Master Microsoft Outlook Outlook from Beginner to Advanced

Learn how Microsoft Outlook can make your life more organized! (Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365)
Master Microsoft Outlook Outlook from Beginner to Advanced
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Master Microsoft Outlook Outlook from Beginner to Advanced

What you’ll learn

Create and send email messages
Create, categorize and organize Contacts
Schedule and organize Events and Appointments
Schedule Meetings, track replies and send updates
Create, update and completing Tasks
Taught by Certified Microsoft Office Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 Specialist with over 18 years of Outlook training

Master Microsoft Outlook Outlook from Beginner to Advanced


This course was created with Outlook 2016. But most features will work in Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365.
You will need Outlook loaded on your computer in order to follow along and practice.


Microsoft Outlook All-In-One TrainingThis Microsoft Outlook course includes all three Levels from Beginner to AdvancedMicrosoft Outlook Level 1 – BeginnerMicrosoft Outlook Level 2 – IntermediateMicrosoft Outlook Level 3 – AdvancedMaterial recorded with Outlook 2016 but works in 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & 365.  MAC users, since the videos are recorded with the Windows version of Microsoft Outlook, the interface will be different – please be sure to watch the free lectures for evaluation.As your instructor I will use my 18+ years of Outlook training and certifications including: Microsoft Office Specialist, Expert and Master Instructor: 2000, XP (2002), 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) to guide you step by step through Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of Outlook. At completion of this course you will have mastered the most popular Outlook tools and have the foundational skills with a sureness to complete many daily Outlook tasks with efficiency and ease.   Below are just a few of the topics that you will master:Create, edit, reply, forward and recall email messagesFind, sort, filter and apply conditional formatting to Outlook ItemsMeeting requests, propose new times and track repliesCreate Voting emails, track replies and calculate their totalsSet workdays and times, and holidays and time zonesManage task assignments, requests, ownership, updates and status reportsAsk, delegate and share folders and set permissionsAdd email and digital signatures including encryption Mail Merge your Contacts into form letters, labels and emailsand much, much, more…Includes all the training you need to help pass the Outlook 2016 (77-731) Exam and become certified, guaranteed.


