Mastering Power BI A Beginners Guide to Data Visualization

Transforming Raw Data into Actionable Insights
Mastering Power BI A Beginners Guide to Data Visualization
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Mastering Power BI A Beginners Guide to Data Visualization

What you’ll learn

Building Data Models and Table Relationships
Authoring Reports using Visualizations
Data Transformation
Solve Complex requirements using DAX Formulas

Mastering Power BI A Beginners Guide to Data Visualization


Working knowledge of Excel Charts and Pivots
Understanding of Data Models and Relationships


If you are a working professional, join me in this exciting course on Power BI. It will help you easily analyze and visualize complex data from various sources, and turn it into meaningful insights and reports with a short learning curve. As of April 2023, I have delivered in-person training to over 2,300 working professionals in skills across office productivity, programming, databases, analytics, and cloud computing, enabling rapid implementation of new skill sets.Course CurriculumData Models and RelationshipsVisualizations – Tables, Matrix, CardsSlicers – Date Hierarchy and CategoriesChartsNavigation and Drill ThroughAI VisualizationsPublishing Reports and DashboardsMobile LayoutDAX FormulasData TransformationWhat this course contains11 Sections with Easy-to-follow instructional videos4 AssignmentsSoftware and Credentials RequiredYou will need Power BI Desktop to follow all instructions in this courseA work email address would be required to sign in to Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service.Without a work email address, you will not be able to publish reports created in Power BI Desktop to the Power BI Service.Guaranteed Course OutcomeCareer growth: Learning Power BI can lead to better job opportunities and career growth, particularly in data analytics, business intelligence, and other related fields.Competitive advantage: Having Power BI skills can give you a competitive advantage in the job market, particularly in data analytics and business intelligence roles.Better decision-making: Power BI enables you to analyze data from multiple sources and gain valuable insights, leading to better and more informed decisions.Improved productivity: With Power BI, you can automate manual data processing and create interactive dashboards and reports quickly, improving productivity.Data visualization skills: Power BI helps you to create visually appealing charts, graphs, and other visuals, enabling you to communicate data insights effectively.Data accuracy and consistency: With Power BI, you can ensure that data is accurate and consistent across multiple sources, avoiding errors and discrepancies.


Section 1: Introduction to Power Bi

Lecture 1 Power BI for Professionals

Lecture 2 Power BI Applications

Lecture 3 Getting Started with Power BI

Lecture 4 Explore Power BI Desktop Interface

Lecture 5 Data Files to Download

Section 2: Data Models in Power Bi

Lecture 6 Load a CSV to the Data Model

Lecture 7 Configure Properties of the Data Model

Lecture 8 Data Relationships in Model View

Lecture 9 Activity – Configure Properties on the Data Set

Lecture 10 Solution Video

Section 3: Table Visualization

Lecture 11 Create a Table Visualization

Lecture 12 Format Visualization – Table

Lecture 13 Conditional Formatting

Lecture 14 Filters

Lecture 15 Activity – Top 10 Loan Customers

Lecture 16 Solution – Top 10 Loan Customers

Lecture 17 Field Parameters

Section 4: Matrix Visualization

Lecture 18 Introduction to Matrix

Lecture 19 Formatting and Edit Interactions

Lecture 20 Activity

Lecture 21 Solution

Lecture 22 Using Field Parameters with Matrix

Section 5: Cards and Slicers

Lecture 23 Card

Lecture 24 Multi-Row Card

Lecture 25 Slicer – Category

Lecture 26 Slicer – Date Hierarchy

Section 6: Charts

Lecture 27 Clustered Columns Charts

Lecture 28 Chart Legend, Small Multiples and Tooltips

Lecture 29 Clustered Chart Formatting

Lecture 30 Parameters with Clustered Charts

Lecture 31 Line Charts

Lecture 32 Line Chart Formatting

Lecture 33 Forecasting in Line Charts

Lecture 34 Line and Clustered Column Chart

Section 7: Others Charts

Lecture 35 Ribbon Chart

Lecture 36 Waterfall Chart

Lecture 37 Funnel Chart

Lecture 38 Pie, Donut and Tree Map

Lecture 39 Scatter Chart

Lecture 40 Maps

Lecture 41 Activity

Lecture 42 Solution

Section 8: Navigation and Drill Through

Lecture 43 Bookmarks

Lecture 44 Bookmark Navigator

Lecture 45 Page Navigator and Other Buttons

Lecture 46 Drill Through

Section 9: AI Visualizations

Lecture 47 Key Influencers

Lecture 48 Q&A

Lecture 49 Smart Narrative

Section 10: Published Reports, Dashboards and Mobile View

Lecture 50 Publish Report

Lecture 51 Explore Power Bi Service

Lecture 52 Creating Dashboards

Lecture 53 Mobile Layouts

Section 11: DAX Formulas

Lecture 54 Introduction to DAX Formulas

Lecture 55 New Column – COMBINEVALUES

Lecture 56 New Column – SWITCH

Lecture 57 New Measure – CALCULATE

Lecture 58 New Measure – FILTER and COUNTROWS

Lecture 59 Gauge Visualization with Measures

Lecture 60 KPI Visualization with Measures

Lecture 61 New Table – FILTER

Lecture 62 New Table – FILTER and RELATED

Lecture 63 New Table – ADDCOLUMNS

Lecture 64 New Table – FILTER and ADDCOLUMNS

Lecture 65 New Measure with Variables – SELECTCOLUMNS and TOPN

Lecture 66 New Measure with Variables – CONCATENATEX

Section 12: Data Transformation

Lecture 67 Introduction to the Power Query Editor

Lecture 68 Load Multiple Sheets from an Excel File

Lecture 69 Load Multiple Excel Files from a Folder

Working professionals curious about Data Analytics

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