MasterClass Software Testing with Jira Agile Be a QA Lead

2023 BEST job oriented Software Manual Testing course on real time Project+Interview ques+Resume Prep+ Lifetime Support
MasterClass Software Testing with Jira Agile Be a QA Lead
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MasterClass Software Testing with Jira Agile Be a QA Lead

What you’ll learn

Crystal clear understanding on how Software Projects are handled in real time with Live examples
In Depth understanding of current Software Testing methodologies with Manual testing tools followed in the Industry
Understand JIRA (Project management tool) and Tester activities in the Jira from Scratch
Thorough knowledge on latest Practices like Agile scrum, SDLC, Testdriven, Behaviour driven approaches
In Depth knowledge on writing test cases in Jira using Xray app on Live Project
Strong exposure on designing test cases and defect life cycle process
Complete knowledge on QA process starting from requirement gathering to Project delivery
Testing types and their real time usages in Projects at different stages
Top 50 Frequently asked Software testing Interview questions with Solutions
Basic knowledge of SQL

MasterClass Software Testing with Jira Agile Be a QA Lead


None, All prerequisites are taken care as part of course
No testing experience is required. Everything is explained from the Scratch in this tutorial


Course last Updated – March 31st – QA Behavioral Interview Questions & Test Plan Prep videos   Gain  7+ Years  Real time  experience as a ( Team/QA Lead) level by just following through this course”One Single Course to Master everything in Software World.” Learn on Agile Scrum Practices, Software Development Life cycle, QA Process, Software Testing methodologies , and Project management tools like Jira, Bugzilla etc. Are you struggling to know what happens in Software World to deliver the Project?Do you want to gain the Project Lead level skills with out any prior real time experience?If YES this course is right choice for you!I will also be your Life time mentor in giving you right directions for your Project needs.How this Course is Organized?Below are the topics we will focus on section wise. And there is very  much depth discussion on each topic below  Understand how Software Projects is handling in Agile Environments We shall be using Jira (Project tracking tool) to demonstrate the process    How Software Testing is handled in traditional software development life cycle.   Get familiar with different types of Testing available and their usage in real time projects  Thorough Understanding of Jira and Bugzilla tool for Project Management   How to write Edge Testcases with out of box thinking and understand the process of Defect life cycle SQL Basics And below are the keywords which you will come across and learn in this courseSoftware TestingAgile ScrumAgile KanbanSDLCWater fall modelOut of box thinking in designing TestcasesTest planTesting types and their usageReal time project demonstration End to end on Jira toolBugzillaDefect Life cycleTest Plan DesignScrum Master skillsSQLTest Driven and Behavioral Driven developmentWish you All the Best !


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course FAQ’s (Must watch)

Lecture 2 Course WalkThrough

Section 2: part 1- QA Role in Agile Scrum using Jira – Real time Project

Lecture 3 Getting started with the project to work on

Lecture 4 Important Player Tips for Best learning Experience:

Lecture 5 Setup Jira Account & Create Agile Scrum Project in Jira

Lecture 6 What are Epics & User stories in Agile? And how different they are

Lecture 7 Create epics and User stories in Jira

Lecture 8 What are components,Release versions and and how they are created in Jira

Lecture 9 Defining Userstory Description to reflect Business value

Section 3: Part 2- QA Role in Agile Scrum using Jira – Real time Project

Lecture 10 What is Backlog refinement meeting/Grooming in Agile Scrum?

Lecture 11 Creating Subtasks and Defining Acceptance criteria in Jira for Userstories

Lecture 12 What is Sprint and its importance in Agile Scrum

Lecture 13 Exploring Scrum board and workflow in Jira

Lecture 14 Creating Bugs and Checking Sprint reports in Jira

Lecture 15 Importance of Retrospective in Agile Scrum Practise

Lecture 16 What is Kan ban Board in Agile

Section 4: QA’s Mind set/ Strategy in designing Test Cases for the Product

Lecture 17 How Project Architectural knowledge helps QA to come up with tests

Lecture 18 how Tester should define tests when Project backend is designed by API’s

Lecture 19 Understanding different type of Testings involved in testing a Single Scenario

Lecture 20 Given a requirement- How Should QA should start thinking out of box – example

