Mastering of MariaDB Database

Learn fundamentally how to administrate a MariaDB Database
Mastering of MariaDB Database
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Mohammadreza Rahbarfarkhooy


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Mastering of MariaDB Database

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to install a MariaDB Server.
You will learn how to configure a MariaDB Server.
You will learn how to Benchmark a MariaDB Server.
You will learn how to optimize a MariaDB Server.
You will learn how to backup a MariaDB Server.
You will learn how to Monitor a MariaDB Server.
You will learn how to encrypt your data on a MariaDB Server.
You will learn MariaDB User and Role Management.

Mastering of MariaDB Database


Basic Linux Knowledge
Basic SQL Knowledge


In this training course, you will learn how to think like an MariaDB Database Administrator.This course is not a “Click on next” course without realizing why you have chosen an option. It just doesn’t matter if we installed a software at the end of the day. It is important to know why and how we have taken each step. All my efforts have been to teach you how to install Oracle software with all the details so that after the course you will have deep knowledge about it. I teach you the way I would like to be taught.First, you will get to know the architecture of the Maria DB database, and then you will learn Transactions in MariaDB work and how MariaDB stores data in this database.After that, we will install an Redhat Linux operating system on the VirtualBox. In order for this training course to be close to the real world, we will connect to our server remotely with Putty. We also assume that our server does not have a graphical interface during installation, and we do the installation using the terminal.After installing the MariaDB Server software, we will create set the most important variables and parameter in configuration file. We will also learn how to benchmark our database with Sysbench. After that we will learn how to use MariaBackup software to secure our data with Full- and Incremental Backup. We will also install Percona monitoring and management software to Monitor our database.Do not forget that this course will continue to be updated and newer sections will be added, including how to update the database and other useful sections.


Lecture 0 Introduction

Section 1: MariaDB Architecture

Lecture 1 Architecture

Section 2: Installing the Operating System for MariaDB Server

Lecture 2 Installing the Operating System

Section 3: MariaDB Installation

Lecture 3 MariaDB Installation

Section 4: Optimizing the MariaDB Server

Lecture 4 Optimizing the MariaDB Server

Section 5: Backup and Restore

Lecture 5 Backup and Restore

MariaDB Database Administrator,MariaDB Database Developer

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Udemy | English | 2h 14m | 904.03 MB
Created by: Mohammadreza Rahbarfarkhooy

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