Master Git and GitHub in 5 Days Go from Zero to Hero

Learn to master git and GitHub in just one week! Learn how to use commits, branches, pull requests, and more!
Master Git and GitHub in 5 Days Go from Zero to Hero
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Master Git and GitHub in 5 Days Go from Zero to Hero

What you’ll learn

Understand what git is and how it works
Comprehend the differences between git and Github
Work with Git Merges and Merge Conflicts
Understand the use of git at an organizational level
Discover specific GitHub features
Learn how to push and pull code from Github
Understand how to use commands such as git diff
Learn how to rollback changes using a variety of git commands

Master Git and GitHub in 5 Days Go from Zero to Hero


No prior git or Github knowledge required
A free Github account (only an email is required)


Understanding how to use Git and GitHub is now a basic requirement for any developer, but so many courses take forever to teach you anything of value! Unlike those other courses, we’ve specifically designed this course to teach you the 10% of Git commands that you use 90% of the time! When you’re just starting off with git you don’t want to waste time learning about commands you hardly ever use, especially when you could always easily look them up later. Instead this course focuses on giving you a Bootcamp style approach to turn you into a PRO in just ONE WEEK!Why learn Git and GitHub?Git and GitHub allow you to easily keep different versions of a large codebase organized. When working almost any job as a developer, understanding git and GitHub is an essential skill. It’s also one of the very first things you need to know to hit the ground running at a new position, which is why this course is specifically designed to get you from zero to hero in just 5 days! We’ve designed the course in a 5 day format so you can get up and running in just one work week. Why choose this course?Many other courses waste time covering the same topics over and over again in a dull and repetitive format, instead of focusing on what you need to know in the real world! We’ve designed this course for someone who just started  a new developer role and needs to get up to speed on git and GitHub in their first week, which is why the sections are organized in a 5 day format. With just approximately one hour a day you can go from Zero to Hero with git and GitHub!What’s covered in this course?We cover a wide variety of the most important topics in git and GitHub, including:Understanding Version ControlGit and GitHub SetupCode Repository BasicsSnapshots and ApplicationsBasic git commandsWorking with BranchesMerges and ChangesCloning ReposUnderstanding git stashChecking for differences between commitsUsing git as an organizationThroughout the course you’ll be provided with example code, diagrams, and slides so you have easy to understand references you can come back to whenever you need.Enroll today and we’ll see you inside the course!


Section 1: Day 0 – Course Overview

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 2 Course Overview

Lecture 3 Version Control Overview

Lecture 4 OPTIONAL: Command Line Basics – Windows Command Prompt

Lecture 5 OPTIONAL: Command Line Basics – MacOS or Linux

Section 2: Day 1 – Introduction to Version Control, Git and Github

Lecture 6 Welcome to Day 1!

Lecture 7 Git and GitHub

Lecture 8 Installing Git

Lecture 9 GitHub Account

Lecture 10 Configure Git

Lecture 11 Creating and Cloning Repositories

Lecture 12 Private Repositories

Lecture 13 Day 1 Summary and Exercise

Section 3: Day 2 – Starting to Use git

Lecture 14 Welcome to Day 2

Lecture 15 Understanding Git Usage and Workflow

Lecture 16 Add and Commit

Lecture 17 Git Log

Lecture 18 Git Remote and Git Push

Lecture 19 Fetch and Pull

Lecture 20 Day 2 Summary and Exercise

Section 4: Day 3 – Working with Others

Lecture 21 Introduction to Day 3 – Working with Others

Lecture 22 Understanding Branches

Lecture 23 Understanding HEAD

Lecture 24 Git Branch Commands

Lecture 25 Delete and Rename Branches

Lecture 26 Merging Branches – Theory and Concepts

Lecture 27 Merging Branches in Practice

Lecture 28 Git Diff

Lecture 29 Working with Others – Exercise and Solution

Section 5: Day 4 – Going back and Undoing Changes

Lecture 30 Introduction to Undoing Changes

Lecture 31 Git Checkout and Detached HEAD

Lecture 32 Git Restore

Lecture 33 Git Reset

Lecture 34 Git Revert

Lecture 35 Undoing Changes – Exercise and Solution

Section 6: Day 5 – Git and GitHub in Practice

Lecture 36 Introduction to Day 5 – Git and GitHub in Practice

Lecture 37 Using Git Stash

Lecture 38 Push and Pull with Git Remote

Lecture 39 Common Workflow Patterns

Lecture 40 GitHub Repository Tour

Lecture 41 GitHub Pull Requests

Lecture 42 Forking on GitHub

Lecture 43 GitHub Actions

Lecture 44 Day 5 Exercise and Solution

Developers wanting to understand how to use git and Github as quickly as possible

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 45m | 2.12 GB
Created by: Jose Portilla

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