Mastering ASPNET 4 from scratch Using C Part 1

Learn How to build Dynamic Web Sites using ASP .NET 4 Step By Step
Mastering ASPNET 4 from scratch Using C Part 1
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Kameswara Sarma Uppuluri


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Mastering ASPNET 4 from scratch Using C Part 1

What you’ll learn

Learn How to Build Dynamic Web Sites using ASP.NET
Learn How to work with ASP.NET Standard Controls
Learn How to Validate Data
Learn How to use SQL Server as a Back End Database to ASP.NET
Learn How to Create User Controls
Learn How to Create Custom Controls
Learn How to Create Master Pages
Learn How to develop Web Services

Mastering ASPNET 4 from scratch Using C Part 1


Visual Studio 2013, SQL Server 2008 / 2012 / 2014


ASP . NET is a platform for building dynamic web sites that address a wide range of business needs.This course provides developers with a thorough knowledge in developing dynamic web sites using ASP . NET. In this course by development expert Kameswara Sarma Uppuluri, you’ll learn essential concepts that you need to know to get started building web sites using ASP . NETThis course provides step-by-step walk-throughs and coding demos that you’re encouraged to code along with to enhance the learning process.This course is broken down into 26 modules with each module providing source code where applicable so that you can follow along with Kameswara Sarma Uppuluri. Some of the modules can be seen in the below list.Working with ASP . NET Standard ControlsWorking with Validation ControlsDeveloping Data Driven Web Pages using ASP . NETWorking with AJAX ExtensionsWorking with MemberShip and Role Management ConceptsDeveloping Web ServicesDeveloping User ControlsDeveloping Custom ControlsDeveloping Master Pages


