Master JSON Using Python

Your Complete Guide to APIs, JSON, and Python
Master JSON Using Python
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Master JSON Using Python

What you’ll learn

Comprehend JSON Structures
Serialize and Deserialize JSON in Python
Interact with APIs through Python
Alter JSON using Python
Normalize Nested JSON Structures

Master JSON Using Python




What is JSON?JSON is by far the most pervasive data transportation format in the modern world. Its used in APIs, Web Applications, Databases, Configuration Files and so much more. We interact with JSON Data on a daily basis we just don’t see it because it is used behind the scenes. Did you make an online purchase today? That website probably used JSON to complete your transaction. Have you ever used an online calculator? That calculator probably took your inputs and passed information back via JSON . What about the weather app on your phone? Such applications make requests to an API in order to bring you the latest forecasts.Why is JSON so popular? JSON is popular for a number of reasons. One reason is that it is human readable and easily parsed by multiple programming languages. This course focuses on using JSON with Python, but many of the concepts covered here can easily be applied to other languages. What will the course be like? This course aims to provide practical hands on experience. Throughout the course there will be coding exercises, quizzes, and assignments designed to help solidify the concepts learned. By the end of the course you should be a master of JSON data and will know how it can be created, changed, and manipulated in Python.


Section 1: Getting Started

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 2 Installing Python

Lecture 3 Installing JupyterLab

Section 2: JupyterLab Crash Course

Lecture 4 Working with Python Files

Lecture 5 Using the Terminal

Lecture 6 Using Interactive Python Notebooks

Section 3: JSON Structures

Lecture 7 What is JSON?

Lecture 8 Objects

Lecture 9 Arrays

Lecture 10 Nested JSON

Section 4: Converting JSON Structures to Python Structures

Lecture 11 Data Type Compatibility

Lecture 12 Deserializing JSON

Lecture 13 Serializing JSON

Section 5: Manipulating Python Structures

Lecture 14 Navigating Dictionaries & Lists

Lecture 15 List Methods

Lecture 16 Dictionary Methods

Section 6: Using Pandas with JSON

Lecture 17 Normalizing JSON

Lecture 18 Exporting DataFrames to JSON

Section 7: Working with APIs in Python

Lecture 19 API Basics

Lecture 20 Making Your First Request

Lecture 21 Request Components

Lecture 22 Response Components

Lecture 23 Congratulations!

Beginner Python Developers

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Created by: Jayden Rasband

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