Master Microsoft Word with Word 2019365 for Beginners

Conquer your Word documents, improve your productivity and automate admin by mastering Microsoft Word
Master Microsoft Word with Word 2019365 for Beginners
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Master Microsoft Word with Word 2019365 for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Master the most common uses of Microsoft Word
How to create a mail merge in Microsoft Word
Learn how to correctly Print envelopes and labels in Word
Discover the different page setup options in MS Word
Learn to protect your Word document from changes
Insert professional pictures and graphics in your Word document
Make your Word documents look amazing by inserting and editing tables
Using “Go To, Find, and Replace” in Microsoft Word
How to create, save and open Word documents

Master Microsoft Word with Word 2019365 for Beginners


Microsoft Word 2019
No prior knowledge is required


**This course includes practice exercises and LIFETIME access**Become a Microsoft Word 2019 expert in this detailed course from Microsoft Office experts Simon Sez IT.The big secret about Microsoft Word is that using it the right way can save you hours of time and help you produce more impactful documents and reports. It’s likely your currently using less than 20% of the functionality that Microsoft Word currently offers. Unlocking that 80% could have a huge impact on your productivity and career.In this in-depth Word 2019 course from Simon Sez IT, we teach you the most business-relevant features of Microsoft Word, you then get to put into practice what you learn through exercises.What You’ll LearnHow to get started with Word 2019Word 2019 basics including navigation, editing and savingCharacter formatting in Word including Format Painter and AutoCorrectHow to properly work with bullets and numbering in Microsoft WordAll about formatting paragraphs and managing listsWorking with Tables in Word including formatting, converting data and formulasPage appearance including page-breaks, watermarks and stylesAll about Sectioning a documentInserting graphics, pictures, shapes, icons and 3d models (new for 2019)How to work with envelopes and labelsAll about mail-merge and operating Word at scaleHow to create an Index or Contents pageReviewing and Printing in Word and Page SetupProtecting a Word document and basic macros in Word***Exercise and demo files included***This course includes:5+ hours of video tutorials82 individual video lecturesExercise files to practice what you learnedCertificate of completionThis course is designed for students that are new to Microsoft Word, are upgrading from a previous version, or have a basic understanding and are looking to sharpen their skills. If you’ve been using Word for years but are convinced that you’re not utilizing its full potential, then you need this course.If you’re working in administration, the legal sector, or managing documents then you could be wasting hours of time by not using Word properly. Let us show you how.Here’s what our students are saying…“Pleasantly surprised with the quality of this course. It’s packed with information, and well organised into bite size modules. The explanations are clear, and the instructors supply detailed real world examples as illustrations. Highly recommended if you’re looking to brush up your MS Office knowledge, or push it to the next level.”- Mike“The course is very detailed and the instructors very clear. Although I don’t think of myself as a beginner in MS Office, I learned a lot of very useful tips from this beginner’s course. I highly recommend this course to both absolute beginners and intermediate users..”- Ivana Remkovaj”The Add-ons features is awesome. Brilliant ideas, it has trending with the technologies especially with the Internet capabilities.Love this course!!! Give a peek for this course, it makes wonderful outcome even you are a beginner at MS WORD.You will not regret it.”- Rom SlasherDid you know?Simon Sez IT teaches all sorts of software, including:- Microsoft Excel- Microsoft PowerPoint- Microsoft Word- Microsoft Project- Microsoft Outlook- QuickBooks- Photoshop Elements- Web Development Languages- And so much more!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome and Overview

Lecture 2 WATCH ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Exercise Files