Section 1: Outlook Introduction – First Look

Lecture 1 Outlook Introduction – First Look

Section 2: Outlook Level 1 – Beginner

Lecture 2 Instructor’s Notes, Quiz and Answers

Section 3: Basics

Lecture 3 Email Account Setup

Lecture 4 Gmail Email Account Setup

Lecture 5 Change Office Theme

Lecture 6 Quick Access Toolbar

Lecture 7 Ribbon

Lecture 8 “Tell Me What You Want To do” Help Feature

Section 4: Composing E-mail Messages

Lecture 9 Create & Send Emails

Lecture 10 Resending Email

Lecture 11 Edit Sent & Received Messages

Lecture 12 Formatting Messages

Lecture 13 Check Spelling, Grammar & Contextual

Lecture 14 AutoCorrect

Lecture 15 Attach Files & Outlook Items

Lecture 16 Page Colors & Inserting Pictures

Lecture 17 SmartArt

Lecture 18 Applying Themes

Section 5: Sending & Receiving E-mails

Lecture 19 Replying to Messages & Preface Comments With

Lecture 20 Forwarding Messages & Preface Comments With

Lecture 21 Printing Email Messages

Lecture 22 Deleting Messages

Lecture 23 Global Address List

Lecture 24 Set Default Font

Section 6: Organizing E-mail Messages

Lecture 25 Mark Email Messages as Read & Unread

Lecture 26 Email Message Preview

Lecture 27 Reading Pane

Lecture 28 Folder Pane

Lecture 29 To-Do Bar: Appointments, Meetings, Tasks & People

Lecture 30 Managing Email Conversations

Lecture 31 Ignore Email Conversation

Lecture 32 Clean Up Email Conversation

Lecture 33 Sort, Group Messages & Add Columns

Lecture 34 Message Arrival Options

Section 7: Message Layout & Reading Options

Lecture 35 MailTips

Lecture 36 Categorize Messages with Colors

Lecture 37 Flag Messages

Lecture 38 Quick Steps

Lecture 39 Create, Move, Copy & Delete Folders

Lecture 40 Move, Copy & Delete Messages

Lecture 41 Open, Save & Remove Email Attachments

Section 8: Contacts

Lecture 42 Add & Create Contacts

Lecture 43 Contact from Same Company

Lecture 44 Contacts from Emails

Lecture 45 Create Additional Address Books

Lecture 46 Import Excel Contacts

Lecture 47 Contact Views & Sorting

Lecture 48 Finding Contacts

Lecture 49 Editing Contacts

Lecture 50 Printing Contacts

Section 9: Outlook Level 2 – Intermediate

Lecture 51 Outlook Level 2 – Intermediate

Section 10: Calendar

Lecture 52 Calendar Views

Lecture 53 Scheduling Appointments

Lecture 54 Recurring Appointments

Lecture 55 Schedule Appointment from Email Message

Lecture 56 Schedule an Event

Lecture 57 Appointment Categories

Lecture 58 Mark a Shared Appointments as Private

Lecture 59 Print Calendar

Section 11: Scheduling Meetings

Lecture 60 Schedule a Meeting

Lecture 61 Recurring Meetings

Lecture 62 Mark a Shared Meeting as Private

Lecture 63 Schedule a Meeting from Email

Lecture 64 Meeting Requests Response

Lecture 65 Propose & Accept New Meeting Times

Lecture 66 Track Replies

Lecture 67 Send Meeting Updates

Lecture 68 New Attendee Meeting Updates & Cancellations

Lecture 69 One Instance Recurring Meeting

Section 12: Tasks

Lecture 70 Create Tasks

Lecture 71 Recurring Task

Lecture 72 Task from an Email Message

Lecture 73 Schedule Meeting from a Task

Lecture 74 Update and Mark Tasks as Complete

Section 13: Notes, Recall & Attachment Size

Lecture 75 Create Notes

Lecture 76 Recall Email Messages

Lecture 77 Remove Email Attachment File Size Limit

Section 14: E-mail Message Options

Lecture 78 Email Message Importance & Sensitivity Settings

Lecture 79 Voting Buttons in Email Messages

Lecture 80 Email Tracking & Delivery Options

Lecture 81 Send & Receive Email Automatically

Lecture 82 Email Message Formats: HTML, Rich & Plain Text

Lecture 83 Out of Office and Automatic Replies

Lecture 84 Contact Groups

Lecture 85 Add Hyperlinks

Section 15: Insert Advanced Characters & Objects

Lecture 86 Insert Equations & Symbols

Lecture 87 Horizontal Line

Lecture 88 Insert Tables

Lecture 89 Insert Charts

Lecture 90 Quick Parts and Building Blocks

Section 16: Locating Outlook Items

Lecture 91 Finding Messages

Lecture 92 Multiple Criteria Searches

Lecture 93 Query Builder

Lecture 94 Filter Messages

Lecture 95 Conditional Formatting Messages

Lecture 96 Message Rules

Lecture 97 Categorize Messages Rules

Lecture 98 Forward Email Rule

Lecture 99 Categorize Contacts Using Color

Lecture 100 Junk Email

Section 17: Outlook Level 3 – Advanced

Lecture 101 Outlook Level 3 – Advanced

Section 18: Advanced Calendar Settings

Lecture 102 Change Default Workdays, Times & Add Holidays

Lecture 103 Edit & Add Additional Times Zones

Lecture 104 Free & Busy Options

Lecture 105 Create & Manage Multiple Calendars

Lecture 106 Calendar Groups

Lecture 107 Automatic Meeting Responses

Section 19: Journal

Lecture 108 Journal

Section 20: Managing Tasks

Lecture 109 Task Assigning

Lecture 110 Replying to Task Requests

Lecture 111 Reclaim Task Ownership

Lecture 112 Sending Task Updates

Lecture 113 Sending Task Status Reports

Lecture 114 Tracking Assigned Task

Section 21: Sharing Folders

Lecture 115 Setting Folder Permissions

Lecture 116 Accessing Another User’s Folders

Lecture 117 Share Calendar Thru Email

Lecture 118 Asking & Delegating Folder Permissions

Lecture 119 Delegating Inbox Access

Section 22: Personalizing E-mail

Lecture 120 Stationary & Theme Messages

Lecture 121 Custom Themes

Lecture 122 Signatures

Lecture 123 Digitally Sign, Digital ID & Email Signatures

Lecture 124 Encrypting Emails

Section 23: Organizing Outlook Items

Lecture 125 Mailbox Cleanup

Lecture 126 Group & Subgroup Items

Lecture 127 Search Folders

Lecture 128 Conditional Formatting

Section 24: Managing Data Files

Lecture 129 Backup Outlook Items – PST Data Files

Lecture 130 Password Protect Data Files

Lecture 131 Opening Data Files

Section 25: Advanced Contacts

Lecture 132 Forwarding Contacts

Lecture 133 Electronic Business Cards

Lecture 134 Formatting Business Card

Lecture 135 Exporting & Importing Contacts to & from Excel

Lecture 136 Mail Merge

Lecture 137 Link Contacts

Section 26: Save & Archive

Lecture 138 Save Message Formats

Lecture 139 Automatically & Manually Archive

Lecture 140 Add Custom Form Fields

Section 27: Offline & Data Profile

Lecture 141 Make Folders Available Offline

Lecture 142 Offline Custom Groups

Lecture 143 Download Marked Messages & Global Address List

Lecture 144 Create Data Profile

Section 28: Course Wrap Up

Lecture 145 BONUS! – Special Offer! Discount on ANY of my Courses!

This Microsoft Outlook 2016 course will take you through all three levels of Microsoft Outlook topics (Level 1 – Beginner, Level 2 – Intermediate and Level 3 – Advanced),Includes all the training you need to help you pass the Microsoft Outlook 2016 (77-731) Exam and become certified

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 14h 42m | 11.68 GB
Created by: Kirt Kershaw

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