Master English Pronunciation Exercises for Perfect Habits

Achieve clear and confident English pronunciation; build strong pronunciation habits to speak English without thinking.
Master English Pronunciation Exercises for Perfect Habits
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Luke Priddy


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Master English Pronunciation Exercises for Perfect Habits

What you’ll learn

Build a foundation of vowels and consonant sounds so that you can say anything
Master techniques for learning how to hear and copy any English sound without phonetic symbols
Learn how to pronounce some of the most often mispronounced sounds in order to avoid misunderstandings
Develop your muscle memory with subtle English sounds, including diphthongs, the schwa sound, and more
Build solid pronunciation habits through exercises with tongue twisters, minimal pairs, and more
Use the pronunciation you learn without thinking while you speak. It has to be automatic!
Find your speaking flow with voiced and unvoiced neighbors, which is the key to fluent pronunciation
Practice each sound, word, and sentence alongside me, in order to hone your pronunciation faster
Master sounds in words, and words in complete sentences so that you can develop an instinct for that fluent native-speaker sound

Master English Pronunciation Exercises for Perfect Habits


A desire to learn and a positive attitude
A willingness to practice along with me
A way to record yourself, in order to practice what you learn


Hi! I’m Luke.Do you want to have natural-sounding English pronunciation without having to think while you’re speaking?Stop looking. You found the right course.Join me on this comprehensive and hands-on guide through clear and fluent English pronunciation. I’ll be your guide to help you master natural English sounds, words, and fluency with tons of highly impactful exercises and focused practice. You will be practicing alongside me throughout the course!In the first section, we’ll focus on essential English sounds such as vowel and consonant sounds, as well as common mistakes that non-native speakers often make. You’ll learn how to clearly pronounce English sounds and hone your self-awareness so that you can hear when you are making the sound correctly.Moving on to the second section, we’ll dive into subtler English sounds such as the schwa sound, diphthongs, and voiced and unvoiced sounds, among others. We’ll also work on making sentences flow naturally by linking and blending words, which is essential for that natural and fluent native-speaker sound. We’ll tackle challenging sounds like the different sounds of ‘t’ and ‘th’, as well as sounds that vibrate.In the third section, we’ll focus on pronouncing challenging words, including words that are difficult because of syllables, complexity, length, and origin. You’ll learn techniques for saying words confidently and accurately, and then make sure you build the habits necessary to be able to say them whenever you need without thinking.Finally, in the fourth section, we’ll tackle English pronunciation challenges and exercises designed to help you achieve fluency and build strong pronunciation habits. You’ll work on tongue twisters, minimal pairs practice, the shadowing method, and more. This section will give you the tools you need to truly master English pronunciation once and for all.Throughout the course, I’ll be right there with you on screen, demonstrating each sound and teaching you exactly how to produce it. We’ll focus on practice, so you can master the English pronunciation skills you need to become a confident and fluent English speaker.Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your English pronunciation to the next level – sign up now!


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 In This Course

Lecture 2 How to Take This Course

Section 2: The Essential Sounds

Lecture 3 Short Vowel Sounds Part 1: A – E – I

Lecture 4 Short Vowel Sounds Part 1: O – U

Lecture 5 Short Vowel Sounds Part 1: Full Example

Lecture 6 Long Vowel Sounds Part 2: A – E – I

Lecture 7 Long Vowel Sounds Part 2: O – U

Lecture 8 Long Vowel Sounds Part 2: Full Example

Lecture 9 Vowels Before R: Part 1

Lecture 10 Vowels Before R: Part 2

Lecture 11 Vowels Before R: Full Example

Lecture 12 Two Vowels: AI – OU

Lecture 13 Two Vowels: EA – IE – OO

Lecture 14 Two Vowels: EE – IO – OA

Lecture 15 Two Vowels: AU – UI – OI

Lecture 16 Two Vowels: Full Example

Lecture 17 Consonant Combinations: TH

Lecture 18 Consonant Combinations: Consonants with L

Lecture 19 Consonant Combinations: Consonants with R

Lecture 20 Consonant Combinations: Challenging Combinations

Lecture 21 Consonant Combinations: Full Example

Lecture 22 Hard and Soft G Sounds

Lecture 23 Hard and Soft C Sounds

Lecture 24 S and J Sounds

Lecture 25 G – C – J – S: Full Example

Section 3: Mastering Subtler Sounds

Lecture 26 The Schwa Sound

Lecture 27 The Schwa Sound: Full Example

Lecture 28 Diphthong Practice: Part 1

Lecture 29 Diphthong Practice: Part 2

Lecture 30 Diphthong Practice: Full Example

Lecture 31 Voiced and Unvoiced Neighbors: Overview

Lecture 32 Voiced and Unvoiced Neighbors: Full Example

Lecture 33 Letters You Don’t Say: Part 1

Lecture 34 Letters You Don’t Say: Part 2

Lecture 35 Letters You Don’t Say: Full Example

Lecture 36 Sounds that Vibrate: V – Z

Lecture 37 Sounds that Vibrate: The Strange S and the Voiced TH

Lecture 38 Sounds that Vibrate: Full Example

Lecture 39 The Regular D and Light D Sounds

Lecture 40 The Stop T and Regular T Sounds

Lecture 41 Regular D – Light D – Stop T – Regular T: Full Example

Section 4: Challenging Words

Lecture 42 Because of Syllables: Overview

Lecture 43 Because of Syllables: Tips

Lecture 44 Because of Syllables: Full Examples

Lecture 45 Because of Complexity

Lecture 46 Because of Length: Things to Remember

Lecture 47 Because of Length: Examples

Lecture 48 Because of Origin: Things to Keep in Mind

Lecture 49 Because of Origin: India, Japan, Italy

Lecture 50 Because of Origin: Germany, France, China

Section 5: Pronunciation Challenges

Lecture 51 Why tongue twisters?

Lecture 52 Tongue Twister Examples: Part 1

Lecture 53 Tongue Twister Examples: Part 2

Lecture 54 Minimal Pairs: Keep in Mind

Lecture 55 Minimal Pairs Examples: Part 1

Lecture 56 Minimal Pairs Examples: Part 2

Lecture 57 The Shadowing Method: Overview

Lecture 58 The Shadowing Method: Full Example

Lecture 59 The Shadowing Method: Full Example

Lecture 60 Mirror Exercises

Lecture 61 Wrapping Up

English learners who need to master native-sounding English pronunciation,English learners who need to build strong English pronunciation habits

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 36m | 10.41 GB
Created by: Luke Priddy

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