Master Course in Tableau for Business Intelligence

Master data visualization in tableau desktop. Covers tableau certification syllabus and more. Tableau Tutorials
Master Course in Tableau for Business Intelligence
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Jamie Fry


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Master Course in Tableau for Business Intelligence

What you’ll learn

Master the latest Tableau software for use in a professional business environment
See course description for all technical skills taught

Master Course in Tableau for Business Intelligence


An installed copy of tableau public or desktop. Course covers v9 to 2019 of tableau.
All data is provided in the course.


New to Tableau? or Just looking to fill in knowledge gaps?This course is designed for both needs. Using real open source data you will become technically fluent in using tableau, one of the best data visualization software on the market. This course is the result of over five years of experience in tableau. The course is split into three stages, each designed to give a solid foundation in tableau without leaving the student with knowledge gaps.If you are a complete beginner or have Basic knowledge you should start at stage one.If you have experience in Tableau  you should start at stage two, but review any gaps in stage one you have. If you would like to know exactly what skills you will learn please view the full technical list at the bottom of this description box. Please note this course doesn’t cover updates since 2022Why a course by Jamie Fry?I have 10 years experience with tableau in the workplace. I’ve watched it grow from simple drag and drop tool into a extremely powerful visualisation software, from a Private company to an IPO. I am not a full time udemy instructor, which i believe is a strength. What i will teach you i use everyday in my workplace, for all different manner of clients across the globe. My technical teaching of this tool comes with real workplace Do’s and Don’ts, teaching you will not get from full time instructors that have been out of the workplace for a number of years. I teach tableau in classrooms face to face and via video conferencing, and years of this experience has led to this streamlined course. Please see my Bio for more information on my academic and professional background.The three stages of this course:Stage 1: The ApprenticeThe absolute fundamentals of tableau. Hit the ground running by learning all the basics, and how tableau manipulates your data. Even students with existing knowledge may learn something here.Stage 2: The MasterAdvance your data visualisation skills and learn to leverage your data. Students will learn the bulk of tableau here.Stage 3: The HeroPut all your skills learned to the test, and learn even more by completing a fully interactive workbook consisting of three linked dashboards. You will learn advanced dashboard skills here whilst bringing together all your knowledge.Bonus Lectures:A number of bonus lectures have been added to enhance your skills once you have completed the course. These include new chart types such as the “Waterfall” chart which cannot done by the “show me” tab in tableau. A full list of what technical skills you will Learn:Dashboard FunctionalityActions (Filter, Highlight and URL)Navigation between dashboards via actionsParameters: The FundamentalsParameters: Switching between measuresParameters: As a global filterDashboard Design: Make it look goodDashboard Design: Make it function wellReview & PublishingWhen to use storyboards vs dashboardsChart TypesText TablesHeat MapsHighlight TablesWaterfall Chart (BONUS)Symbol MapsFilled MapsPie ChartsBar ChartsStacked BarsSide by Side BarsDuel Axis ChartsTree MapsScatter PlotsArea ChartsBox and Whisker HistogramBulletBubblesControl ChartsWord cloud (BONUS)Tableau EssentialsConnecting to DataLevel of Detail (LOD)What “Good” data Looks likeDashboards and StoriesHow tableau pivots on your dataHierarchies Bins and DistributionsCalculated FieldsTable CalculationsTableau Calculations as functionsWindow calculationsData blending and joiningReference lines & bollinger bandsForecastTrend lineClusteringFilters, including the context filterGrouping & SetsUsing time series chartsFormatting (colours, fonts etc)Custom coloursCustom shapesWMS MappingPackaging workbooksNotable features which are NOT covered:Using APIs (web data connectors) Tableau Server (you should not need to buy courses on this, support is included in Tableaus fee when you buy the server).


Section 1: Stage 1: Prep work

Lecture 1 A note before you start!

Lecture 2 Your journey ahead

Lecture 3 What is tableau all about?

Lecture 4 Installing Tableau

Lecture 5 Connect to data!

Lecture 6 A note on data locale

Section 2: Stage 1: Building a Viz

Lecture 7 Build a Bar Chart

Lecture 8 Adding Colour & Filters

Lecture 9 Adding Tooltips & Formatting

Lecture 10 Build a Box & Whisker Plot

Lecture 11 Build a Text Table

Lecture 12 Build a Highlight Table

Lecture 13 Build a Dual Axis Map

Lecture 14 Scatter Plots & Clustering

Lecture 15 Connect to New Data

Lecture 16 Build a Tree Map

Lecture 17 Build a Stacked Bar

Lecture 18 Summary of Section

Section 3: Stage 2: Become the apprentice

Lecture 19 Overview of stage two

Lecture 20 Connect to the Data

Lecture 21 Time Series

Lecture 22 Dual Axis Charts

Lecture 23 Master reference lines

Lecture 24 Trend and Forecasting

Lecture 25 Groups & Sets

Section 4: Stage 2: Leveraging data

Lecture 26 Joining Data

Lecture 27 Data Blending

Lecture 28 Table Calculations & Calculated Fields

Lecture 29 Table Calculation Functions

Lecture 30 Gantt Chart

Lecture 31 Parameters – Select Measures

Lecture 32 Global Filters and Parameters

Lecture 33 Parameters – Dynamic Reference Lines

Section 5: Stage 2: Know the Features

Lecture 34 Context Filters

Lecture 35 An Intro to Dashboards

Lecture 36 Story Boards

Lecture 37 Hierarchies & Organising Data Fields

Lecture 38 Bins

Lecture 39 Pivot

Lecture 40 Window Calculations & Bollinger Bands

Lecture 41 Stage Summary

Section 6: Stage 3: Become the hero!

Lecture 42 Prepare Yourself

Lecture 43 The End Goal

Lecture 44 A note on Dashboard Navigation Update

Lecture 45 Dashboard Formatting

Lecture 46 Build View 1

Lecture 47 Build View 2

Lecture 48 Build View 3

Lecture 49 Page 2 Dashboard Design

Lecture 50 Build View 4

Lecture 51 Build View 5

Lecture 52 Page 3 Dashboard Design

Lecture 53 Build View 6 & 7, plus Cover Page Design

Lecture 54 Navigating with Actions

Lecture 55 Navigating With Actions Part 2

Lecture 56 Adding Highlight Actions

Lecture 57 Setting Up Our Filters

Lecture 58 Final touches, review and publish!

Section 7: Fin

Lecture 59 What Next?

Lecture 60 Tableau Qualified Associate Exam

Lecture 61 Showcasing To Employers

Section 8: £xtras (Bonus)

Lecture 62 Custom Colours and Shapes

Lecture 63 Build a Waterfall Chart

Lecture 64 Word Cloud

Lecture 65 LOD expressions

Lecture 66 Coupons

Complete beginners to those with existing knowledge,Any student who is looking for a complete all in one course,Those looking to use tableau in a professional business environment

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 15m | 256.96 MB
Created by: Jamie Fry

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