Mastering ASPNET Web API An Indepth Course

Learn Routing, Content Negotiation, Model Binding, Pipeline, Filters, Versioning, Dependency Injection, Hosting and more
Mastering ASPNET Web API An Indepth Course
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Shailendra Chauhan


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Mastering ASPNET Web API An Indepth Course

What you’ll learn

Introduction to SOA and REST
Routing – Convention and Attribute Routing
Content Negotiation and Media Type Formatters
Model Binding and Model Validation
Database CRUD Operations
Testing Web API Using Postman
Web API Pipeline
Web API Filters
Exception Handling
Dependency Injection
Web API Versioning
Web API Hosting

Mastering ASPNET Web API An Indepth Course


To start this course, you should be familiar with C#, Visual Studio and SQL Server.


ASP.NET Web API is an open-source framework for building RESTful services using .NET. Learn to implement ASP.NET Web API2 concepts including routing, Action Results, HttpResponseMessage and IHttpActionResult, Content Negotiation, Media-Type Formatters, Model or Parameter Binding, Model Validation and Handling Validation Errors, pipeline, filters, creating custom filters, exception handling, versioning strategies, dependency injection and hosting ASP.NET Web API.


Section 1: Introduction to REST and Web API

Lecture 1 Introduction to ASP.NET Web API 2

Lecture 2 REST

Lecture 3 1-SOA and SOAP

Lecture 4 Choosing between WCF and Web API

Lecture 5 Creating Controller and Action

Lecture 6 Creating ASP.NET Web API

Lecture 7 Introduction to Postman

Lecture 8 Testing Web API Using Postman

Section 2: ASP.NET Web API Fundamentals

Lecture 9 Introduction to Routing

Lecture 10 Convention Based Routing

Lecture 11 Attribute Routing

Lecture 12 Route Constraints

Lecture 13 Action Result in Web API2

Lecture 14 HttpResponseMessage vs IHttpActionResult

Lecture 15 Creating Custom Result Type

Lecture 16 Content Negotiation

Lecture 17 Media Type Formatters

Lecture 18 Handling Circular Object References

Lecture 19 Parameter Binding in Web API

Lecture 20 Changing Default Parameter Binding

Lecture 21 Parameter Binding In Action

Lecture 22 Model Validations

Lecture 23 Handling Validation Errors

Section 3: ASP.NET Web API Advanced Concepts

Lecture 24 ASP.NET Web API Pipeline

Lecture 25 ASP.NET Web API Filters

Lecture 26 ASP.NET Web API Filters Pipeline

Lecture 27 Filters In Action

Lecture 28 Creating Custom Authentication Filter

Lecture 29 Creating Custom Authorization Filter

Lecture 30 Creating Custom Action Filter

Lecture 31 Creating Custom Exception Filter

Lecture 32 Web API Exception Handling

Lecture 33 Implementing Dependency Injection

Lecture 34 What is Versioning?

Lecture 35 Web API Versioning in Action

Lecture 36 Web API Versioning Using Headers

Lecture 37 Hosting ASP.NET Web API

Lecture 38 IIS Hosting

Lecture 39 Self Hosting

.NET Beginners,.NET Developers,MVC5 Developers,.NET MVC Developer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 6m | 2.86 GB
Created by: Shailendra Chauhan

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