Section 1: ASP.NET 4 – The Big Picture

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to Web Development

Lecture 3 Complete Course Exercise Files

Section 2: Creating Our First ASP.NET Web Site

Lecture 4 Using FileSystem as Web Location

Lecture 5 Using Http as Web Location

Lecture 6 Using FTP as Web Location

Lecture 7 Displaying Content onto the browser using Response.Write Statement

Section 3: Working with ASP.NET Standard Controls – Part 1

Lecture 8 Working with TextBox Control

Lecture 9 Working with HyperLink,LinkButton and ImageButton Controls

Lecture 10 Working with RadioButton Control

Lecture 11 Working with RadioButtonList Control

Lecture 12 Working with CheckBox Control

Lecture 13 Working with CheckBoxList Control

Lecture 14 Working with FileUpload Control

Lecture 15 Uploading Multiple Files using FileUpload Controls

Section 4: Working with ASP.NET Standard Controls – Part 2

Lecture 16 Working with AdRotator Control

Lecture 17 Working with BulletedList Control

Lecture 18 Working with Calendar Control

Lecture 19 Working with ImageMap Control

Section 5: Working with ASP.NET Standard Controls – Part 3

Lecture 20 Working with MultiView and View Controls

Lecture 21 Workingn with Panel Control

Lecture 22 Working with PlaceHolder Control

Lecture 23 Working with HiddenField Control

Lecture 24 Working with Literal Control

Lecture 25 Working with DropDownList and ListBox Controls – Part 1

Lecture 26 Working with DropDownList Control – Part 2

Lecture 27 Working with Table Control

Lecture 28 Working with XML Control

Lecture 29 Working with Wizard Control

Section 6: Working with Validation Controls

Lecture 30 Working with RequiredFieldValidator and ValidationSummary Controls

Lecture 31 Working with ComparisonValidator

Lecture 32 Working with RangeValidator

Lecture 33 Working with RegularExpressionValidator

Lecture 34 Working with CustomValidator

Lecture 35 Validation Groups and Firing Validations through Code

Section 7: Working with Data Bound Controls

Lecture 36 Create a Database and a Table using SQL Server

Lecture 37 Working with GridView Control

Lecture 38 Working with DataList Control

Lecture 39 Working with DetailsView Control

Lecture 40 Working with ListView Control

Lecture 41 Working with FormView Control

Lecture 42 Working with Repeater Control

Section 8: Working with Navigation Controls

Lecture 43 Adding MenuItems to Menu Control at Design Time

Lecture 44 Adding MenuItems to Menu Control at Run Time

Lecture 45 Adding Nodes to TreeView Control at Design Time

Lecture 46 Adding Nodes to TreeView Control at Run Time

Lecture 47 Creating a SiteMap for the Web Site and using SiteMapPath Control

Section 9: Working with AJAX Controls

Lecture 48 Working with ScriptManager Control

Lecture 49 Working with UpdatePanel Control

Lecture 50 Working with UpdateProgress Control

Lecture 51 Working with Timer Control

Section 10: Working with Data Persistence Techniques

Lecture 52 Working with ViewState Object

Lecture 53 Working with Session Object

Lecture 54 Creating a Custom Class To Store Session Objects

Lecture 55 Working with Session Objects using Custom Class

Lecture 56 Working with Cookies

Lecture 57 Working with Application Objects

Lecture 58 Working with URL QueryString Technique

Section 11: Developing Data Driven Web Pages using ADO.NET

Lecture 59 Developing a SignUp Page for Users to register – Part 1

Lecture 60 Developing a SignUp Page for Users to reigster – Part 2

Lecture 61 Developing a Login Page for Users to Login with proper credentials

Lecture 62 Developing a ChangePassword Page for Users to modify their Password

Lecture 63 Letting Users to Unsubscribe their account

Lecture 64 Developing a ChangeProfile Page for Users to modify their registration data

Lecture 65 Lock User Account Upon Consequtive Failed Login Attempts – Part 1

Lecture 66 Lock User Account Upon Consequtive Failed Login Attempts – Part 2

Lecture 67 Unsubscribing Users Account with a Flag

Lecture 68 Working with SQLConnectionStringBuilder Class

Lecture 69 Writing and Reading ConnectionStrings with the help of Web.Config File

Section 12: Working with DataSets

Lecture 70 Retrieving data from SQL Server into a DataSet

Lecture 71 Binding DataSet to various List Controls

Lecture 72 Writing DataSet Content into an XML File

Lecture 73 Filling a DataSet with Data manually

Lecture 74 Looping through DataSet Programmatically

Lecture 75 Working with DataSet Relations

Section 13: Working with DataReaders

Lecture 76 Retrieving Data From SQLServer into a SQLDataReader

Lecture 77 Looping through DataReader Programmatically

Lecture 78 Working with Multiple Active ResultSets (MARS)

Section 14: Working with DataViews

Lecture 79 Filtering Records of a DataSet with an explicit call to Stored Procedure

Lecture 80 Filtering Records of a DataSet by using DataViews

Section 15: Performing BULK Inserts and BULK Updates

Lecture 81 Working with Autogenerate Columns Property

Lecture 82 Implementing a Web Page to do Bulk Inserts of data into SQL Server

Lecture 83 Implementing a Web Page to do Bulk Updates of Data into SQLServer

Section 16: Working with Parameter Directions

Lecture 84 Developing a Web Page to set Parameter Directions

Section 17: Working with Transactions

Lecture 85 Developing a Web Page to enable Transaction Support from CSharp

Section 18: Working with ASP.NET Caching

Lecture 86 Implementing Data Caching

Lecture 87 Implementing Page Output Caching

Lecture 88 Working with Cache Profile

Lecture 89 Maintaing Multiple Cache versions of a Single Web Page

Lecture 90 Implementing File Dependency Caching

Lecture 91 Implementing SQL Dependency Caching

Section 19: Working with State Management Techniques

Lecture 92 Implementing ASPNET State Management

Lecture 93 Implementing SQL Server State Management

Section 20: Developing User Controls

Lecture 94 Creating User Controls

Lecture 95 Creating Custom Properties for User Controls

Lecture 96 Loading User Controls onto a Page Dynamically

Section 21: Developing Custom Controls

Lecture 97 Developing a Simple Custom Control with Custom Properties

Lecture 98 Developing a Complex Custom Control

Section 22: Working with MemberShip and Role Management

Lecture 99 Setup a Custom Database for Custom Membership Provider

Lecture 100 Editing web.config file Membership Configuration

Lecture 101 Creating a Custom Membership provider and adding few users

Lecture 102 Working with Login,LoginName,LoginStatus,LoginView,ChangePassword Controls

Section 23: Working with Themes and Skin

Lecture 103 Creating Unnamed and Named Skins

Lecture 104 Enabling and Disabling Themes at Page, Control and at Site Level

Lecture 105 Applying Themes Programmatically

Section 24: Working with Master Pages

Lecture 106 Creating a Simple Master Page

Lecture 107 Creating a Complex Master Page using CSS

Section 25: Working with Web Services

Lecture 108 Developing a Web Service

Lecture 109 Consuming a Web Service from our web site

Section 26: ASP.NET 4.0 New Features

Lecture 110 Working with ViewStateMode

Lecture 111 Working with ClientIDMode

Lecture 112 Working with ClientIDRowSuffix

Lecture 113 Working with EnablePersistedSelectionRow Property

Lecture 114 Working with MetaKeywords

Lecture 115 Working with Response.RedirectPermanent Method

Lecture 116 Working with Chart Control

This course is designed for individuals with an intermediate knowledge of Visual C#.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 15h 48m | 8.05 GB
Created by: Kameswara Sarma Uppuluri

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