Mastering Putty for beginners Session Manager MobaXTerm

Handy little tool to quickly launch SSH sessions to UNIX/Linux Servers. PLUS.. Amazon AWS Linux Virtual Machine Setup!
Mastering Putty for beginners Session Manager MobaXTerm
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Mastering Putty for beginners Session Manager MobaXTerm

What you’ll learn

Download and Install Putty sofware
Create and edit profiles in putty
Customize Putty
Launch Linux GUI interfaces remotely
Port Forwarding
Tips & Best Practices
Learn PuTTY Session Manager

Mastering Putty for beginners Session Manager MobaXTerm


Linux Machine (Physical or Virtual)
Putty Software
Basic Windows OS skills


PuTTY is an open source SSH and telnet client developed originally by Simon Tatham for the Windows platform. Putty is a light-weight standalone application, that is easy to learn.In addition, Putty also supports – Rlogin, Raw and Serial connections.Putty is a well know tool among system and network administrators. However, Putty can be a handy tool for programmers, DBAs, and QA Testers as well, when working with Unix/Linux based systems.Putty comes with many settings to customize your sessions to your project needs. Download and install Putty – Quick way & Installer way.Learn to launch duplicate & multiple sessions quickly.Establish SSH sessions to the same server with a different/same username.Customize & Tune Putty with various settings.Use X11 Forwarding to access Linux GUI.Automatically SAVE your SSH session to a file.Tips & Recommendations (Working on adding more)Securely Transfer filesUsing other tools/components that come with Putty Understand & Use RSA key-pair for Password-less authentication.Create a Linux Virtual Machine (EC2) in AWS & SSH into your own AWS Linux Machine.*** NEW *** Learn PuTTY Session Manager*** NEW *** Learn MobaXTermPutty Cheatsheet (Coming Soon)


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to the Course

Lecture 2 Connect with us

Lecture 3 Course Overview

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 4 Download & Install – Quick way

Lecture 5 Install Putty using Windows Installer

Lecture 6 Lab Environment

Lecture 7 Opening SSH Sessions – Demo

Lecture 8 Opening Multiple SSH Sessions – DEMO

Lecture 9 Putty Interface Walk-thru

Lecture 10 Assignment #1 – Lab Setup

Section 3: Putty Profiles

Lecture 11 What is a Session profile?

Lecture 12 Creating Session Profiles with Hostname Only

Lecture 13 Creating Session Profiles with Hostname and login username

Lecture 14 Updating Session Profiles – People Get Confused

Lecture 15 Where are the profiles located?

Lecture 16 Assignment #2 – Create putty profiles & test the connection

Section 4: Customizing Putty

Lecture 17 Font Type, Size & Color

Lecture 18 Increasing Scrollback Buffer

Lecture 19 Save Session to File

Lecture 20 Keeplive Intervals

Lecture 21 Assignment #3 – Customizing Profiles

Section 5: X11 Forwarding with Xming

Lecture 22 What is X11 Forwarding?

Lecture 23 Available X Display Servers

Lecture 24 Download and Install Xming

Lecture 25 Putty X11 Configuration

Lecture 26 X11 Forwarding Demo

Lecture 27 Assignment #4 – X11

Section 6: Port Forwarding (a.k.a Port Tunneling)

Lecture 28 Environment Setup

Lecture 29 Port Forwarding – Demo (Accessing a remote website using a local port)

Lecture 30 Port Forwarding – Multiple Ports Demo

Lecture 31 Assignment #5 – Port Forwarding

Section 7: Transferring Files

Lecture 32 Transferring Files to Unix Machine

Section 8: Understanding Public/Private Keys (Passwordless Authentication)

Lecture 33 Note

Lecture 34 Understanding Key-pair (Public & Private Keys) Authentication

Lecture 35 SSH Keys setup – Overview

Lecture 36 Generating a key-pair on a Windows Machine and Connecting using the key-pair

Lecture 37 Assignment #5 – RSA Key-pair setup between a windows machine and linux machine.

Section 9: PuTTY Session Manager

Lecture 38 About PuTTY Session Manager

Lecture 39 PuTTY Session Manager

Section 10: MobaXTerm

Lecture 40 About MobaXTerm

Lecture 41 MobaXTerm

Section 11: Bonus: Setting up AWS Lab Environment

Lecture 42 Introduction

Lecture 43 AWS Signup

Lecture 44 Creating a Linux Instance & Connecting using Putty

Section 12: Test Your Learning

Section 13: Bonus!!

Lecture 45 Thanks you & Here is your BONUS!!!

Anyone working with linux machines from a windows machine.

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Created by: Coding Gears | Train Your Brain

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