Mastering DNS on Windows Server

Learn to Install, Configure and Troubleshoot a Windows DNS Server
Mastering DNS on Windows Server
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Mastering DNS on Windows Server

What you’ll learn

You will know what DNS is, and how it works.
You will Master the DNS Manager Console – The foundation of DNS server management.
You will Demonstrate proficiency by installing, configuring the DNS server role, mastering record types and queries.
Maximize your experience level by creating Zones, Zone Replication and Zone Delegation, and installing DNS Security, and troubleshooting your DNS server.

Mastering DNS on Windows Server


Access to a Windows 2016 Server or a Home Lab
Internet Access
Beginner or intermediate level of experience with Windows Server
A burning desire to learn Windows DNS


This course is designed to provide you with a solid foundation for Windows DNS server. You will learn by completing the following tasks. Here is a description of each section in the course.Section 1 – What is DNSSection 2 – What’s New in DNS serverSection 3 – Installing the DNS Server RoleSection 4 – The Hosts file, NETBIOS, DNS Console, DNS record types, Creating the mytestzone forward lookup zone, DNS Resource records, Recursive and Iterative queries.Section 5 – Understanding DNS Zones, Creating a forward and Reverse Lookup Zone, Creating a secondary zone, Stub Zone creation, Implementing DNS forwarding, DNS Conditional forwarding, Zone transfer.Section 6 – DNS Delegation, Domain Name System Section 7 – DNS Security techniques – Techniques overview, Configuring DNS Cache locking, Configuring DNS Socket Pools, Configuring Response Rate Limiting.Section 8 – Advanced DNS Topics – Enabling Round Robin and Netmask ordering, IPV4 and IPV6 Root Hints, Configuring RecursionSection 9 – DNS Security – Windows DNS Security Overview, Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption, Installing DNSSEC, DNSSEC client installation.Section 10 – DNS Policies – DNS Policies, Configuring DNS Filtering, Configuring Split brain DNS policy, Configuring Selective Recursion policy, Configuring a Traffic Management policy.Section 11 – PowerShell for DNS – Intro to Powershell for DNS, PowerShell for DNS part 2 thru 4.Section 12 – Troubleshooting DNS Issues – Troubleshooting Tools every IT pro must know, The event viewer, Subscriptions, Monitoring and debug logging, Troubleshooting DNS client issues.Great News – I have just added 14 lectures to my DNS course! Checkout the DNS Update promo in the New Features Section for details.As a bonus, I just added a PowerShell for DNS section. Here you will learn how to create DNS records all using Windows PowerShell.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Instructor and Course Introduction

Lecture 2 What is DNS

Section 2: New DNS Features in Windows Server 2016

Lecture 3 DNS Update Promo

Lecture 4 What’s new in Windows Server 2016 DNS

Section 3: Installing The DNS Server Role

Lecture 5 Installing the DNS Server Role

Section 4: DNS Basics

Lecture 6 The Hosts File

Lecture 7 Do I need NetBIOS?

Lecture 8 DNS Console Overview

Lecture 9 DNS Resource Record Types

Lecture 10 Creating the mytestzone forward lookup zone

Lecture 11 Creating DNS Resource Records

Lecture 12 Recursive and Iterative Queries

Section 5: DNS ZONES

Lecture 13 Understanding DNS Zones

Lecture 14 Creating a Forward and Reverse Lookup Zone

Lecture 15 Creating a Secondary Zone

Lecture 16 Stub Zone Creation

Lecture 17 Active Directory Zone Replication

Lecture 18 Implementing DNS Forwarding

Lecture 19 Implementing DNS Conditional Forwarding

Lecture 20 Zone Transfer

Section 6: DNS Delegation

Lecture 21 (DNS) Domain Name System and DNS Delegation

Lecture 22 Windows 2016 Server and DNS Zone Delegation

Section 7: DNS Security Techniques

Lecture 23 DNS Security Techniques Overview

Lecture 24 Configuring DNS Cache Locking

Lecture 25 Configuring the DNS Socket Pools

Lecture 26 Configuring Response Rate Limiting

Section 8: Advanced DNS Topics

Lecture 27 Overview of Advanced Topics

Lecture 28 Enabling Round Robin and Netmask Ordering

Lecture 29 IPv4 and IPv6 Root Hints

Lecture 30 Configuring Recursion

Section 9: DNS Security

Lecture 31 The Windows DNS Security Overview

Lecture 32 Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption

Lecture 33 Installing DNS Security (DNSSEC) on Windows 2016 Server

Lecture 34 DNS Security (DNSSEC) Client Installation

Section 10: DNS Policies

Lecture 35 DNS Policies Background

Lecture 36 Configuring DNS Filtering

Lecture 37 Configuring Split-Brain DNS in an Active Directory Environment

Lecture 38 Configuring DNS Selective Recursion Policy

Lecture 39 Configuring a Traffic Management Policies

Section 11: PowerShell for DNS

Lecture 40 Introduction to PowerShell for DNS Part 1

Lecture 41 PowerShell for DNS Part 2

Lecture 42 PowerShell for DNS Part 3

Lecture 43 PowerShell for DNS Part 4

Section 12: Troubleshooting DNS Issues – Troubleshooting Tools

Lecture 44 Troubleshooting Tools Every IT Pro Must Know

Lecture 45 The Event Viewer Overview

Lecture 46 Subscriptions

Lecture 47 Monitoring and Debug Logging

Lecture 48 Trouble-shooting DNS Client issues

Lecture 49 Bonus Lecture

Anyone who wants to Administrate a Windows 2016 DNS Server,Anyone who wants to get a job or a better job in the IT field

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Udemy | English | 4h 54m | 2.28 GB
Created by: Robert Hill

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