Master Salesforce Marketing Account Engagement Pardot W24

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Master Salesforce Marketing Account Engagement Pardot W24
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Master Salesforce Marketing Account Engagement Pardot W24

What you’ll learn

Implement Account Engagement: Effectively set up and deploy Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)
Create High-Converting Landing Pages: Develop landing pages that captivate and convert your target audience effortlessly.
Unleash Marketing Automation Techniques: Harness automation rules, completion actions, and page actions to streamline marketing processes.
Craft Compelling Email Communication: Design engaging email templates and ensure optimal deliverability for successful campaigns.
Personalize Customer Experiences: Implement dynamic content to provide personalized experiences and drive engagement.
Generate Quality Leads Strategically: Learn to build and manage segmented lists, driving precise lead generation.
Effortlessly Sync User Data: Seamlessly manage user synchronization between Salesforce and Account Engagement for enhanced efficiency.
Analyze Engagement Data Like a Pro: Utilize engagement history features and reporting tools to gain actionable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Master Salesforce Marketing Account Engagement Pardot W24


No prior Pardot access required; we’ll guide you through creating a Developer Org for hands-on experience.
Basic familiarity with Salesforce concepts will be helpful but not mandatory.


Elevate your marketing strategies with our comprehensive course on Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot). Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of Pardot, from strategic implementation to harnessing lightning-fast features. Gain mastery in crafting captivating email communication that resonates with your audience. Learn to optimize campaigns through automation rules that streamline marketing, boosting efficiency and engagement. Uncover the secrets of constructing high-converting landing pages that drive results.Explore advanced features including engagement studio, dynamic content, and email templates, crafting personalized and impactful customer experiences. Delve into the power of engagement programs, creating strategic customer journeys that convert. Decode complex engagement history features and reporting tools, deriving actionable insights for data-driven decisions.Whether you’re a marketing novice or a seasoned professional, this course caters to all skill levels. With a blend of comprehensive theory and hands-on practice, you’ll emerge as a Pardot expert, empowered to transform businesses.Why Enroll:Master Pardot from setup to advanced featuresCraft compelling email content that drives engagementImplement automation rules for efficient campaignsDesign high-conversion landing pages to draw in visitors and capture them using formsPersonalize experiences with dynamic content and email templatesCreate strategic engagement programs for optimal customer journeysAnalyze engagement history and use advanced reporting toolsJoin us now to embark on your journey to mastering Pardot. Enroll and harness the power of marketing automation with finesse, propelling your career to new heights!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Summary: How is this course orgnised ?

Lecture 2 Who is this course for ?

Lecture 3 Why learn from me ?

Lecture 4 How to rate this course ?

Section 2: Exploring Salesforce Marketing Account Engagement (formerly known as Pardot)

Lecture 5 Key features and benefits of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Lecture 6 Pardot vs. Marketing Cloud: A Comparison

Lecture 7 Creating a Developer Edition

Section 3: Implementing Account Engagement (Pardot) in Salesforce

Lecture 8 Account Engagement Set up Agenda

Lecture 9 Data Sync between Account Engagement (Pardot) & Salesforce

Lecture 10 What is a Connector User ?

Lecture 11 Installing Account Engagement AppExchange Application

Lecture 12 Business Unit Setup & Account Engagement Admin Designation

Lecture 13 Enabling Account Engagement application in Salesforce

Lecture 14 Unpausing the Connector

Lecture 15 Additional (Part 1): Upgrade the Connector from V1 to V2

Lecture 16 Additional (Part 2): Upgrade the Connector from V1 to V2

Section 4: Managing Pardot Users with Salesforce User Sync

Lecture 17 Salesforce User Sync: Implementation steps and who is it for ?

Lecture 18 Assign Salesforce Users to Account Engagement

Lecture 19 Map Salesforce Profiles to Pardot Roles

Lecture 20 Transfer User Management to Salesforce

Lecture 21 Next Actions

Section 5: Lead Generation using Landing Pages & Forms

Lecture 22 Section Agenda

Lecture 23 Landing Pages explained

Lecture 24 Set Up the Enhanced Landing Page Experience

Lecture 25 Create, Edit and Publish a Landing Page

Lecture 26 Forms & Form Handlers explained

Lecture 27 Create a Form, Preview and Test it

Lecture 28 Add a Form to your Website or to a Landing Page

Lecture 29 Create a Form Handler

Lecture 30 Test a Form Handler

Lecture 31 Integrate Form Handlers with your Website Form and with Web-to-Lead

Section 6: Dynamic Content

Lecture 32 Dynamic Content explained

Lecture 33 Create a Dynamic Content

Lecture 34 Add Dynamic Content to a Form

Lecture 35 Add Dynamic Content to Emails & Pages

Section 7: Emailing Prospects : Email Template & Email Content

Lecture 36 Email Content & Email Template explained

Lecture 37 Set Up Enhanced Email Experience Permissions

Lecture 38 Create an Email Template in Builder

Lecture 39 Create an Email Content

Lecture 40 Test & Preview Emails

Lecture 41 Send Emails (in Account Engagement Litghtning)

Lecture 42 Send Emails (in legacy Pardot)

Lecture 43 Best Practices for email Design and Deliverability

Section 8: Automations (Part 1): Segmentation Lists & Engagement Studio

Lecture 44 Section Agenda

Lecture 45 Choosing the Right Automation Tool

Lecture 46 Segmentation explained: Types, Definition, & Practical Uses

Lecture 47 Create a Static List

Lecture 48 Create a Dynamic List

Lecture 49 Engagement Studio explained

Lecture 50 Build your 1st Engagement Studio Program

Lecture 51 Test, Edit and Start an Engagement Program

Lecture 52 Engagement Program Reporting

Section 9: Automations (part 2): Automation Rules, Completion Actions & Page Actions

Lecture 53 Choosing the Right Automation Tool

Lecture 54 Auromation Rules explained

Lecture 55 Create an Automation Rule

Lecture 56 Completion Actions explained

Lecture 57 Create a Compeltion Action

Lecture 58 Create a Conditional Completion Action

Lecture 59 Page Actions explained

Lecture 60 Create a Page Action

Section 10: Engagement History features, Reportings and Dashboards

Lecture 61 Section Agenda

Lecture 62 Engagement History Features Explained

Lecture 63 Configure Metric fields & Related Lists on Campaigns, Leads & Contacts

Lecture 64 Configure Engagement History Metrics Lightning Component

Lecture 65 Configure Engagement History Dashboards

Lecture 66 Account Engagement Reportings Overview

Lecture 67 Campaigns Reporting

Lecture 68 Email Bounces & Deliverability Reports

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 69 Conclusion

Beginners: If you’re new to Pardot or marketing automation, this course offers a solid foundation. You’ll start with the essentials and progressively advance.,Marketing Professionals: For those looking to enhance their skills, this course will empower you to wield Pardot’s full potential, from engagement programs, email templates, Dynamic Content to segmentations.,Salesforce Users: If you’re familiar with Salesforce and want to extend your prowess to Pardot, this course bridges the gap seamlessly.,Freelancers & Consultants: Elevate your value by mastering Pardot, making you an asset to clients seeking to optimize their marketing automation.,Entrepreneurs: If you’re running a business, learn how to automate marketing efforts, target the right audience, and enhance customer experiences.,Sales Teams: Discover how Pardot can supercharge lead nurturing, empowering your sales teams to close deals more effectively.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 20m | 1.17 GB
Created by: Badr Zahrane

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