Section 5: Understand Testcase design format and Document them in Jira through Xray plugin

Lecture 21 Learn Test Scenario vs Test case vs Test steps vs precondition with example

Lecture 22 Introduction to Xray App in Jira and its terminologies

Lecture 23 Creating Test Cases , Preconditions & Test Sets in Jira Xray

Lecture 24 Importance of Test Plan in Xray and how to create to add tests into it

Lecture 25 What is test Execution and how it is interlinked with Test plan in Jira

Lecture 26 Important Note on Test plan terminologies

Section 6: Understand Testing Life Cycle, Test Plan and Closure Activities

Lecture 27 Important Note about this Section

Lecture 28 Introduction to Software Testing Life cycle

Lecture 29 What is Test Plan? And How to prepare test plan

Lecture 30 Test Case development phase and what you need to know here

Lecture 31 What are Test Environments? Real time examples

Lecture 32 Importance of Requirement Traceability Matrix

Lecture 33 Test Closure Activities after Project is delivered

Lecture 34 download Notes

Lecture 35 Download and Install Jira

Section 7: Understand Defect Life cycle in depth with Severity and Priority terms

Lecture 36 Troubleshoot options when you find bug in application

Lecture 37 Verifying App server logs to understand the issues in application

Lecture 38 How to create defect with the complete details of bug

Lecture 39 Differences between Severity and Priority of Defect

Lecture 40 Live example to understand priority and severity of Defect

Lecture 41 Smart ways of Retesting the defect- Interview question

Lecture 42 Stay Connected to Testing Updates

Lecture 43 Material download

Section 8: Types of testing-Understand real time usage

Lecture 44 What is Regression testing and when do we need it?

Lecture 45 What is Smoke/Sanity Testing? How important it is in build process

Lecture 46 Difference between Integration and Component Testing

Lecture 47 Verification and validation

Lecture 48 Load Testing and Stress Testing

Lecture 49 Lecture Notes

Section 9: Functional&Non Functional Requirements Testing scope

Lecture 50 Understand difference between Functional and Non Functional reqs

Lecture 51 Differences between Blackbox and whitebox Testing

Section 10: End to end testing an App with Bugzilla Tool Demo

Lecture 52 Sample Application to derive Test Cases

Lecture 53 TestCases continued for the ecommerce App

Lecture 54 Test Execution for all test cases and update the result status

Lecture 55 Introduction to Bugzilla tool and how to create a bug

Lecture 56 Adding More details to bug with understanding of all the fields

Section 11: Top 20 QA Behavioural Interview questions

Lecture 57 Introduction to questions

Lecture 58 Interview questions part – 1

Lecture 59 Interview questions part – 2

Lecture 60 Interview questions part -3

Lecture 61 What is Test Plan and how to write effective test plan for the Product

Section 12: Test Pyramid Strategies (Optional -Not for Beginners)

Lecture 62 Important Note

Lecture 63 How to Perform Smart Testing with faster execution time

Lecture 64 Test Pyramid Strategy case study

Section 13: Introduction to SQL Queries (Optional )

Lecture 65 Important Note about this Section Curriculum

Lecture 66 Introduction to SQL and MySQL

Lecture 67 Downloading MySQL server with workbench

Lecture 68 Overview of SQL Editor with basic features

Lecture 69 creating Database and pointing to it

Lecture 70 Creating Tables in database

Lecture 71 Inserting records into Table

Lecture 72 Retrieving records from the Table

Lecture 73 Select Distinct keyword in queris

Lecture 74 SQL WHERE command usage

Lecture 75 Logical operators on Queries AND OR – 1

Lecture 76 Logical operators ‘In’ ‘Between’- 2

Lecture 77 Regular expressions Introduction

Lecture 78 Wild cards usage in Qeuries -1


Lecture 79 Complete Unix Material for Beginners -1

Lecture 80 Bonus Lecture

Any one who are looking to start carrier in Software Testing,People who do not have any experience in Software Industry but want to get in by showing Real experience,People who need to master in Project/Test management tools like JIRA and Bugzilla,Fresher Graduates who are looking for Job in IT field,For Manual Testers, Scrum Masters and Project Lead who need to implement Best Practises of Current Software Industry

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 22m | 5.97 GB
Created by: Rahul Shetty

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