Master the Basics of Procreate to Create a MidCentury Style

From Brainstorming to Finished Illustration
Master the Basics of Procreate to Create a MidCentury Style
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Amir Abou Roumié


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Master the Basics of Procreate to Create a MidCentury Style

What you’ll learn

How to think about Character Design
Brainstorming your Illustration Idea with the 5 W Method
Use Thumbnailing to Develop your Composition
Blending and Textures in Procreate
How to use Alpha Lock and Clipping Masks

Master the Basics of Procreate to Create a MidCentury Style


No Procreate Experience needed. Basic interest in drawing and illustration is required. You should have an iPad with Procreate and a stylus pen.


Ready to dive into the world of mid-century-styled illustrations? In this class, we’ll explore how to create expressive, bold imagery using Procreate. From exploring brainstorming to sketching and illustrating – you’ll learn it all in this class. Designed for beginners and experienced illustrators alike, this is an exciting opportunity to take your art to the next level! So come join us – let’s bring mid-century style illustrations into the modern age!After completing this course, you’ll have the confidence and skills to create expressive mid-century styled illustrations in Procreate. You’ll be able to use a system for coming up with ideas to create pieces that are uniquely yours. You’ll also be able to refine your sketches into professional-quality illustrations that you can share with the world!This class is perfect for anyone looking to create character-based, reduced illustrations – whether you’re a beginner or already experienced in illustration. The step-by-step learning process will help you master the skills you need to create stunning art in Procreate!What you’ll learn:How to approach character designHow to do a brainstormingThumbnail sketchingSketching and refining the sketchImport the sketch into procreateLearn how to work with colors, layers, and brushes in procreateBlending modes and texturesStudents will need pencils, paper, an iPad with Procreate, and a smartphone with a camera to take photos of their sketches in order to complete the course. With these essential items in hand, you can create stunning digital artworks that will make you stand out!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Project Overview

Lecture 3 Character Design & Inspiration

Section 2: Preparing the Illustration: From Brainstorming to Sketching

Lecture 4 Brainstorming

Lecture 5 Thumbnailing

Lecture 6 Sketching

Section 3: Finishing the Illustration

Lecture 7 Illustrating the Basic Shapes

Lecture 8 Illustrating the Details

Lecture 9 Adding Texture & Blending

No Procreate Experience needed. This Course is for Beginners and more Advanced Students.

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Udemy | English | 0h 46m | 957.06 MB
Created by: Amir Abou Roumié

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