Master Google Analytics 4 Reports and GTM Basics in 2023

Learn to analyze Google Analytics 4 reports, create powerful custom reports and tailor GA4 data with Google Tag Manager
Master Google Analytics 4 Reports and GTM Basics in 2023
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Master Google Analytics 4 Reports and GTM Basics in 2023

What you’ll learn

Use Google Analytics 4 (latest version) reports for businesses
Understand how to tailor the Google Analytics 4 account to fit custom business needs
Understand the power of enhanced custom reports in Google Analytics 4
Learn the basics of Google Data Studio
Learn the art of modeling data and making it available in GA4 for any website
Learn the basic of enhanced ecommerce data implementation

Master Google Analytics 4 Reports and GTM Basics in 2023




Google Analytics 4 is the future of Google Analytics, released in 2020 and getting a wide range acceptation. Therefore, it is time for all of us to be ready to master it. This course helps you achieve the same.We analyze all the reports in Google Analytics 4 โ€“ Acquisition reports, Retention Reports, Engagement Report, Events, Conversions, Monetization ReportsWe get a thorough understanding of how to create powerful custom reports in GA4 and Google Data Studio.We learn to install Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager on a website and tailor the data in google analytics as needed by your business.For the assignment, we have a project in which you install a website, the files for which are shared in this course, connect with google analytics and tag manager and we together attempt the customization activities. You don’t have to do any coding whatsoever.Therefore, all in all, this is truly a comprehensive course on Google Analytics 4 for you to gain mastery.If you are not convinced yet, check out the open videos from the courses, check out the reviews on my other Udemy courses, and then make a decision. Reviews from my other google analytics course:5* The course was very well put together, The course instructor is very calm and composed and explains every aspect of the course with great detail and clarity. I will definitely recommend this course and Mr. Rudranil Chakrabortty to all Enhanced E-commerce enthusiasts.5* Thank you for this course, it is very well structured and really insightful. I really enjoy it :)5* Very Nicely explained & very well-paced. What was amazing was the efforts taken to guide & enable us to deploy data layers & tags from our side on a website that makes this course outstanding & like on-the-job training for practice. It was very easy to understand & thank you for making such a wonderful course Rudranil. I have also purchased your other course on enhanced e-commerce to learn & specialize more in-depth on the ecom. Thank you & keep making more courses like this Rudranil.5* This is such as great course that made me want to take the rest of Neil’s course. I am indeed taking another one of his courses. The course content helped me configured our company’s new website analytics. Neil’s teaching style is very clear, structured, practical, industrial, and full of important contents. Neil does care about his students and very responsive to all the questions I have. Highly recommenced!5* I totally loved the course content. I’d highly recommend it for all those learners who wish to learn they WHYs and the HOWs. Although, I’m not from analytical background and earlier I never believed in the power of Analytics due to my limited understanding, but this course really helped me to expand my horizons and look beyond traditional ways of doing things. Above all, the instant and detailed answers to all my questions by Rudranil was beyond my expectations. Thank You veyr much Rudranil ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best! I hope to meet you in the course.


Section 1: Lets Begin

Lecture 1 Course Structure, Plan, and Overview

Lecture 2 Pace of the Lectures

Lecture 3 How to Analyze Website Data with Google Analytics

Lecture 4 Basic Navigation Guideline of the GA4 Account

Section 2: Analysis: Traffic Volume

Lecture 5 Lets Start our Analysis of Beginner Traffic Data

Lecture 6 Where are Your Users Coming From

Lecture 7 GA4 Jargons, Users, and Concepts Important for Traffic Analysis

Lecture 8 Source and Medium Concept for Traffic Analysis

Section 3: Analysis: Traffic Relevance

Lecture 9 Learning About Your Visitors

Lecture 10 Demographics of Your Target Audience (Visitors)

Lecture 11 Devices and Technology of Your Visitors

Lecture 12 Learning Specific Aspects About Your Visitors

Lecture 13 Identifying Overlapping Segments of Your Visitors

Section 4: Analysis: How Google Analytics 4 Works

Lecture 14 How Google Analytics Works

Lecture 15 Google Analytics 4 Events – Concepts

Lecture 16 Capturing Data Using GA4 Events

Lecture 17 Google Tag Manager – Non-Developer Perspective

Section 5: Analysis: Traffic Engagement

Lecture 18 Analyzing and Using Events

Lecture 19 Page-Level Analysis of Your Website

Lecture 20 Path Analysis for Understanding Visitor Journey on Your Website

Section 6: Analysis: Traffic Sustainability

Lecture 21 Traffic Sustainability Analysis With Cohort Analysis Reports – Part – I

