Master The Art of Body Language Boost Your Confidence

Body language. Read people. Business interactions. Perceptiveness. Detect lies&non-verbal signals. Communication skills.
Master The Art of Body Language Boost Your Confidence
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Dr. Roy Naraine


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Master The Art of Body Language Boost Your Confidence

What you’ll learn

Read people effectively
Control your own body language
Settle an argument
Detect lies and deceitfulness
Close a profitable deal
Win a job interview
Be charismatic
Get a promotion
Emanate confidence
Get a pay raise
Conquer the corporate jungle
Exceed at business and social interactions
Control your own body language

Master The Art of Body Language Boost Your Confidence


Open your mind
Absorb the knowledge


This course is written and presented by a medical doctor with 20 years’ experience in self-improvement training, coaching and counseling.It has been recorded and produced on a studio quality level.By enrolling in this course, you will get a lifetime access to the current content, as well as, BONUS MATERIAL .  No risk involved! Watch our PREVIEW VIDEOSOver 140,000 happy students enrolled in our courses!Over 28,000 TOP reviews!Most people do not realize that the great majority of communication is actually NON-VERBAL. Whenever people speak, their brains send information to different parts of their body to display the message they are trying to convey. By watching these gestures, postures, facial expressions or even eyeball movements, you can easily recognize what exactly is going on in people’s head.All that is required of you in order to do that effectively is to have KNOWLEDGE of what these signals actually look like. Once you have it, detecting people’s true intentions will be as easy as a walk in the park.Now, this is where The Art of Body Language is getting interesting. By decoding the signals that your interlocutor is unconsciously transmitting, you can use that intel to direct the conversation in your favor. This is exactly why the greatest and richest entrepreneurs or politicians in the world possess deep knowledge of body language.The wisdom that comes with the understanding of the non-verbal signals could actually be perceived as a type of MIND READING.Wouldn’t you like to know what people think even before they speak?Or perhaps even if they do speak their mind clearly, wouldn’t you like to be able to instantly tell if they were fabricating a lie? This kind of skill is not only useful in business interactions, but it could also be a LIFE CHANGER in your social communication. Every type of emotion or interest has a powerful yearning to be let out of the brain and into the body. Even the emotion of love and sexual attraction.What’s more, having that profound knowledge of body language can also be used in reverse. By understanding the meaning of each gesture, position or expression, you will be able to CONTROL YOUR OWN BODY LANGUAGE so as not to give away the secrets of your own mind…Following this course will help you to:Read people effectivelyControl your own body languageSettle an argumentDetect lies and deceitfulnessClose a profitable dealWin a job interviewBe charismaticGet a promotionEmanate confidenceGet a pay raiseConquer the corporate jungleExceed at business and social interactions


Section 1: Getting started

Lecture 1 Promo

Lecture 2 Body Language Introduction – The importance of decoding NON-VERBAL signals

Section 2: Genetically or culturally inherited body reflexes

Lecture 3 The Sucking Reflex – An inappropriate way of achieving the feeling of SECURITY

Lecture 4 The Smile & The Arm-fold Gesture – INBORN gestures triggered by the brain

Lecture 5 Culturally Regulated – How FINGER gestures vary in meaning and the CONSEQUENCES

Section 3: Deciphering the head movements

Lecture 6 Head Gestures – The subtle changes in head movement UNDERLINE YOUR INTENTION

Lecture 7 The Head Never Lies Part 1 – The head always contradicts DECEITFUL WORDS

Lecture 8 The Head Never Lies Part 2 – Real life EXAMPLES when the head revealed the truth

Section 4: Eye Language & Smile Diversity

Lecture 9 The Pupil Tells The Truth – When PUPILS dilate they EXPOSE your true feelings

Lecture 10 Eyeball Movements – Observe them to Instantly DETECT LIES and TWO-FACEDNESS

Lecture 11 Capture The Eyes – Over 80% of the message is TRANSMITTED through the eyes

Lecture 12 The Smile – Each type of smile carries a different meaning. DECIPHER THEM!

Lecture 13 Smile Management – The MOST COMMON MISTAKE people make before an interaction

Section 5: Hand Movements

Lecture 14 The Compelling Gestures – Establish your AUTHORITY to avoid interruption

Lecture 15 The Compromising Gestures Part 1 – How and why the hands SUBCONSCIOUSLY migrate

Lecture 16 The Compromising Gestures Part 2 – Avoid destroying the COMMUNICATION PROTOCOL

Section 6: Evaluation and Decision-making

Lecture 17 Evaluation Gestures – The brain emits gestures based on our EMOTIONAL STATE

Lecture 18 The Decision-making Process – Detect the FINAL DECISION before it’s verbalized

Lecture 19 Take a look!

Section 7: The secret of the Upper Limbs

Lecture 20 The Arm-fold Gesture Part 1 -The DEFENSIVE POSITION used to gain self-security

Lecture 21 The Arm-fold Gesture Part 2 – Alcohol ELIMINATES subconscious BODY LANGUAGE

Lecture 22 Hand Gestures Part 1 – The hands speak the TRUTH and reveal your identity

Lecture 23 Hand Gestures Part 2 – Always PAY ATTENTION to the hands. Even if they’re unseen

Lecture 24 Palm Gestures – Palm positions denote the intention to COOPERATE OR DOMINATE

Section 8: The truth behind the Lower Limbs

Lecture 25 The Legs Reveal Intentions – BE AWARE of people’s legs and feet position

Lecture 26 The Feet Compass – Recognize their INTEREST AND ENGAGEMENT by observing the feet

Section 9: The body language of Love

Lecture 27 The Amorous Gestures – Decode flirtatious gestures and get CLOSER TO YOUR GOAL

Lecture 28 The Signals of Attraction – Learn to detect them and MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER

Section 10: Replicating Body Language

Lecture 29 Replicating Body Language – The natural inclination to IMITATE BEHAVIOR

Section 11: Territorial Boundries

Lecture 30 The Personal Territory Part 1 – Determine their safety zone and DON’T TRESPASS

Lecture 31 The Personal Territory Part 2 – Control the brain when your ZONE IS INVADED

Lecture 32 The Ownership Paradigm – PEOPLE CLAIM OBJECTS to define their personal space

Lecture 33 [NEW! 2023] Confident Body Language That You Can Use During an Online Meeting

Lecture 34 [eBook] The Art of Communication – Communication Skills & Body Language Secrets

Lecture 35 [EXTRAS] How I Beat Diabetes Using Self-Improvement Techniques


Lecture 36 Section 1 & 2 & 3 AUDIO

Lecture 37 Section 4 AUDIO

Lecture 38 Section 5 & 6 AUDIO

Lecture 39 Section 7 AUDIO

Lecture 40 Section 8 & 9 & 10 & 11 AUDIO

Lecture 41 *BONUS*

Section 13: The Final Note

Lecture 42 Good News or Bad News?

The course orbits around business interactions. However, it is also more than suitable for anyone who wants to learn about Body Language and the importance it carries.

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Created by: Dr. Roy Naraine

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