Mastering Python Automation For Every Day Life

Python – Selenium and WebDriver – Git and GitHub – Complete Test Automation Framework – Social Media Automation
Mastering Python Automation For Every Day Life
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Mastering Python Automation For Every Day Life

What you’ll learn

At the end of this course, You will get complete knowledge on Python Automation and How to use it in every day life
You will learn how to automat WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, YouTube, Telegram
Complete Understanding on Selenium and webdriver with real time Scenarios on LIVE Websites
You will learn about Pytest Framework Which is a Test Framework for python
You will learn about logging and implement it on test automation framework
You will learn How to create your own test automation framework and use it to improve your social media (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok …)
You will learn all about Git and GitHub and getting the skill To Collaborate or work as part of a team
You will learn how to automate social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, email, YouTube)
You will learn how to schedule any kind of task that you want to do on internet for every day life
You will be able to implement Python Test Automation Frameworks from Scratch with all latest Technlogies
You Will learn a lot more then you think from this course.

Mastering Python Automation For Every Day Life


no prerequisite requirement to start this course
All Installation setup including Python basics is taken care as part of course
All source code is available as source so you can download
You need no experience to start this course because everything is ready here to start.


Mastering Python Automation for every day life Have a Passion of learning Selenium but have no coding knowledge ? I will fulfill your wish with my easy teaching and life time query support through QAThis course involves using software tools to cut down on the time spent on minor social media tasks that can be done without human touch.Automation also helps businesses to scale their marketing efforts, saving them valuable resources and time. The advantage of using automation tools is that a brand can cultivate a large social media following by posting the most relevant content at appropriate times.This in-depth course has been designed for beginners interested in learning python and how to automate social media like: Facebook, WhatsApp, email, telegram and YouTube, and to create a test automation framework for life website which is LIKE4LIKE website. By using this framework you can improve all your social media for free, The engaging content in each module covers the most essential theoretical concepts with a practical mastering python automation you will start:. from very beginning of python, I will take through many example and exercises to improve you codding skills..  then we will cover all and every thing about selenium and WebDriver that you need to create your Test automation framework.. when you are completely ready for creating test automation framework we start creating the Test Automation Framework. I will Take you step by step through all aspect of test automation framework any thing that is needed for a test automation framework I will teach you.. We will cover the Pytest framework which is a framework for python . you will learn all about logging and how to accommodate it on test automation framework. we will learn about Git and GitHub and you will get the skill, how to work as a team and collaborate on GitHub to complete your task.. we will learn about social media automation · The automation of basic tasks on WhatsApp, you will learn how you can automatically send messages to individuals and into groups using Python.· Then you will learn how you can send email to anyone using python.· You’ll then learn how to schedule any task using Python, which will ultimately help you in implementing different projects.. You’ll also learn how to get any information of your YouTube channel and export it as CSV file for reporting to someone.· Also, you’ll study and implement how to automate posting different types of content on your Facebook Pages and groups. You’ll also see how to delete posts, comment on a post, and much more.. You will learn how to use selenium to post something on many Facebook groups.. Also you will how to create your telegram bot and schedule to send messages to telegram group.. Finally you will learn how make your telegram bot live (upload it on server).You’ll learn all the basic and necessary concepts for automating every day task for social media. Moreover, the detailed projects included in this course will deliver a useful learning experience. This course has been specifically designed for beginners who know nothing about python and Automating tasks.Not just the video lectures you will see the entire coding part done step by step and the lectures are explained in a very detailed and practical approach is taken in every example by the trainer.We assume that students have no experience in automation or coding and start every topic from scratch and basics.Examples are taken from REAL TIME HOSTED WEB APPLICATIONS to understand how different components can be automated.Don’t hesitate any longer – join us now and start having new experiences with The Mastering Python Automation For Every Day Life today!


