Master the Shopper Experience to build your retail business

Grow your retail business by mastering the 3 key steps that build a great shopper experience to delight your customers.
Master the Shopper Experience to build your retail business
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Master the Shopper Experience to build your retail business

What you’ll learn

By the end of this course, you will better understand how to create an engaging shopper experience and a profitable retail business.

Master the Shopper Experience to build your retail business


A passion for retail and a strong pair of shoes so that you can explore retail environments with fresh eyes!
A mobile phone with a camera and video capability to show us your own retail environment / product displays and to build your own library of great shopping environments that demonstrate “The Retail Trifecta”. (Optional)


If you work in the world of retail, then this course is for you. It explains in depth the Retail Trifecta – the three elements that are integral to success, and increased profits, in retail. Presented by retail marketing guru, Kevin Moore – a man who walks thousands of stores around the world each year – the course brings to life, with real-world examples, the steps needed to be successful in retail. Whether you own your own store/s, work as an associate in retail or manufacture and distribute through stores, this course contains essential knowledge that will help you in your business. The course features videos of Kevin explaining all the steps needed to achieve the Retail Trifecta and photographic and video examples from stores he’s visited around the world. It also includes interviews with some retail entrepreneurs who share their experiences and successes. The first part of the course provides an overview of the Retail Trifecta and then the following sections go into detail on the twenty steps that will help you to ensure you achieve the shopper experience to build your business. So if you want to understand your shoppers in more depth, build a store format and system that encourages them to linger longer, spend more and tell their friends about your business or product, then this is the course for you.


Section 1: Course overview

Lecture 1 If you’re involved in the world of retail, why you should take this course.

Lecture 2 How you can benefit from a man who walks thousands of stores a year

Section 2: An overview of the Retail Trifecta and how to use it to create the perfect store

Lecture 3 So what is the “Retail Trifecta”?

Lecture 4 Retail Trifecta part 1 – Great store layouts

Lecture 5 Retail Trifecta part 2 – People make the difference

Lecture 6 Retail Trifecta part 3 – Technology: Point-of-sale and Back-office systems

Lecture 7 Introducing the twenty steps to achieving the Retail Trifecta

Section 3: Retail Trifecta Part One – the ten steps to the perfect Store Format

Lecture 8 Step 1 – Curate then display

Lecture 9 Step 2 – Find me! Location

Lecture 10 Step 3: Awareness and currency

Lecture 11 Step 4: Sidewalk interruption

Lecture 12 Step 5: From the window to walk in

Lecture 13 Step 6: The Decompression Zone

Lecture 14 Step 7: Sightlines and airspace

Lecture 15 Step 8: Front to back and round and round

Lecture 16 Step 9: Care for your two-legged dogs!

Lecture 17 Step 10 – Omnichannel Bridge – instore and online

Section 4: Retail Trifecta Part Two – the five steps to Great Associates/Store Staff

Lecture 18 Step 1: Associate passion and knowledge

Lecture 19 Step 2: Being the Brand

Lecture 20 Step 3: Product and sales knowledge training

Lecture 21 Step 4: Incentive and recognition

Lecture 22 Step 5: “Y’all come back soon, y’hear?!”

Section 5: Retail Trifecta Part Three – the five steps to harnessing retail technology

Lecture 23 Step 1 – Point-of-sale systems and how they can enhance the shopper experience

Lecture 24 Step 2 Back-office & inventory systems. Don’t damage a great shopper experience.

Lecture 25 Step 3: Seamless retail and online

Lecture 26 Step 4: Shopper recognition and loyalty

Lecture 27 Step 5 – Your online store and why it’s essential

Lecture 28 Want to learn more about the shopper experience in online retail?

Section 6: Your Next Steps

Lecture 29 Understanding what makes a “Good” retail experience

Lecture 30 How to Shop Like a “Shopper” – tips from the professional!

Lecture 31 Your guide to walking a store as a “shopper” to help you achieve “great”

Lecture 32 Thank you for taking this course…

Lecture 33 The Retail Trifecta Checklist & Scorecard

Retailers and anyone associated with the retail trade.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 10m | 3.88 GB
Created by: Kevin Moore

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