Master IELTS Writing with Hrushi

IELTS Academic writing simplified with structured writing
Master IELTS Writing with Hrushi
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Hrushikesh Arun


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Master IELTS Writing with Hrushi

What you’ll learn

Attaining Band 7 score and above in the writing section.
Reaching the word limit set for the tasks.
Structured thought process before and during the tasks.
Enhanced consciousness while writing professionally.

Master IELTS Writing with Hrushi


Basic knowledge of English language is needed. The student should be able to understand the course work.


The course will make you aware of the structure that you have to follow for each question type. While other tutors emphasize on the writing part, this course makes you aware of the process of writing.  It also discusses the time management you have to do before, through and after your writing work is over. The idea is to elevate your writing skill irrespective of your background.  At this stage, the course may need additional resources. According to learners’ requirements, I would add additional resources. Hence, I request all learners to reach out to me in case of any help is needed and highlight the content that needs to be elaborated.   I will update the course with videos which will showcase me attempting the task. This course offers you free 1 round of review of your four different articles. You may choose the topics from the list of topics, which is a part of lecture no. 8. The review will include all errors you committed and highlight the scope of improvement and steps to be taken.  I wish you all the best in your preparation of IELTS exam and hope that this course will help you to achieve the desired score.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Writing Task 1

Lecture 2 Learning how to attempt task 1

Section 3: Writing Task 2

Lecture 3 Learning how to attempt task 2

Section 4: Writing Task 2 – Agree or Disagree

Lecture 4 Learning how to solve agree or disagree question

Section 5: Writing Task 2 – Two Views and Your Opinion

Lecture 5 Learning how to solve two views and your opinion question

Section 6: Writing Task 2 – Advantages and Disadvantages

Lecture 6 Learning how to solve advantages and disadvantages question

Section 7: Writing Task 2 – Double Question

Lecture 7 Learning how to solve double question question

Section 8: List of writing task 2 Topics

Lecture 8 Practicing writing task 2

IELTS Aspirants

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Created by: Hrushikesh Arun

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