect attacks

Lecture 28 Cross- Site Request Forgery

Section 3: Project 1 – Book List Razor

Lecture 29 Introduction

Lecture 30 Book List Razor Github

Lecture 31 Runtime Razor Package

Lecture 32 Create Book Model

Lecture 33 Add Connection String and Packages

Lecture 34 Add Book Table to Database

Lecture 35 Book Index Get Handler

Lecture 36 Designing Book Index Page

Lecture 37 Designing Book Index Page Part 2

Lecture 38 Create Book Page Model

Lecture 39 Create Book Page UI

Lecture 40 Create Book and Validations

Lecture 41 Client Side Validations

Lecture 42 Edit Book Get Handler

Lecture 43 Edit Book UI

Lecture 44 Edit Post Handler

Lecture 45 Delete Book

Lecture 46 Book Get API

Lecture 47 DataTables

Lecture 48 Delete API Call

Lecture 49 Delete Book

Lecture 50 Upsert Page Handlers

Lecture 51 Upsert Page UI

Section 4: Project 2- Spice

Lecture 52 Introduction

Lecture 53 Create New Project – Spice

Lecture 54 MVC architecture

Lecture 55 Routing in mvc

Lecture 56 Routing with Areas

Lecture 57 Routing Differences 2.2 vs 3.0

Lecture 58 MVC folders

Lecture 59 Adding Areas to project

Lecture 60 Moving files to make Area Work

Lecture 61 Add Database

Lecture 62 Startup.cs change in .net core 3.1

Lecture 63 Updating NavBar and Scaffolding Identity

Lecture 64 Adding Dropdown to NavBar

Lecture 65 A Quick Note

Section 5: Category

Lecture 66 Introduction

Lecture 67 Category Model

Lecture 68 Add Category Controller and Get Action Method

Lecture 69 Add Category Index View

Lecture 70 Add Background and Images

Lecture 71 Category Index View Part 1

Lecture 72 Create Button Partial View

Lecture 73 Create Button Partial View Part 1

Lecture 74 Create Button Partial View Part 2

Lecture 75 Create and Back to List Button Partial View

Lecture 76 Create Category POST Action Method

Lecture 77 Table Button Partial View

Lecture 78 Edit Category Get Action

Lecture 79 Edit Category View

Lecture 80 Edit and Back to List Button

Lecture 81 Edit Category POST Action

Lecture 82 Delete Category Get Action

Lecture 83 Delete Category View

Lecture 84 Delete Category POST Action

Lecture 85 Assignment – 1

Section 6: Sub Category

Lecture 86 Introduction

Lecture 87 Add Sub Category Model

Lecture 88 Add Sub Category Index Action Action Method

Lecture 89 SubCategory Index View

Lecture 90 SubCategory and Category View Model

Lecture 91 SubCategory Create GET Action

Lecture 92 Extension Methods

Lecture 93 SubCategory Create View Part 1

Lecture 94 SubCategory Create POST Part 1

Lecture 95 TempData

Lecture 96 Get Sub Category Action

Lecture 97 SubCategory Create View Part 2

Lecture 98 SubCategory Edit Get Action

Lecture 99 SubCategory Edit View

Lecture 100 Edit Category POST Action

Lecture 101 Edit POST Error Debugging

Lecture 102 Assignment 2 – Part 1

Lecture 103 Assignment 2 – Part 2

Section 7: Menu item

Lecture 104 Introduction to Section

Lecture 105 Add MenuItem Model

Lecture 106 Add MenuItem Index Action

Lecture 107 MenuItem Index View

Lecture 108 MeniItem View Model and Create GET

Lecture 109 MenuItem Create View Part 1

Lecture 110 MenuItem TinyMce Plugin

Lecture 111 MenuItem Create View Part 2

Lecture 112 MenuItem Create POST Part 1

Lecture 113 MenuItem Create POST Part 2

Lecture 114 MenuItem Edit GET Action

Lecture 115 MenuItem Edit View

Lecture 116 MenuItem Edit POST Action Method

Lecture 117 Assignment 3 – Part 1

Lecture 118 Assignment 3 – Part 2

Lecture 119 Reviews

Section 8: Coupon

Lecture 120 Introduction

Lecture 121 Add coupon Model

Lecture 122 Coupon Index View and Actions

Lecture 123 Coupon Create View and GET Action

Lecture 124 Coupon Create POST Action Method

Lecture 125 Assignment 4 – Part 1

Lecture 126 Assignment 4 – Part 2

Lecture 127 Assignment 4 – Part 3

Section 9: Landing Page

Lecture 128 Introduction

Lecture 129 Index View Model

Lecture 130 Home Index Action

Lecture 131 Home Page

Lecture 132 Home View Designing Part 1

Lecture 133 Home View Designing Part 2

Lecture 134 Home View Designing Part 3

Lecture 135 Home View Designing Part 4

Lecture 136 Home View Designing Part 5

