Master Machine Translation Post Editing Emerging Jobs

A translator’s guide to learn about machine translation and emerging jobs (MTPE, MT Evaluation and Pre-editing)
Master Machine Translation Post Editing Emerging Jobs
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Master Machine Translation Post Editing Emerging Jobs

What you’ll learn

How does machine translation work?
What are the popular machine translation engines?
What are the common machine translation flaws?
How to pre-edit for machine translation?
How to evaluate raw machine translation output?
How to post-edit raw machine translation output?
What are the post editor’s qualifications?
What is the future of MT and linguists?

Master Machine Translation Post Editing Emerging Jobs


Nothing except an ambitious learner!
No prior experience is required to take this course. We will teach you EVERYTHING you need to start working on MT related jobs.


This course is a journey into the Machine Translation (MT) world, that is rapidly affecting the translation market. During this journey, the learner will delve into how MT works and the history of MT engines. The learner will be equipped with all the necessary skills, along with tips and tricks, to know how to evaluate and post-edit MT output. It consists of four modules. Each module contains one or more than one quiz along with helpful downloadable resources to get started. In this course, we follow ADDIE’s model. Thus, weAnalysed market needs for post-editors, in addition to the available MTPE courses. It complies with ISO Standard 18587 for MTPE.Designed the course using the ROPES model to ensure maximum benefit for our learners and help them to encode MTPE skills into their long-term memory. Thus, they can make use of these skills even after a long period of training.Developed the course using a variety of illustrative methods and quizzes.Implemented the course to be self-paced, to ensure that our learners are freed from time and place limitations.Evaluated the course and its impact on learners’ skills before publishing it.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: What is Machine Translation?

Lecture 2 What is Machine Translation?

Lecture 3 What is the logic behind MT and how does rule based MT work?

Lecture 4 How do Statistical MT and Hybrid MT work?

Lecture 5 How does Neural MT work?

Lecture 6 What are the emerging task types and what is a controlled natural language?

Lecture 7 What is pre-editing?

Section 3: How to Evaluate MT Output?

Lecture 8 What are the common MT flaws?

Lecture 9 What is automatic evaluation?

Lecture 10 What is human evaluation?

Lecture 11 MT evaluation sample scale

Section 4: What is Machine Translation Post Editing?

Lecture 12 What is machine translation post-editing?

Lecture 13 What is light MTPE?

Lecture 14 What is full MTPE?

Lecture 15 Are you worried?

Lecture 16 What is the difference between over-editing and under-editing?

Lecture 17 What are the post editors qualifications?

Section 5: What’s Next for Linguists and MT?

Lecture 18 What’s next?

Linguists,Translators,Reviewers,Proofreaders,Post Editors,Revisers

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