Lecture 22 Retention Analysis of Website Traffic

Lecture 23 Cohort Analysis – Granular Analysis

Lecture 24 Engagement Overview – DAU, MAU. WAU

Lecture 25 Tracking Individual User Actions In GA4

Lecture 26 Concept Behind the UserID Tracking

Section 7: Analysis: Meaningful Traffic

Lecture 27 Funnel Concepts

Lecture 28 Funnel-Based Goal Analysis

Lecture 29 More Data on Business Goals

Lecture 30 Business Goal Analysis With Monetization Reports

Lecture 31 Attribution Modeling – Concept

Lecture 32 Attribution Modeling – Reports

Section 8: Planning: Data Modeling Concepts with GA4

Lecture 33 Thinking About the Website Data to be Modeled

Lecture 34 Data Modeling for a Typical Ecommerce Website – Part – I

Lecture 35 Data Modeling for a Typical Ecommerce Website – Part – II

Lecture 36 Data Modeling for a Typical Ecommerce Website – Part – III

Lecture 37 Data Modeling for Non-Standard Websites – Part – I

Lecture 38 Data Modeling for Non-Standard Websites – Part – II

Lecture 39 Revisiting The Monetization Reports

Section 9: Customization: Custom Reports and Data Studio Introduction

Lecture 40 Customized Tabular Reports In GA4

Lecture 41 Completely Modify Google Analytics Reports and Layouts with Library

Lecture 42 Google Data Studio Basics

Lecture 43 Chart Types In Data Studio

Lecture 44 Using Data Filters and Other Tools

Lecture 45 Customizing Data with Formulas and Arithmetic In Google Data Studio

Lecture 46 Creating Advanced Custom Funnels In Data Studio

Section 10: Implementation: Project Details and Setup

Lecture 47 Who this Project is for?

Lecture 48 Install the Project

Section 11: Implementation: Google Analytics 4 with Tag Manager

Lecture 49 Create a New Google Analytics 4 Account

Lecture 50 Connect Google Analytics 4 to the Website

Lecture 51 A Case for the Need of Google Tag Manager

Lecture 52 Create a New Google Tag Manager Account

Lecture 53 Understand How Google Tag Manager Works

Lecture 54 Link the Website, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager

Lecture 55 Implement our First Event using the Google Tag Manager

Lecture 56 Understand the Preview Mode (Tag Assistant) in Google Tag Manager

Lecture 57 Understand the Debug View in Google Analytics 4

Lecture 58 Final Steps to Complete the Event Creation

Lecture 59 Optimize the use of Tags and Triggers – Part I

Lecture 60 Optimize the use of Tags and Triggers – Part II

Lecture 61 Create Events Inside Google Analytics 4

Lecture 62 Event Parameters and Custom Dimensions

Lecture 63 Configure a Custom Dimension

Lecture 64 Introduction To Advanced Custom Definitions

Lecture 65 What is the Data Layer

Lecture 66 Data Layer I – Begin using Data Layer with User-defined Variables

Lecture 67 Data Layer II – Form Fill Capture with Custom Data and Custom Event Parameters

Lecture 68 Data Layer III – How to Insert data into Data Layer

Lecture 69 Data Layer IV – Custom Metrics and Dimensions from Data Layer

Section 12: Implementation: User Behavior Data Designing Opportunities in Google Analytics 4

Lecture 70 Understand User Properties and Audiences in Google Analytics 4

Lecture 71 Configure User Properties and Audiences

Lecture 72 Understand User ID Tracking Fundamentals

Lecture 73 Implement User ID Tracking

Section 13: Implementation: Ecommerce/Monetization Reports – How it Works

Lecture 74 E-Commerce Implementation Basic Concepts

Lecture 75 Implementation Plan In Our Practice Website

Lecture 76 Implement The First Step of E-Commerce Data Collection

Lecture 77 Implement Product Views, Add To Carts And More – I

Lecture 78 Implement Product Views, Add To Carts And More – II

Lecture 79 Capturing Data Dynamically In The Ecommerce Implementation

Section 14: Lets Close

Lecture 80 Parting Thoughts

Section 15: Additionals

Lecture 81 Web Application And Android Application Together In Google Analytics 4

Lecture 82 Filter Internal or Unwanted Traffic from your Google Analytics 4 Account

Google Analytics Beginners, Intermediate Learners,Digital Marketing Managers,New Age Digital Startups,Web Analytics Enthusiasts

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Udemy | English | 11h 7m | 8.87 GB
Created by: Rudranil Chakrabortty

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