Master Google Analytics 4 GTM for Shopify WooCommerce

Capture Ecommerce data from Shopify and WooCommerce using out-of-the-box settings, plugins and GTM and analyze it in GA4
Master Google Analytics 4 GTM for Shopify WooCommerce
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Rudranil Chakrabortty


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Master Google Analytics 4 GTM for Shopify WooCommerce

What you’ll learn

Integrate Google Analytics 4 and Shopify
Integrate Google Analytics 4 and WooCommerce
Learn how to work with GTM, GA4, and the Ecommerce Platforms to collect additional Ecommerce Data
Learn how GA4 E-Commerce Features works Behind the Scene
Learn how to analyze Enhanced E-Commerce Reports in Google Analytics

Master Google Analytics 4 GTM for Shopify WooCommerce


Basic Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager understanding will be helpful, however, not necessary


Tracking Ecommerce data is difficult, but not with platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce.Most of the robust Ecommerce platforms come packaged with powerful plugins and out-of-the-box integration to the Ecommerce tracking feature of Google Analytics 4. Without such integrations, you must engage in a full-scale data collection project.In this course, we will learn how to use such integrations for Shopify and WooCommerce and set up ecommerce tracking in less than an hour, without writing a single line of code.Also, we will learn to connect Google Tag Manager with the Shopify and WooCommerce websites and learn more techniques to capture additional data.I am Rudranil, and Google Analytics has been my friend for over a decade. More than 30000 students have learned Google Analytics from my live and self-paced courses.With this course, you get full lifetime access on purchase, 30-day refund time, hours of material, and enormous discounts.Do you still want to wait or join me inside – the course? Thank you._____________________________________________________Course Reviews_____________________________________________________Everything I was looking for in terms of Enhanced Ecommerce was included.I am very glad I’ve found this particular course.Before I’d trying to get these information from different sources and it was waste of time.Recommend- Oskar K.The course was very well put together, The course instructor is very calm and composed and explains every aspect of the course with great detail and clarity. I will definitely recommend this course and Mr. Rudranil Chakrabortty to all Enhanced E-commerce enthusiasts.- Sushanth S.Neil’s classes are absolutely amazing and above expectations. I came in not knowing much, but came out understanding a lot. I took his Google Analytics class before this one and it definitely help. Looking forward to more of Neil’s classes. Neil is very responsive, professional, detailed, practical, and responsible for what he teaches. Highly recommended.- May C N.One of the BEST courses I have purchased in Udemy. The teacher shows step by step each section and gives excellent real world examples. This course is GOLD.-Pablo G.


Section 1: Google Analytics 4 and Shopify

Lecture 1 What is in this course?

Lecture 2 What is in Google Analytics 4 – Part I

Lecture 3 What is in Google Analytics 4 – Part II

Lecture 4 What is the Concept Behind the Ecommerce Data in GA4

Lecture 5 What are the Ecommerce Reports in GA4?

Lecture 6 How to Create a Google Analytics 4 Account?

Lecture 7 About Shopify Admin

Lecture 8 How to Connect Shopify to Google Analytics 4?

Lecture 9 How Shopify works with GA4

Lecture 10 What is the Ecommerce Funnel in Google Analytics 4?

Lecture 11 Funnel Report for Shopify in Google Analytics 4

Lecture 12 How to Integrate Google Tag Manager to Shopify?

Section 2: Using Google Tag Manager with Shopify

Lecture 13 Conceptual Discussion on Google Tag Manager and Shopify

Lecture 14 What are the Tags, Triggers, and Variables in Shopify?

Lecture 15 How to Create a GTM Event for Shopify?

Lecture 16 How to use Variables in GTM-Shopify Events?

Lecture 17 How to Create a Trigger for GTM-Shopify Events?

Lecture 18 How to use Google Tag Assistant with Shopify?

Lecture 19 What are user-defined Variables in Google Analytics 4?

Lecture 20 How does Shopify Data get Accessed in Google Tag Manager?

Lecture 21 How to use the GTM Data Layer with Shopify?

Lecture 22 How to Enable GTM Access on the Purchase Page?

Section 3: WooCommerce, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager

Lecture 23 Plugin to Capture Ecommerce Data from WooCommerce

Lecture 24 How to Connect a WooCommerce Website to Google Analytics 4 using GTM?

Lecture 25 How to Work with the Plugin – I

Lecture 26 How to Work with the Plugin – II

Lecture 27 How to Work with the Plugin – III

Lecture 28 How to Work with the Plugin – IV

Section 4: Lets Close

Lecture 29 Bonus Lecture

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Created by: Rudranil Chakrabortty

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