Master Oracle 11g to 12c Database Upgrade

Learn to perform Oracle database upgrade from 11g to 12c with real-time approach
Master Oracle 11g to 12c Database Upgrade
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Master Oracle 11g to 12c Database Upgrade

What you’ll learn

Know the database upgrade process and overview
Real-time database upgrade phases
Prepare your servers for database upgrade
Perform 11201 to 11204 database upgrade
Perform 11204 to 12101 database upgrade
Master all the pre and post database upgrade phases

Master Oracle 11g to 12c Database Upgrade


Basic knowledge of Database Administration
Standard laptop / desktop for practicing course assignments
Windows / Mac / Linux PC, Minimum 8 GB RAM and 100 GB HDD Storage
Virtualization software VirtualBox – Create two machines
OEL 5.9 / 6.5 ISO image file to install Linux on Virtual Box


Master Oracle Database Upgrade course is designed to give knowledge and skills needed to upgrade Oracle databases. As a DBA, its your primary job to upgrade Oracle databases as and when Oracle releases new versions. This course starts with Oracle 11g upgrade and further talks about 11g to 12c upgrade.
The course is mainly designed for working DBAs who are responsible to upgrade databases from 11g to 12c. Right now, as Oracle has released 12c database version, all the companies are moving to 12c Database version. This directly impacts DBAs where they have to showcase skills and upgrade the environment.


Section 1: Introduction to Oracle Database Upgrade

Lecture 1 Before you start

Lecture 2 Oracle upgrade overview

Lecture 3 Oracle real time upgrade process

Section 2: Oracle 11201 to 11204 Upgrade

Lecture 4 Oracle 11201 to 11204 upgrade steps

Lecture 5 11201 to 11204 prepare for upgrade

Lecture 6 11201 to 11204 pre-upgrade phase

Lecture 7 11201 to 11204 database upgrade phase

Lecture 8 11201 to 11204 post-upgrade phase

Section 3: Oracle 11g to 12c Upgrade

Lecture 9 11204 to 12101 prepare for upgrade

Lecture 10 11204 to 12101 pre-upgrade phase

Lecture 11 11204 to 12101 database upgrade phase

Lecture 12 11204 to 12101 post-upgrade phase

Section 4: Summary

Lecture 13 Bonus Lecture: Oracle 11g to 12c DB upgrade with Data Guard and ASM

Anyone who would like to learn Oracle Database upgrades,On job people, who are looking to become expert in Oracle Database upgrades,Anyone upgrading their current 11g database to 12c version

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 35m | 1.26 GB
Created by: Arun Kumar

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