Mastering Group Policy on Windows Server

An IT person’s guide to managing Active Directory Users and Computers with Group Policy
Mastering Group Policy on Windows Server
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Mastering Group Policy on Windows Server

What you’ll learn

Create GPOs
Troubleshoot GPO processing
Design Active Directory structures to facilitate group policy processing
Add third party settings into group policy
Control user and computer settings, including account policies, security settings, folder redirection, desktop settings, application settings, and many more

Mastering Group Policy on Windows Server


Basic understanding of Server Operating Systems
An understanding of Active Directory Domain Services


Mastering Group Policy on Windows Server applies to Windows Server 2022, 2019, and 2016.  This course is designed to teach Group Policy management to those that need to utilize group policy and other Active Directory tools to manage users and computers within their environments or to anyone that wants to able to understand group policy processing and capabilities at an Active Directory level.In this course you will gain a deep understanding for different considerations of Active Directory design that can impact how group policies are applied. You will gain insight into the decisions made to design Forest, Domain and Organizational Unit structures to ensure that they allow group policies to be effectively applied. You will also learn to plan for various considerations- for example, some users accounts of computer accounts may need to be exempt from a group policy object, you will learn the options that are available for that type of scenario.This course will cover the following topics, and more.· Group Policy processing order with Active Directory· Altering the processing order with Active Directory· Software deployment· Central store design· Administrative templates· Security settings· Firewall management· Password polices· User rights assignments· Preferences· App locker restrictions· Folder redirection· Starter GPO design· Scripts· Delegation· Refresh intervals· Troubleshooting GPO issues· Backup/restore/copy/import


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Course Update: Windows Server 2019

Lecture 3 IMPORTANT: Udemy Player Settings

Lecture 4 Playback Speed

Lecture 5 (Optional) Lab Setup

Lecture 6 Wishlist

Lecture 7 Configuration Management Overview

Section 2: GPO Processing Order

Lecture 8 Group Policy processing order

Lecture 9 Local Group Policy Configuration

Lecture 10 Active Directory Site, Domain and OU level processing demo

Section 3: Managing the Group Policy processing order

Lecture 11 Altering Group Policy processing order

Section 4: Group Policy configuration

Lecture 12 Group Policy configuration demonstration

Section 5: Group Policy filtering

Lecture 13 Configuring Group Policy filtering

Section 6: Managing Administrative Templates

Lecture 14 Administrative Templates

Lecture 15 Understanding the Central Store

Lecture 16 Creating a Central Store

Section 7: Updating GPO changes

Lecture 17 Updating configuration changes

Section 8: Group Policy Delegation

Lecture 18 Assigning rights to mange GPOs

Section 9: Starter GPOs

Lecture 19 Creating and Managing a Starter GPO

Section 10: Managing Security Settings using Group Policy

Lecture 20 What Security Settings can be managed in a GPO?

Lecture 21 Configuring Security Settings

Lecture 22 Configuring User Rights

Section 11: Managing APP Locker

Lecture 23 Configuring APP Locker settings

Section 12: Managing an Audit Policy

Lecture 24 Configuring Auditing Settings

Section 13: Managing Folder Redirection

Lecture 25 Configuring Folder Redirection

Section 14: Managing Restricted Groups

Lecture 26 Defining Restricted Groups

Section 15: Deploying Scripts using Group Policy

Lecture 27 How GPO scripts work

Lecture 28 Adding a script to a GPO

Section 16: Software Deployment using Group Policy

Lecture 29 How Software Deployment works

Lecture 30 Deploying an application using Group Policy

Section 17: Understanding Group Policy Preferences

Lecture 31 What are Group Policy Preferences?

Lecture 32 Configuring Group Policy Preferences

Section 18: Group Policy Backup and Restore Methods

Lecture 33 Backup and Restore of GPOs

Lecture 34 Performing a GPO Backup and Restore

Lecture 35 Importing and Copying GPOs

Section 19: Troubleshooting Group Policy Issues

Lecture 36 GPO Troubleshooting Tools

Lecture 37 GPresult Command-Line

Lecture 38 Group Policy Results and Group Policy Modeling Tools

Lecture 39 What is DCGPOFIX?

Section 20: Thanks for attending

Lecture 40 Thanks for attending

Those that need to increase their knowledge of group policy management,Those that are new to Active Directory administration,Those that will plan and design organizational unit structures

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 15m | 1015.52 MB
Created by: Kevin Brown

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