Lecture 4 Downloadable course transcripts

Lecture 5 Overview of the MS Word Screen

Lecture 6 The Backstage View

Section 2: Getting Started with Word

Lecture 7 Creating a New Blank Document

Lecture 8 Working with Non-Printing Characters and Line Spacing

Lecture 9 Saving a Document

Lecture 10 Opening a Document

Lecture 11 Navigating a Document

Lecture 12 Go To, Find and Replace

Lecture 13 Editing a Document

Lecture 14 Practice Exercise 01

Section 3: Character Formatting

Lecture 15 AutoCorrect Options

Lecture 16 Selecting Text

Lecture 17 Cut, Copy and Paste

Lecture 18 Character Formatting Options

Lecture 19 Format Painter

Lecture 20 Working with Numbers

Lecture 21 Working with Bullets

Lecture 22 Creating an Outline

Lecture 23 Practice Exercise 02

Section 4: Paragraph Formatting

Lecture 24 Alignment Options

Lecture 25 Line Spacing Options

Lecture 26 Working with Indents

Lecture 27 Working with Tabs

Lecture 28 Practice Exercise 03

Section 5: Managing Lists

Lecture 29 Sorting a List

Section 6: Tables

Lecture 30 Working with Tables

Lecture 31 Creating a Table

Lecture 32 Adding Rows and Columns to a Table

Lecture 33 Formatting Table Data

Lecture 34 Borders and Shading

Lecture 35 Sorting in a Table

Lecture 36 Drawing in a Table

Lecture 37 Converting Existing Data to a Table

Lecture 38 Quick Tables

Lecture 39 Using Formulas in Tables

Lecture 40 Practice Exercise 04

Section 7: Styles

Lecture 41 Working with Styles

Lecture 42 Creating Styles

Lecture 43 Editing Styles

Lecture 44 Practice Exercise 05

Section 8: Controlling Page Appearance

Lecture 45 Working with Page Breaks

Lecture 46 Working with Columns

Lecture 47 Adding a Watermark

Lecture 48 Headers and Footers

Section 9: Sectioning

Lecture 49 What is Sectioning?

Lecture 50 Sectioning a document

Lecture 51 Odd and Even Sections

Lecture 52 Practice Exercise 06

Section 10: Graphics

Lecture 53 Inserting Pictures

Lecture 54 Inserting Pictures into Existing Documents

Lecture 55 Picture Options

Lecture 56 Working with Shapes

Lecture 57 Icons and 3D Models

Lecture 58 SmartArt, Charts and Screenshots

Lecture 59 Practice Exercise 07

Section 11: Envelopes and Labels

Lecture 60 Working with Envelopes

Lecture 61 Working with Labels

Section 12: Mail Merges

Lecture 62 What is Mail Merge?

Lecture 63 Creating a Mail Merge Document – Part 1

Lecture 64 Creating a Mail Merge Document – Part 2

Lecture 65 Merging a Document with an Existing Data Source

Lecture 66 Merging Envelopes and Labels

Lecture 67 Merging a Directory

Lecture 68 Practice Exercise 08

Section 13: Page Setup Options

Lecture 69 Building Blocks

Lecture 70 Auto Text

Lecture 71 Practice Exercise 09

Section 14: Indexing and Table of Contents

Lecture 72 Creating an Index

Lecture 73 Creating a Table of Contents

Lecture 74 Practice Exercise 10

Section 15: Review and Printing

Lecture 75 Using the Thesaurus and Spell Check

Lecture 76 Comments

Lecture 77 Page Setup Options

Lecture 78 Printing

Lecture 79 Practice Exercise 11

Section 16: Other Word Options

Lecture 80 Word Options

Lecture 81 Protecting a Document

Lecture 82 Macros

Section 17: Wrap Up

Lecture 83 Closing

Section 18: Bonuses

Lecture 84 EXTRA RESOURCE: The Most Frequently Used Word Shortcuts – Infographic

Lecture 85 Ten Excel Tips and Tricks – Part 1

Lecture 86 Ten Excel Tips and Tricks – Part 2

Lecture 87 Ten Excel Tips and Tricks – Part 3

Users new to Word 2019 and those upgrading from previous software versions,Anyone who wants to be more productive at work

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Udemy | English | 9h 45m | 3.73 GB
Created by: Simon Sez IT

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