Master Class Creative Problem Solving Decision Making

Build and Expand your Creativity , become a Master Problem Solver and a Great Decision Maker with this 3 in 1 Course.
Master Class Creative Problem Solving Decision Making
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Dr. Mathew Thomas


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Master Class Creative Problem Solving Decision Making

What you’ll learn

Learn how to develop Creative Thinking.
Adopt a more Creative approach in Solving problems
Learn how to accurately identify the real problem in a given situation.
Learn problem analysis best practices.
Work through the steps of problem solving and decision making.
Ensure your decisions are aligned with your strategy.
Learn to Map out the likely consequences of alternative decisions.
Enhance your abilities to minimize uncertainty and risk.

Master Class Creative Problem Solving Decision Making


This course covers concepts for a beginner to intermediate and advanced learner to the topic and hence no prior knowledge nor experience is required.


Gone are the days when Problem Solving and Decision Making often happened within the four walls of a top boss’s cabin. In the beginning of this century – As we blinked our eyes, the world changed, cabins broke down to give way to open offices, traditional management hierarchy collapsed and saw a horizontal spread. With delegation and authority batons being passed to the executive and trainee levels, Problem Solving and Decision Making skills became a must have quality at all levels in an organization. In simple words it is  – have it or leave it.That’s less said – Just learning the skill of solving problems and taking good decisions isn’t enough. Today, the modern workplace demands the new age executives and managers to expand their potential of creative thinking and bring it to the table while solving problems and making decisions. There is one more news for you, Creativity, Problem Solving and Decision Making skills are no more confined to the management and leadership levels, students who aspire for their dream jobs to be a reality, also will have to bring these skills along with their candidature. That is why, we decided to offer this practical and highly researched course with all these 3 skills clubbed into 1 course so that you may not have to search anywhere – anymore. If at any point of your life, you ever felt the need to work upon your creative thinking ability or your problem solving skills or even your decision making capability, look no further, this course is just the right one for you.Get ready to have learning with fun and tickle your hidden potentials to see the daylight as you move along with me in this course.


Section 1: Introduction to the Course

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Section 2: Creative Thinking

Lecture 2 Introduction to Creative Thinking

Lecture 3 Thinking Styles

Lecture 4 Thinking Styles – Case Study

Lecture 5 Lateral Thinking

Lecture 6 The Scamper Model

Lecture 7 Mind Mapping Part 1

Lecture 8 Mind Mapping Part 2

Lecture 9 Out of the box thinking

Lecture 10 Out of the Box thinking- Exercise – Part 1

Lecture 11 Out of the box thinking – Exercise – Part 2

Lecture 12 Other Techniques – Bio-mimicry, COCD Box & Challenging Assumptions Technique.

Section 3: Problem Solving

Lecture 13 Introduction to Problem Solving

Lecture 14 Clearing the Clouds

Lecture 15 Creative Problem Solving Model

Lecture 16 Brainstorming Technique

Lecture 17 6-3-5 Brain Writing Technique

Lecture 18 Reverse Brain Storming & Role Storming Techniques

Lecture 19 Pareto Analysis

Lecture 20 Drill Down Technique

Lecture 21 5 “Y” Technique

Lecture 22 Fish Bone Analysis – Part 1

Lecture 23 Fish Bone Analysis – Part 2

Lecture 24 FMEA Analysis

Section 4: Decision Making

Lecture 25 Introduction to Decision Making

Lecture 26 Importance of Decision Making

Lecture 27 Types of Decision Making

Lecture 28 Averting the Decision Making Bias – Part 1

Lecture 29 Averting the Decision Making Bias – Part 2

Lecture 30 Approaches to Decision Making

Lecture 31 The Decision Making Process

Lecture 32 Decision Tree Analysis

Lecture 33 Decision Matrix

Lecture 34 Kepner Tregoe Decision Making Model

Lecture 35 Paired Comparison Analysis

Lecture 36 The Futures Wheel Decision Making Technique

Lecture 37 Intuition and Decision Making

Lecture 38 Group Decision Making Techniques

Lecture 39 The Six Thinking Hats Technique

Lecture 40 Bonus Lecture : Values and Ethics in Decision Making

Students, Working Professionals, Teachers, Trainers and Management Executives.

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Udemy | English | 5h 34m | 4.29 GB
Created by: Dr. Mathew Thomas

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