Mastering Mutual Funds

Guiding From Basics to Expert Level Insights of Mutual Funds
Mastering Mutual Funds
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Mastering Mutual Funds

What you’ll learn

What are Mutual Funds?
Advantages & Disadvantages of Mutual Funds
Types of Mutual Funds
How to Select Mutual Funds?
Expense ratio and Benchmarks
All about SIP, STP and SWP
How to Invest in Mutual Funds?
Mutual Fund Factsheets

Mastering Mutual Funds


No prior knowledge needed. This course covers all the basics and trains an individual to master the Mutual Funds


A course covering basic to advanced concepts of the Mutual Fund industry. This is a complete course on Mutual Funds conducted by Mr Parimal Ade and Mr Gaurav Jain. It’s a must-have course for every Mutual Fund investor.Mastering Mutual Fund (MMF) is a detailed comprehensive course which covers all the theoretical and practical concepts of Mutual Funds. The course begins with an introduction to the Basics of Mutual Funds which is then followed by Types of Mutual Funds. The course then focuses on more practical aspects such as How to Select a Mutual Fund and the Operations of a Mutual Fund. After completing MMF, the learner will understand the fundamentals of Mutual Funds and shall also be able to research mutual funds on her/his own. MMF aims to provide knowledge to every curious person about Mutual Funds which has more than Rs. 40,00,000+ crores of Assets Under Management. The course covers the following topics in detail:What are Mutual Funds?Advantages & DisadvantagesTypes of Mutual FundsTypes of Equity Mutual FundsTypes of Debt Mutual FundsTypes of Hybrid Mutual FundsHow to Select Mutual Funds?Expense ratio and BenchmarksAll about SIP, STP and SWPHow to Invest in Mutual Funds?Mutual Fund FactsheetsMMF also has a bonus video about a recent event in Mutual Fund Industry which explains the mistakes and learning from the same.


Section 1: Basics Of Mutual Fund

Lecture 1 What is Mutual Fund?

Lecture 2 Advantages & Disadvantages of Mutual Funds

Lecture 3 Who Should Invest in Mutual Funds?

Lecture 4 Stocks vs Mutual Funds

Section 2: Types of Mutual Funds

Lecture 5 Types of Mutual Funds

Lecture 6 Equity Mutual Fund

Lecture 7 Debt Mutual Fund

Lecture 8 Hybrid Mutual Fund

Lecture 9 ETFs and Index Funds

Lecture 10 How ETF Works?

Lecture 11 Sector/ Thematic Funds

Lecture 12 Other Funds

Section 3: How to Select Mutual Funds

Lecture 13 Risk Ratios

Lecture 14 How to select an Equity Fund?

Lecture 15 How to select a Debt Mutual Fund?

Lecture 16 How to select Hybrid Mutual Fund?

Lecture 17 How to select ETFs and Index Fund?

Lecture 18 When to Sell Mutual Fund?

Section 4: Mutual Fund Operations

Lecture 19 MF Course – SIP, STP, SWP

Lecture 20 Mutual Fund Benchmark

Lecture 21 Expense Ratio

Lecture 22 Compounding in Mutual Funds

Lecture 23 Segregated Portfolio

Lecture 24 Types of Returns

Lecture 25 Mutual Funds Buying Option

Lecture 26 Mutual Fund Factsheet

Section 5: Additional Points

Lecture 27 Lessons from Franklin Mutual Fund Debt Schemes

Lecture 28 How to assess fund managers – Top 3 Fund Managers

Section 6: Quiz

Students who want to learn about Mutual Funds.,All early & seasoned investors, as Mutual Funds would make the backbone of your Investment process and will help you in achieving satisfactory returns on investments.,Advisors – If you are an advisor or planning to be a financial advisor, this course will help you immensely to understand the Mutual Fund concepts and which will help you in advisory business.,SEBI RIA, RA and CFP Exam candidates – Though this course is not made from passing these exams perspective but this course will help you understand the concepts in very simple language.

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