Master Canva A Great Option for NonGraphic Designers

Use Canva to Create and Brand Even if You Know Little about Graphic Design
Master Canva A Great Option for NonGraphic Designers
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Master Canva A Great Option for NonGraphic Designers

What you’ll learn

Using Canva App and configuring your profile and settings.
Design in Canva from scratch.
Using Canva template designs.
Editing your design content.
Inviting your team members to Canva.
Sharing your designs with your team.
Understanding element menu & text elements.
Using Canva background element.
Uploading your content to Canva.
Importing designs from other sources.
Downloading your design files.
Presenting your design from Canva.
Sharing your designs on social media.
Downloading designs as PowerPoint files.
Outputting your designs directly to website.
Outputting your designs as business cards.
Outputting your designs as posters.
Outputting your designs as flyers.
Outputting your designs as postcards.
Outputting your designs to printable invitations.
Testing Canva for work.
Resizing Canva for work.
Understanding brand kit of Canva for work.
Using animation in Canva for work.
Understanding images access in Canva for work.
Understanding folders and storage in Canva for work.
Using transparent background in Canva for work.
Using special fonts in Canva for work.
Practicing live example to create Pinterest pin.
Practicing live example to create business Card in Canva.
Practicing live example to create Facebook events cover in Canva.
Practicing live example to create Instagram posts in Canva.
Practicing live example to create YouTube thumbnail in Canva.

Master Canva A Great Option for NonGraphic Designers


No prerequisites needed to take this course except for strong determination to master designing on canva


Canva is great online software for anyone needing to create graphic designs for social media posts, cards, infographics, and many more. Canva is really famous for its huge library of graphic elements for users to use in their designs.Canva can turns anyone into a skilled and professional graphic artist. The great thing about using Canva is that you don’t need to be a skilled graphic designer to create some fantastic pieces of graphic work. Canva is a great option for those who don’t want to pay big bucks for a graphic designer to make them some graphics or to buy expensive graphic software.If you’re one of those and are ready to master using Canva, this step-by-step concise and practical tutorial course from LinCademy is for you. Through out 40 step-by-step video tutorial of this course with its first module of working with the basics of Canva and its second module of working with more advanced features of Canva, you will have learnt the following:Getting Started with CanvaDuring 6 tutorials, you start working with Canva by configuring your profile and settings; using Canva App; understanding Canva Brand Kit and pricing; and inviting your team members to CanvaDesigning on Canva (Part 1)During 4 tutorials, you will learn how to design using Canva templates as well as designing from scratch. You will also learn how to share your designs with your team and how to edit your design content.Designing on Canva (Part 2)During 4 tutorials, you will master working with different elements on Canva such as text elements and background element. You will also learn how to upload content to Canva as well as importing designs from other sources such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Dropbox.Sharing and Outputting Your Completed DesignsDuring 10 tutorials, you will learn how to share and output your finished designs. You will be able to download your design files in different formats including PowerPoint; share your designs on social media; and output your designs to a website, business cards, posters, flyers, postcards and printable invitations.Working with Canva for workDuring 8 tutorials, you will dive deeper into Canva for Work by understanding their trial version and Brand Kit as well as working with resizing, animation, images access, folders and storage, transparent background, and special fonts.Live Examples on CanvaDuring 5 tutorials, you will watch 5 projects done step-by-step as real examples to follow if you want to design the same. Throughout these designs, we will create a Pinterest Pin, a business card, a Facebook event cover, an Instagram post, and a YouTube thumbnail.Don’t hesitate and get enrolled in this course now to master designing on Canva even if You have little knowledge about Graphic Design.


Section 1: Module 1: Basic Features of Canvas

Lecture 1 Lecture 1 – Section 1 Overview

Lecture 2 Lecture 2 – Canva Pricing

Lecture 3 Lecture 3 – Canva Mobile Application

Lecture 4 Lecture 4 – Your Canva Profile and Settings

Lecture 5 Lecture 5 – Canva Brand Kit Overview

Lecture 6 Lecture 6 – Invite Your Team Members to Canva

Lecture 7 Lecture 7 – Use Canva Template Designs

Lecture 8 Lecture 8 – Design in Canva from Scratch

Lecture 9 Lecture 9 – Share Your Designs with Your Team

Lecture 10 Lecture 10 – Editing Your Design Content

Lecture 11 Lecture 11 – Element Menu & Text Elements

Lecture 12 Lecture 12 – Canva Background Element

Lecture 13 Lecture 13 – Your Content Upload

Lecture 14 Lecture 14 – Import Designs from Other Sources

Lecture 15 Lecture 15 – Downloading Your Design Files

Lecture 16 Lecture 16 – Present Your Design from Canva

Lecture 17 Lecture 17 – Share Your Designs on Social Media

Lecture 18 Lecture 18 – Downloading Designs as PowerPoint File

Lecture 19 Lecture 19 – Output Your Design to Website

Lecture 20 Lecture 20 – Section 1 Conclusion

Section 2: Module 2: Advanced Features of Canvas

Lecture 21 Lecture 21 – Section 2 Overview

Lecture 22 Lecture 22 – Output Your Design to Business Cards

Lecture 23 Lecture 23 – Output Your Design to Posters

Lecture 24 Lecture 24 – Output Your Design to Flyers

Lecture 25 Lecture 25 – Output Your Design to Postcards

Lecture 26 Lecture 26 – Output Designs to Printable Invitations

Lecture 27 Lecture 27 – Testing Canva for Work

Lecture 28 Lecture 28 – Resizing Canva for Work

Lecture 29 Lecture 29 – Brand Kit of Canva for Work

Lecture 30 Lecture 30 – Animation in Canva for Work

Lecture 31 Lecture 31 – Images Access in Canva for Work

Lecture 32 Lecture 32 – Folders and Storage in Canva for Work

Lecture 33 Lecture 33 – Transparent Background in Canva for Work

Lecture 34 Lecture 34 – Special Fonts in Canva for Work

Lecture 35 Lecture 35 – Live Example – Creating Pinterest Pin

Lecture 36 Lecture 36 – Live Example – Creating Business Card

Lecture 37 Lecture 37 – Live Example – Creating Facebook Event Cover

Lecture 38 Lecture 38 – Live Example – Creating Instagram Post

Lecture 39 Lecture 39 – Live Example – Creating YouTube Thumbnail

Lecture 40 Lecture 40 – Section 2 Conclusion

Graphic designer,Anyone interested in creating simple or advanced graphic designs

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Created by: LinCademy for Training

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