Mastering Key Performance Indicators KPIs

Unlock Business Success: Master Key Performance Metrics & Systems
Mastering Key Performance Indicators KPIs
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Mastering Key Performance Indicators KPIs

What you’ll learn

Learn the fundamentals of KPIs
Understand what matters in business
Use the Smart Strategy Board and the Mapping and Performance framework
Ask relevant key performance questions
Define KPIs
Draw insights from KPIs

Mastering Key Performance Indicators KPIs


No prior experience is required.


Do you want to learn how to navigate your business successfully?Are you passionate about business performance and ready to elevate your career?If so, the Mastering Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) course, created by Bernard Marr, is your stepping stone to mastery.Bernard Marr, the creator of the Mastering Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) course, stands among the elite few who have designed extensive performance management systems and KPIs for businesses globally. For over two decades, he has served global giants, including Google, Walmart, Toyota, NATO, and the UN.This course presents a unique chance to dive deep into the essence of KPIs under Bernard’s expert guidance. Every professional who wants to drive their organization to success and make insightful decisions must understand KPIs clearly.If you’re just starting your career, this course will introduce you to the foundational aspects of KPI management. You’ll learn how to use KPIs effectively in daily tasks and projects, enhancing your professional stance. For experienced managers and leadership members, the course will show you how to choose the right KPIs that resonate with your organization’s broader objectives.In the Mastering Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) course, you’ll explore the basics of KPIs, learn to frame pivotal performance questions, get to know various KPI categories that organizations adopt, and receive multiple KPI template blueprints. Bernard will also guide you in adapting KPIs to fit different industry requirements. Additionally, the course places significant emphasis on mastering performance management and effectively presenting KPIs.Join this immersive KPI course and elevate your business understanding, harnessing the full strategic potential of KPIs.


Section 1: Course introduction

Lecture 1 What does the course cover

Lecture 2 Using KPIs as directional guides

Lecture 3 The analogy of KPIs and fighter planes

Lecture 4 Grasping KPIs using weight loss objectives

Lecture 5 Aligning KPIs with strategic objectives

Section 2: Charting your strategic objectives

Lecture 6 Agree on what matters

Lecture 7 Introduction to the Smart Strategy Board template

Lecture 8 Mastering the use of the Smart Strategy Board template

Lecture 9 Visualizing strategic goals

Lecture 10 Continual assessment and adjustment of strategic aims

Lecture 11 Cascading goals

Lecture 12 The role of support functions

Lecture 13 Action plan alignment

Section 3: Introduction to Key Performance Questions

Lecture 14 Diving into Key Performance Questions

Lecture 15 Emphasizing metric diversity

Lecture 16 Crafting effective KPQs

Lecture 17 Key Performance Questions in action: Google example

Lecture 18 Key Performance Questions in action: Butcher example

Lecture 19 Section recap

Section 4: Introduction to Key Performance Indicators

Lecture 20 Introduction to Key Performance Indicators

Lecture 21 Definition of KPIs

Lecture 22 Distinguishing among Goals, KPIs, and Targets

Lecture 23 Comparing Leading and Lagging indicators

Lecture 24 Tangible vs Intangible KPIs

Lecture 25 Qualitative vs Quantitative KPIs

Lecture 26 Determining the right number of KPIs

Lecture 27 Finding valuable KPIs

Lecture 28 Measuring behaviour, not opinion

Lecture 29 Measuring behaviour – Gucci example

Lecture 30 The surge of data and its impact on KPIs

Lecture 31 KPI evolution – supermarket example

Section 5: How to work with a KPI design template

Lecture 32 Introducing the KPI template

Lecture 33 KPI template – Net profit example

Lecture 34 KPI Template – NPS example

Lecture 35 Strategies for effective KPI design

Section 6: KPIs in action: Practical examples

Lecture 36 Financial KPIs

Lecture 37 Customer Engagement KPIs

Lecture 38 Customer KPIs: Example

Lecture 39 Operational KPIs

Lecture 40 HR KPIs

Lecture 41 KRIs

Lecture 42 Conclusion

Section 7: Managing performance

Lecture 43 Managing performance – Introduction

Lecture 44 From KPIs to insights

Lecture 45 KPI reporting

Lecture 46 Using a KPI reporting template

Lecture 47 RAG ratings

Lecture 48 RAG rating example – RAF

Lecture 49 Data visualization

Lecture 50 KPI reporting – example

Lecture 51 KPI review meetings

Lecture 52 KPI meeting template

Lecture 53 Conclusion

Section 8: Course recap

Lecture 54 Best practices to remember

Lecture 55 Final words

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