Mastering Oil Painting 3 Mountain Landscapes Step By Step

Learn 6 building blocks of painting and watch 3 full painting demonstrations.
Mastering Oil Painting 3 Mountain Landscapes Step By Step
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Mandar Marathe


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Mastering Oil Painting 3 Mountain Landscapes Step By Step

What you’ll learn

Learn the 6 building blocks of painting
Understand how the 6 blocks apply to paintings
Learn color mixing with a limited palette
Learn and see the complete process of painting from idea to finished painting

Mastering Oil Painting 3 Mountain Landscapes Step By Step


You only need interest in learning to paint landscapes.
No previous painting experience necessary.


If you love landscape painting and want to learn the steps involved, this class is for you.My name is Mandar Marathe and I’ll lead you through this class.There are 6 building blocks that build a successful painting and In this class, we’ll talk about how those blocks apply to these 3 paintings.I have separate in-depth classes on the building blocks of drawing, composition, values, color theory, color schemes and painting technique and so in this class we’ll concentrate on putting the theory into practice.After we talk about the building blocks, you’ll see how I proceed through the stages of sketching, value study, color mixing, underpainting, blocking in and the stage of painting details to complete the paintings.Following these steps while painting your own version of these paintings will help you do the practice and you’ll see a massive improvement in your art.So, if you are a beginner or an intermediate level artist, you’ll find this class very helpful for your artistic growth.Your project for this class is to follow all the steps (drawing, value study, underpainting, block in and details) shown in this class and paint your version of any of the three paintings demonstrated in this class.Alternatively, you can use your own composition and follow the above steps to paint a completely original painting.You can share photos of your painting and the stages of drawing and value study with me via message on Udemy itself. I’ll try to give you my review comments on it so that you can improve it further.I can’t wait to see what you create!So, let’s meet inside the class.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: 6 Building Blocks

Lecture 2 6 Building Blocks of Landscape Painting

Section 3: Painting “Sunset Vista”

Lecture 3 Drawing, Composition, Value Study – Sunset Vista

Lecture 4 Underpainting – Sunset Vista

Lecture 5 Color Block In – Sunset Vista

Lecture 6 Final Details – Sunset Vista

Section 4: Painting “Blue Mountains”

Lecture 7 Drawing, Composition, Value Study – Blue Mountains

Lecture 8 Underpainting – Blue Mountains

Lecture 9 Color Block In -Blue Mountains

Lecture 10 Final Detail – Blue Mountains

Section 5: Painting “Mountain Reflection”

Lecture 11 Drawing, Composition, Value Study – Mountain Reflection

Lecture 12 Underpainting – Mountain Reflection

Lecture 13 Color Block In – Mountain Reflection

Lecture 14 Final Details – Mountain Reflection

Everyone interested in painting landscapes.,Everyone interested in simplifying the painting process irrespective of the medium.,Everyone interested in painting using oil colors.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 51m | 6.24 GB
Created by: Mandar Marathe

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