Master Google Tag Manager Go From Beginner to Advanced

Custom templates, single page application, content grouping, ads tracking, server-side GTM and more – in this course.
Master Google Tag Manager Go From Beginner to Advanced
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Master Google Tag Manager Go From Beginner to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Learn several advanced use cases of Google Tag Manager
Find out how GTM work behind the scene
Get started with server-side fundamentals of Google Tag Manager
Understand the application of custom templates
Learn how to connect GTM with Google Ads and Facebook
Understand the advanced use cases of Video tracking on your website

Master Google Tag Manager Go From Beginner to Advanced


About 5-10% of the chapters has discussions on JavaScript, you would need the understanding of JS for only those few chapters. Rest of them don’t have any prerequisite.


You can use Google Tag Manager to send simple page views data to your GA account, or you can use it to collect complex business data. This course will take you from the former to the latter.We will look at straightforward use cases such as button click tracking, form tracking, element visibility, outbound link tracking, etc. Then we will move to discuss more complex scenarios such as Facebook pixel implementation, advanced techniques for google ad conversion tracking, YouTube, and non-YouTube video tracking. We will learn how to capture custom data such as User ID and product information with GTM variables. We will learn how to move the GTM computations to the server-side and set up tracking for single-page applications. Then, there are custom templates, and more.We look at implementation steps, concepts, and behind the scene working of the GTM.I am Rudranil, and I have about a decade of experience in SaaS marketing, during which I oversaw the implementation of GTM for many SaaS businesses. I am offering this course with hours of content and material, an enormous discount, and a 30 days refund offer. It means that you have zero risk in subscribing to the course.I hope you do give it a try. Thank you.


Section 1: Lets Get Started

Lecture 1 Why GTM Exists?

Lecture 2 Pace of the Lectures

Lecture 3 Structure of a GTM Account – I

Lecture 4 Structure of a GTM Account – II

Lecture 5 A Simple Implementation of Tag and Trigger

Section 2: Project Setup (Optional)

Lecture 6 Setup Steps: A Website for Practicing

Lecture 7 Connect GTM and GA to Your Website – I

Lecture 8 Connect GTM and GA to Your Account – II

Lecture 9 Automated Plugins for GTM (WordPress-specific)

Section 3: First Steps in Google Tag Manager

Lecture 10 Capture a Simple User-generated Action from a Website

Lecture 11 How Tag Assistant (Preview Mode) Works in GTM

Lecture 12 Hierarchical Structure of Google Tag Manager

Lecture 13 Common GTM Tags : Element Visibility, Form Submissions, and Timers

Lecture 14 New Form Tracking Technique

Lecture 15 Application of CSS Selectors in GTM

Lecture 16 Phone and Email Tracking in GTM

Lecture 17 Outbound Link Tracking and Other Associated GTM Techniques

Lecture 18 Collecting HTML Attributes with In-built Variables in GTM

Lecture 19 How GTM works behind the scene

Section 4: Facebook and Google Ads

Lecture 20 Set up Basic Facebook Pixel Tracking

Lecture 21 Facebook Pixel, Custom Templates, Event Capture with GTM

Lecture 22 Google Ads Conversion Tracking with GTM with Forms

Lecture 23 Google Ads Conversion Tracking on Page Load

Lecture 24 Google Ads Conversion Tracking Advanced Data Capture

Section 5: Advanced Techniques I – User ID, Look up tables, content groups

Lecture 25 Configuration of Parameter Data Captured by GTM in Google Analytics

Lecture 26 User ID Tracking and the Application of First Party Cookies

Lecture 27 Create a Lookup Table in GTM

Lecture 28 Applying Lookup Tables in a Real-world Scenario

Lecture 29 Setting up Google Analytics for Development Environments

Lecture 30 Create Content Groups with GTM for GA4

Section 6: Advanced Techniques II – Single Page App, Custom Templates, Server-side GTM

Lecture 31 How to Work with Single Page Applications

Lecture 32 How Custom Templates Work

Lecture 33 Create a Custom Template in GTM

Lecture 34 What is Server-side GTM and Why do We Need it

Lecture 35 Set up Server-side GTM

Lecture 36 Using Your Own Servers with Server-side GTM

Lecture 37 Additional Considerations in Server-side Tracking

Section 7: Video Tracking Techniques

Lecture 38 Tracking YouTube Videos Using GTM and GA4

Lecture 39 Tracking YouTube Vidoes with Custom Tags and Triggers

Lecture 40 Tracking Non-YouTube Videos with GTM – Part I

Lecture 41 Tracking Non-YouTube Videos with GTM – Part II

Lecture 42 Tracking Non-YouTube Videos with GTM – Part III

Lecture 43 Tracking Non-YouTube Videos with GTM – Part IV

Lecture 44 Tracking Non-YouTube Videos with GTM – Part V

Lecture 45 Tracking Non-YouTube Videos with GTM – Part VI

Section 8: Additional Chapters

Lecture 46 Before We Close

Beginners of Google Tag Manager,Basic and Intermediate users of Google Tag Manager,Web Analytics Professional

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 1m | 4.93 GB
Created by: Rudranil Chakrabortty

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