Master Scenario Analysis in Excel for Business Planning

Complete Guide To Scenario Analyses and Monte Carlo Simulation Concepts and Tools in Microsoft Excel -Business Analytics
Master Scenario Analysis in Excel for Business Planning
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Master Scenario Analysis in Excel for Business Planning

What you’ll learn

Understand What Is Scenario Analysis in Business Context
Explain When Scenario Analyses Can be Used
Learn Implementing Scenario Analyses Using Microsoft Excel
Learn How to Calculate Profit and Costs Including Fixed and Variable Costs
Learn How to Use Data Table, Goal Seek, and Solver Commands in Excel
Learn the Steps of Scenario Analyses

Master Scenario Analysis in Excel for Business Planning


Basic Familiarity with Microsoft Excel


In this course three goals are pursued: 1- Learning Scenario Analysis and it’s technics including but limited to Monte Carlo Simulation 2- Learning Microsoft Excel’s scenario Analysis tools 3- and learning business analytics formula and parameters that are applicable in all business contexts and are essential for anyone involved in business, economics, and finance. Scenario Analysis is a powerful planning and management technic to deal with various possible futures and make sure to achieve an acceptable outcome under different scenarios. This technic is used in business, finance, economics, politics, negotiations, and even military operations. The main argument of this technic is that when outlining a plan, our assumptions can change due to unpredicted events and therefore the outcomes can change. For this reasons, we need to count in different scenarios (through changes in assumptions) and study their impact on the outcomes. Essentially, scenario analysis is a method of dealing with randomness in life. An advance technic of dealing with randomness is called Monte Carlo Simulation, which uses random sampling to predict and forecast future outcomes under numerous random scenarios. In this course, students will learn this powerful technic and learn how to implement a sample Monte Carlo Simulation using Microsoft Excel creatively.  Also, Microsoft Excel Provides various powerful tools for scenario analysis including Goal Seek, Data Tables, Scenario Manager, and Solver. In this course after learning the Scenario Analysis concept and applications, students first learn how to analyze and calculate profit and cost (including fixed and variable cost), how to calculate the Break Even volume, and how to form an Income Statement using Microsoft Excel. While calculating these important business metrics, students learn how to set up excel sheets to be ready for further scenario analyses. Then using excel tools such as Goal Seek, Data Table, and Solver, students implement some scenario analyses to achieve certain desired outcomes. Monte Carlo Simulation is offered at the end of the course as an advanced bonus for curious minds. About the Instructor:My name is Mohammad Habibi. I have a Ph.D. in business and have taught in various programs including undergrad and graduate (MBA) courses in different parts of the world such as US, Canada, Malaysia, and Iran. My teaching style is quick and to the point and I believe learning will occur while doing. If you have any questions please send me an email or connect with through LinkedIn.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Scenario Analyses and Its Applications

Lecture 2 What Is Scenario Analyses?

Lecture 3 Scenario Analyses Applications

Lecture 4 Quick Announcement

Section 3: Basic Business Quantitative Analytics

Lecture 5 Basic Business Quantitative Analytics – Intro

Lecture 6 Profit and Cost Analytics Formulas

Lecture 7 Break Even Analyses Intro and Formula

Lecture 8 Markup Analyses

Section 4: Doing Business Analytics Using Excel

Lecture 9 Multi Channel Markup Analyses – Using Excel

Lecture 10 Break Even Analyses Using Excel

Lecture 11 Scenario Analysis Using Goal Seek in Excel

Lecture 12 Earning Statement Projection Using Excel

Lecture 13 Scenario Analysis; Sales Growth

Lecture 14 Scenario Manager in Excel

Lecture 15 Scenario Analysis: One Variable Data Table in Excel

Lecture 16 Scenario Analysis: Two Variables Data Table in Excel

Lecture 17 Scenario Analysis Using Solver in Excel

Section 5: Monte Carlo Simulation; Bonus Section – Advanced

Lecture 18 Introduction to Monre Carlo Simulation

Lecture 19 Implementing Monte Carlo Simulation Using Excel

Business Students,Entrepreneurs,Engineers,Programmers,Whoever needs planning for the future!

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Created by: Dr. Mohammad Reza Habibi | 26,000+ Enrollments Worldwide

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