Mastering LINQ with C and NET

Learn .NET’s secret sauce for querying collections and databases
Mastering LINQ with C and NET
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Dmitri Nesteruk


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Mastering LINQ with C and NET

What you’ll learn

Create and execute LINQ queries on data sets
Perform ad hoc data queries on in-memory and external data sources
Query databases
Write your own LINQ operators
Use advanced libraries and approaches for data querying

Mastering LINQ with C and NET


Basic knowledge of C#
Basic understanding of C# collection types (e.g., array, list, etc.)
Understanding of extension methods


This is a comprehensive course on a technology called Language Integrated Query (LINQ). LINQ is a core part of .NET that is responsible for helping us iterate through, filter, search, transform and manipulate collections, be it local objects (arrays, lists, etc.) or remote objects (e.g., databases).
This course covers:
What LINQ is, how it’s implemented and what interfaces it usesMain LINQ operators (there are lots of them!)Using LINQ to query databases (LINQ to Entities)Technologies with LINQ support (e.g., LINQ to XML)Parallel LINQ (PLINQ) and how to use it to parallelize your queriesExtra topics (e.g., LINQ tool support in Rider/ReSharper, using MoreLINQ)


Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 1: Getting Started with LINQ

Lecture 2 Overview

Lecture 3 How LINQ Works

Lecture 4 IEnumerable

Lecture 5 Implementing IEnumerable

Lecture 6 Start Using LINQPad

Lecture 7 Generation Operations

Lecture 8 Summary

Section 2: Linq Operators in Detail

Lecture 9 Overview

Lecture 10 Reminder re: Samples

Lecture 11 Converting Data Types: Cast, ToXxx and AsXxx

Lecture 12 Projection Operations: Select and SelectMany

Lecture 13 Filtering Data: OfType and Where

Lecture 14 Sorting Data: OrderBy, ThenBy, Reverse

Lecture 15 Grouping Data: GroupBy and IGrouping

Lecture 16 Set Operations: Distinct, Except, Intersect, Union

Lecture 17 Quantifier Operations: All, Any and Contains

Lecture 18 Partitioning Data: Skip(While) and Take(While)

Lecture 19 Join Operations: Join and GroupJoin

Lecture 20 Equality Operations (SequenceEqual, NUnit comparisons)

Lecture 21 Element Operations: First, Last, Single, ElementAt

Lecture 22 Concatenation Operations (Concat)

Lecture 23 Aggregation Operations: Aggregate, Count, Statistical Functions

Lecture 24 Summary

Section 3: LINQ and Databases

Lecture 25 Overview

Lecture 26 The Magic of Expression Trees (Expression)

Lecture 27 IQueryable

Lecture 28 LINQ to Entities (Entity Framework)

Lecture 29 Async LINQ Queries (Entity Framework)

Lecture 30 Summary

Section 4: Parallel LINQ

Lecture 31 Overview

Lecture 32 AsParallel and ParallelQuery

Lecture 33 Cancellation and Exceptions

Lecture 34 Merge Options

Lecture 35 Custom Aggregation

Lecture 36 Summary

Section 5: Extra Topics

Lecture 37 Overview

Lecture 38 LINQ to XML (System.Xml.Linq)

Lecture 39 LINQ Support in ReSharper/Rider

Lecture 40 MoreLINQ

Lecture 41 Course Summary

Lecture 42 Would You Like to Know More?

Beginner and experienced .NET/C# developers,Anyone interested in modern approaches to data query,Database administrators interested in writing data query C#

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 33m | 978.97 MB
Created by: Dmitri Nesteruk

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