Master Spring Boot Microservices with CQRS Event Sourcing

Learn how to create Spring Boot microservices that are based on the CQRS & Event Sourcing. Powered by Java and Axon.
Master Spring Boot Microservices with CQRS Event Sourcing
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Master Spring Boot Microservices with CQRS Event Sourcing

What you’ll learn

How to create Java microservices with Spring Boot.
How to create microservices that are based on the CQRS & Event Sourcing patterns.
Implementing a database-per-service
Axon Framework
Using MongoDB as an Event Store
How to containerize Spring Boot microservices.
Using different read database types including MySQL and MongoDB
How to build an API gateway with Spring Cloud Gateway.
How to create an OAuth 2.0 authorisation server with Spring Security.
Securing microservices with the OAuth 2.0 resource server.

Master Spring Boot Microservices with CQRS Event Sourcing


Have a basic understanding of Java


In this course you will not just learn how to create a small REST API, but you will learn how to create microservices that comply with best practice design principles, including CQRS, Event Sourcing and Domain-Driven Design. By the end of this course you will know how to create loosely coupled Spring Boot microservices that each have their own database. You will also learn how to structure microservices projects in the correct way, deploy your microservices as Docker containers, and you will create your own OAuth2.0 authorization server and API gateway. This course is a practical hands on course that will help you to master Spring Boot microservices with CQRS & event sourcing! What students are saying about this course?5-Stars: “excellent course, beautifully explained, delivers what is expected, no beating around the bush straight to the point. some suggestions: – color of font in the terminal needs to be legible -If you can include Saga in this would be very helpful” – Sanket Jadhav5-Stars: “This is one of the best courses at Udemy which explaining microservices, CQRS and event sourcing with a step by step real-world implementation. I definitely recommend it.” – Ismail Aksoy5-Stars: “I took the precursor to this course (also by Sean Campbell, and just as excellent). Sean is an amazing teacher and he explains Microservices-related concepts really well, and in just 7 hours. Perfect!” – Akoni Tee5-Stars: “Excellent content coverage! The effort put into this course is highly appreciated Sean… Kudos :)” – Donovan Mabunda5-Stars: “Very Amazing course, thank you so much for this course, very useful” – Nurul Hadi


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What are You Going to Build?

Lecture 2 What are Microservices?

Lecture 3 CQRS & Event Sourcing

Lecture 4 Axon Platform

Section 2: Setup and Structure

Lecture 5 Docker Installation Options For Mac / Windows

Lecture 6 Prerequisites

Lecture 7 Run Axon in Docker

Lecture 8 Run MongoDB in Docker

Lecture 9 Run MySQL in Docker

Lecture 10 Spring Initializr

Lecture 11 Basic Project Setup

Lecture 12 CQRS Project Structure

Lecture 13 Axon Configuration

Section 3: User Microservices

Lecture 14 User Microservices

Lecture 15 User Domain Models

Lecture 16 User Commands

Lecture 17 User Events

Lecture 18 User Aggregate

Lecture 19 User Event Handler & Initial User Repository

Lecture 20 REST Controller for Registering Users

Lecture 21 Registering Your First User

Lecture 22 REST Controller for Updating Users

Lecture 23 REST Controller for Removing Users

Lecture 24 User Queries

Lecture 25 User Query Handler

Lecture 26 REST Controller for Retrieving Users

Section 4: Securing Your Microservices

Lecture 27 Introduction to Spring Security & OAuth2.0

Lecture 28 Generating the OAuth2.0 Project with Spring Initializr & Initial Setup

Lecture 29 User Repository & User Service

Lecture 30 Authorization Server & Web Security Configuration

Lecture 31 Securing the User Command & Query APIs

Section 5: API Gateway

Lecture 32 Introduction to API Gateways & Spring Cloud Gateway

Lecture 33 Create an API Gateway with Spring Cloud Gateway

Lecture 34 Testing API Gateway Routes

Section 6: Bank Account Microservices

Lecture 35 Bank Account Microservices

Lecture 36 Generating the Bank Account Projects with Spring Initializr

Lecture 37 Bank Account Project Setup

Lecture 38 Bank Account Domain Models

Lecture 39 Bank Account Commands

Lecture 40 Bank Account Events

Lecture 41 Bank Account Aggregate

Lecture 42 Bank Account Event Handler & Repository

Lecture 43 REST Controller for Opening a Bank Account

Lecture 44 REST Controller for Depositing Funds

Lecture 45 REST Controller for Withdrawing Funds

Lecture 46 REST Controller for Closing Bank Account

Lecture 47 Bank Account Queries

Lecture 48 Bank Account Query Handler

Lecture 49 Bank Account Lookup Controller

Section 7: Dockerizing Your Microservices

Lecture 50 Introduction to Containerization and Docker

Lecture 51 Containerize Your First Microservices

Lecture 52 Different Ways to Deploy Docker Images

Java developers who are curious about microservices, and how to practically implement the CQRS and Event Sourcing patterns.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 46m | 2.41 GB
Created by: Sean Campbell

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