Master SQL For Data Science

Become a SQL query wizard and never be afraid to look at a large SQL query again!
Master SQL For Data Science
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Master SQL For Data Science

What you’ll learn

Write complex SQL statements to query the database and gain critical insight on data
Practice Every Step of the Way by Working Through 100+ Puzzles (with solutions)
Transition from the Very Basics to a Point Where You can Effortlessly Work with Large SQL Queries
Learn Advanced Querying Techniques
Become a Master SQL Developer

Master SQL For Data Science


No prerequisites needed for this course


LAST UPDATED: November 2022This course will turn you into a SQL query wizard. You’ll learn the skills you need to extract critical insight from data sitting in a database. There are over 100 puzzles scattered throughout the course with in-depth solutions providing plenty of opportunity for you to practice. After completing the course and all of it’s assignments, I promise you, you’ll never be afraid to look at a large SQL query again. Just like my other courses, I follow the no-student-left behind principle; which means that I start from the very basics. You do not need any prerequisites to take this course. We move step by step into more advanced topics as we delve into the world of advanced querying techniques using subqueries, aggregations, joins, rollups and cubes, window functions, transposing & ranking data and using conditional expressions in very interesting ways. With over 17,000 students and a 4.6 rating, you won’t find a better source to learn SQL for Data Science elsewhere. Don’t just take it from me, take it from other students that have taken this course.★★★★★ Here’s reviews from real students that took this course ★★★★★★★★★★ You really can’t beat this course for the value. The instructor is excellent (clear explanations, easy to understand, extremely knowledgeable), and his style of constantly requiring the student to apply what they’ve just learned with practice queries proves to be a very effective method of learning. He covers an amazing amount of ground in just 9 hours. It was just the refresher course I needed after not having done much SQL in the past year.★★★★★ Just one word – Exceptional!! Don’t give a second thought, just go for it. Thanks a lot Mr.Imtiaz Ahmad. The way concepts are explained in the lectures are quite good. The assignments gave me so much confidence and I feel so happy that I am quite well versed in SQL now. Watch the videos, try out the assignments on your own and practice as much as you can with different problems.★★★★★ It’s a brilliant course that can help to understand SQL from easy concepts to difficult tasks. Besides, the explanations are always clear, so they let me learn a lot without searching for additional information in Internet. The course contains lots of practical tasks that allowed me not only to understand queries, but to also use them correctly.★★★★★ Great! I really like the exercises that are included. They are essential to learning the course content.★★★★★ After attending the course and doing most of the exercises, I feel very confident in SQL world. The course is designed well and every lesson gives you good amount of knowledge. Explanation and exercises are worth learning and practicing.Topics covered in this course:What is a DatabaseInstalling PostgresCreating TablesSELECT StatementWHERE ClauseAND & ORFiltering OperatorsORDER BYLIMITDISTINCTRenaming ColumnsFunctionsGROUP BY & HAVING ClausesAggregation QueriesSubqueriesCASE ClauseCorrelated SubqueriesTable JoinsINNER and OUTER JoinsUNION, UNION ALL and EXCEPT ClausesWindow Functions for Analytics+ over 100 puzzles distributed throughout the courseEnroll today to become a Master SQL Data Science Developer. As always, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied, but you won’t need it.


Lecture 1 Course Overview

Section 1: Database Basics

Lecture 2 What is a Database

Lecture 3 How to Proceed in this Course

Lecture 4 Dedicated TA Support

Lecture 5 Install Postgres Database on Mac

Lecture 6 Troubleshoot Connection

Lecture 7 Install Postgres on Windows

Lecture 8 Create Table and Insert Statements

Lecture 9 Data file that will be used in the course (IMPORTANT)

Lecture 10 Prepare the Database

Lecture 11 Assignment 1: Create More Tables and Populate Data

Section 2: SQL Query Basics

Lecture 12 Introducing the SELECT Statement

Lecture 13 Filter Data Using the WHERE Clause + AND & OR

Lecture 14 Filtering Operators – IN, NOT IN, IS NULL, BETWEEN

Lecture 15 [EXERCISES]: WHERE Clause and Operators

Lecture 16 ORDER BY, LIMIT, DISTINCT and Renaming Columns

Lecture 17 Assignment 2: Practice Writing Basic Queries (5 Problems)

Section 3: Using Functions

Lecture 18 UPPER(), LOWER(), LENGTH(), TRIM() + Boolean Expressions & Concatenation

Lecture 19 Career Advice

Lecture 20 String Functions: SUBSTRING(), REPLACE(), POSITION() and COALESCE()

Lecture 21 Grouping Functions: MIN(), MAX(), AVG(), SUM(), COUNT()

Lecture 22 Assignment 3: Practice with Functions, Conditional Expressions and Concatenation

Section 4: Grouping Data and Computing Aggregates

Lecture 23 Understanding Grouping

Lecture 24 GROUP BY & HAVING Clauses

Lecture 25 [EXERCISES]: Using GROUP BY and HAVING Clauses

Lecture 26 Assignment 4: Practice Aggregation Queries

Section 5: Using Subqueries

Lecture 27 Aliasing Sources of Data

Lecture 28 Introducing Subqueries

Lecture 29 Subqueries Continued + [EXERCISES]

Lecture 30 Subqueries with ANY and ALL Operators + [EXERCISES]

Lecture 31 [EXERCISES]: More Practice with Subqueries

Lecture 32 Assignment 5: Practice with Subqueries

Section 6: Using the CASE Clause in Interesting Ways

Lecture 33 Conditional Expressions Using CASE Clause + [EXERCISES]

Lecture 34 Transposing Data using the CASE Clause + [EXERCISES]

Lecture 35 Assignment 6: Practice Using Case and Transposing Data

Section 7: Advanced Query Techniques using Correlated Subqueries

Lecture 36 Understanding Correlated Subqueries

Lecture 37 [EXERCISES]: Correlated Subqueries Continued

Section 8: Working with Multiple Tables

Lecture 38 Introducing Table Joins

Lecture 39 INNER and OUTER Joins + [EXERCISES]

Lecture 40 Using UNION, UNION ALL and EXCEPT Clauses + [EXERCISES]

Lecture 41 Cartesian Product with the CROSS JOIN

Lecture 42 [EXERCISES]: Joins and Subqueries Continued

Lecture 43 Creating Views vs. Inline Views

Lecture 44 Assignment 7: ADVANCED Problems using Joins, Grouping and Subqueries

Section 9: Window Functions for Analytics

Lecture 45 Window Functions using the OVER() Clause

Lecture 46 Ordering Data in Window Frames

Lecture 47 RANK, FIRST_VALUE and NTILE Functions

Lecture 48 Working with LEAD and LAG Functions

Lecture 49 Working with Rollups and Cubes

Section 10: Difficult Query Challenges

Lecture 50 Challenging Puzzles For the Brave

Lecture 51 Get Access to All of my current and future courses!

Anyone who wants to break into the data analyst or data scientist role,Anyone interested in become a SQL query wizard

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Udemy | English | 9h 24m | 4.12 GB
Created by: Imtiaz Ahmad

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