Master Salesforce Lightning Reports Dashboards Listviews

Learn How to Build Salesforce Lightning Experience Reports, Dashboards and Listviews Rapidly|Free License Included
Master Salesforce Lightning Reports Dashboards Listviews
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Warren Chalklen, PhD


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Master Salesforce Lightning Reports Dashboards Listviews

What you’ll learn

Build Tabular, Summary, Matrix and Joined reports in Salesforce Lightning Experience
Utilize Listviews to edit multiple records simultaneously
Build and edit a Dashboard from scratch

Master Salesforce Lightning Reports Dashboards Listviews


Student should be ready to learn how to build reports, dashboards and listviews using Salesforce Lightning
No Salesforce account needed: Students will access a free Salesforce login within the course


You may be asking: What is the difference between Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning? Why two different courses?
The answer: Salesforce Classic is the standard version of Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning is the updated version of Salesforce. 
Because of the many unique features of the new Salesforce Lightning Experience, it needed it’s own course. This course is perfect for anyone wanting to learn how to run Reports, Build Dashboards and Edit using Listviews in Salesforce Lightning!
** ACCORDING TO BURNING GLASS TECHNOLOGIES, a labor technologies analysis firm: “Setting aside the near-universal Microsoft Office suite, Salesforce is now the 7th most in-demand software skill…putting Salesforce demand ahead of IT stalwarts such as Python, .Net, and C++, and in line with commonly used applications such as Adobe Photoshop”**
**INDEED Ranked Salesforce Admin in their top 10 best jobs of 2017 with salaries ranging between $70,000-$100,000 per annum** 
Learn what you need to know in rapid timeUtilize the practice resources to master reporting, dashboards and listviewsHave full access to the instructor to answer any of your questions: This helps ensure everything is even easier to understand & is even more fun and engaging! **
The contents of this course are all based on our work experience and Warren’s qualification as a ADM201 Certified Data Associate. I use Sales force on a daily basis to drive organizational performance. And now, I want to share my knowledge and expertise with you. 
Are you ready for a practical course designed to equip you with the skills to:
Respond to real-life requests by building Tabular, Summary, Matrix Reports!Master Listviews to edit many records at once!Build, customize and interpret a Dashboard 
I will work with you throughout the course to support your journey to mastery!
Ready to ace Salesforce Reports, Dashboards and Listviews? Click “Take this course now” to get started!


Section 1: Welcome to the Course!

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course!

Lecture 2 Salesforce Lightning: An Overview

Lecture 3 Get Your Free Salesforce License Here

Section 2: Reporting Skills

Lecture 4 The basics of Salesforce Reporting

Lecture 5 About the review

Lecture 6 How to run a Salesforce Lightning Tabular Report

Lecture 7 How to run a Salesforce Lightning Summary Report

Lecture 8 How to run a basic Matrix Report

Lecture 9 How to run a Salesforce Lightning report using filter logic

Lecture 10 Cross Filter Scenario

Lecture 11 How to use a Cross Filter with a Salesforce Lightning report

Section 3: Salesforce Lightning Dashboards

Lecture 12 Pele needs you to build him a dashboard

Lecture 13 Dashboard Overview

Lecture 14 How to build a Salesforce Lightning Dashboard

Section 4: Salesforce Lightning Listviews

Lecture 15 Barry needs you to fill in blank fields using listviews!

Lecture 16 Salesforce Lightning Listviews: An Overview

Lecture 17 Edit using the magic of listviews

Section 5: Bonus Section

Lecture 18 Ace the Salesforce Admin Certification Exam

Lecture 19 How to Land Your DREAM Salesforce Admin/Developer Job

Lecture 20 Facebook Live With Dennis Smith-Why should You Learn Salesforce to Earn More?

Anyone who wants to learn how to build Salesforce reports, listviews and dashboards in Salesforce Lightning Experience,All levels welcome: I cover basic and advanced concepts equally

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 30m | 1.44 GB
Created by: Warren Chalklen, PhD

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