Lecture 137 Home View Designing Part 6

Section 10: Users Registration

Lecture 138 Introduction

Lecture 139 Add Properties to Identity User

Lecture 140 Changes To Register Page

Lecture 141 Register Page POST Handler Part 1

Lecture 142 Quick Note

Lecture 143 Register Page POST Handler Part 2

Lecture 144 Login/Register Page Error

Lecture 145 Users Controller

Lecture 146 Users Index Action and View

Lecture 147 Radio Buttons for Roles

Lecture 148 Register Employee Accounts

Lecture 149 Lock and Unlock Users

Lecture 150 Authorization Update

Lecture 151 Authorization

Lecture 152 Modifying Display NavBar

Section 11: Shopping Cart

Lecture 153 Introduction

Lecture 154 Add Shopping Cart Model

Lecture 155 Add Details Get Action Method

Lecture 156 Details View Part 1

Lecture 157 Details View Part 2

Lecture 158 Details POST Action

Lecture 159 Configure Sessions

Lecture 160 Sessions Part 1

Lecture 161 Sessions Part 2

Section 12: Order

Lecture 162 Introduction

Lecture 163 Order Header Model

Lecture 164 Order Details Model

Lecture 165 Order Details Cart View Model

Lecture 166 Cart Controller Index Action

Lecture 167 Shopping Cart Index Part 1

Lecture 168 Shopping Cart Index Part 2

Lecture 169 Shopping Cart Index Part 3

Lecture 170 Apply Coupon

Lecture 171 Remove Coupon

Lecture 172 Shopping Cart Count

Lecture 173 Cart Summary Action Method

Lecture 174 Order Summary View Part 1

Lecture 175 Date Picker

Lecture 176 Add Time Picker

Lecture 177 Date and Time Relation

Lecture 178 Order Summary Validations

Lecture 179 Order Summary Post Part 1

Lecture 180 Stripe Settings

Lecture 181 Adding Stripe to Project

Lecture 182 Stripe UI

Lecture 183 Stripe Payment Posting

Section 13: Manage Order

Lecture 184 Introduction

Lecture 185 Order Confirm GET Action

Lecture 186 Order Confirm View

Lecture 187 Individual Order Details Part 1

Lecture 188 Individual Order Details Part 2

Lecture 189 Order History Action Method

Lecture 190 Order History View Part 1

Lecture 191 Get Order Details Action (Returns Partial View)

Lecture 192 Order History View Part 2

Lecture 193 Order History View Part 3

Lecture 194 PagingInfo Model

Lecture 195 PageLinkTagHelper

Lecture 196 Modify Order History Get Method for Pagination

Lecture 197 Consume Paging Tag Helper

Lecture 198 Assignment 5 – Step 1

Lecture 199 Assignment 5 – Step 2

Lecture 200 Manage Order Action Method

Lecture 201 Manage Order View Part 1

Lecture 202 Manage Order View Part 2

Lecture 203 Manage Order Status Actions

Section 14: Order Pickup

Lecture 204 Introduction

Lecture 205 Order Pickup Get Action Method

Lecture 206 Order Pickup View Part 1

Lecture 207 Order Pickup View Part 2

Lecture 208 Order Pickup Button

Lecture 209 Order Pickup Completed

Lecture 210 Roles Login Check

Section 15: Social Logins

Lecture 211 Introduction

Lecture 212 Facebook Login NuGet

Lecture 213 Add facebook login to project

Lecture 214 Facebook Registration Page

Lecture 215 Register Facebook User

Lecture 216 View Component

Lecture 217 View Component Action Method

Lecture 218 View Component View and Consumption

Section 16: Email

Lecture 219 Introduction

Lecture 220 Send Grid Key

Lecture 221 Send Grid Sender Verification Fix

Lecture 222 Configure Settings for Email Part 1

Lecture 223 Configure Settings for Email Part 2

Lecture 224 Send Email on Order Creation

Lecture 225 Send Email on Order Status Change

Lecture 226 Designing Change

Section 17: Deployment

Lecture 227 Introduction

Lecture 228 Deployment Guide

Lecture 229 Seed Database Part 1

Lecture 230 Seed Database Part 2

Lecture 231 Seed Database Part 3

Lecture 232 Azure Deployment

Lecture 233 MyWindowsHosting Deployment

Lecture 234 IIS Deployment

Lecture 235 Whats next?

Lecture 236 ASP.NET Core Course Track

Anyone who wants to learn ASP NET MVC core 3 from Basics to Advance,Anyone who wants to learn most latest changes with Microsoft newest framework

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 16h 52m | 7.88 GB
Created by: Bhrugen Patel

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