Section 1: Introduction to course

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Section 2: Getting Started With Python Basics

Lecture 2 installing python and IDE

Lecture 3 introduction to VSC and Jupyter Notebook

Lecture 4 Write your first program in python

Lecture 5 Variables in python

Lecture 6 Naming varaibles

Lecture 7 Exercise 1: adding two number

Lecture 8 Exercise 1 solution

Lecture 9 String in python

Lecture 10 Number in python

Lecture 11 Exercise 2: find squer root of a number

Lecture 12 Exercise 2 solution

Lecture 13 Builtins functions in python

Lecture 14 Exercise 3: find the area of tringle

Lecture 15 Exercise 3 solution

Lecture 16 List in python

Lecture 17 Exercise 4: swap two number

Lecture 18 Exercise 4 solution

Lecture 19 Create a login system script

Lecture 20 Working with dictionary

Lecture 21 if condition in python

Lecture 22 Exercise 5: find the largest number among three number

Lecture 23 Reading from a file

Lecture 24 Writing in a file

Lecture 25 Read, write and appends to a file

Lecture 26 working with loops

Lecture 27 while loop

Lecture 28 Exercise 6: go through multiple list with one loop

Section 3: Improve Your Coding Skills With Python Exercises

Lecture 29 Generate random number

Lecture 30 Check if a number is odd or even

Lecture 31 check if a number is prime

Lecture 32 find the prime number within an interval

Lecture 33 finding the factorial of number

Lecture 34 Create quiz app with python

Lecture 35 Create multiplication table for number

Lecture 36 Generating fibonacci number

Lecture 37 Find the safe-box pin

Lecture 38 Solution for finding safe box pin

Lecture 39 Create your simple calculator

Lecture 40 Make a simple guess number programm

Lecture 41 Cracking zip file password

Section 4: Learn CSS Selector For Test Automation With Selenium

Lecture 42 introduction to CSS and css_selector

Lecture 43 selecting elements using its ID

Lecture 44 sending keys to a input web element using its ID

Lecture 45 select elements using classname

Lecture 46 combining many element to find a unique element

Lecture 47 mixing more attribute to find a unique element

Lecture 48 printing a label using mixed attributes

Lecture 49 selecting elements that has dynamic suffix,prefix and substring

Lecture 50 selecting chiled of a tag

Lecture 51 using next sibling to select an option

Lecture 52 CSS SELECTOR pseudo-classes

Section 5: Learn XPATH For Test Automation With Selenium

Lecture 53 introduction to xpath

Lecture 54 using xpath to write something in a field

Lecture 55 type of Xpath

Lecture 56 starts with function

Lecture 57 contains function for xpath

Lecture 58 using text function with xpath

Lecture 59 using and & or with xpath

Lecture 60 axes method with xpath

Lecture 61 descendant and descendant or self

Lecture 62 ancestor and ancestor-or-self method in xpath

Section 6: End to End Practice Projects With Complete Methods in Selenium and Web Driver

Lecture 63 introduction to selenuim

Lecture 64 selenium documentation

Lecture 65 installing webdriver manager and use it with deffirent browser

Lecture 66 DOM and web elements

Lecture 67 selectorshub and its usage

Lecture 68 selecting the elements by its Id

Lecture 69 classes and functions

Lecture 70 selecting the element using name and xpath

Lecture 71 selecting elements using CSS_SELECTOR

Lecture 72 selecting the elements using the link

Lecture 73 selecting elements using the tagname

Lecture 74 selecting elements using the classname

Lecture 75 some functions that is nesessary

Lecture 76 finding multiple elements in webpage

Lecture 77 printing text from web-pages

Lecture 78 getting the value from an attribute

Lecture 79 check if an element is enabled or disabled

Lecture 80 checking the display option

Lecture 81 handling the check box

Lecture 82 handling radio buttons

Lecture 83 hanlding select tag

Lecture 84 handling the auto suggestions

Lecture 85 handling callender

Lecture 86 Taking screenshot

Lecture 87 using JavaScript to open a webpage

Lecture 88 handling multiple window

Lecture 89 working with Iframe

Lecture 90 handling javascript alert

Lecture 91 Mouse Over

Lecture 92 right click and double click

Lecture 93 handle drag and drop

Lecture 94 handle the slider

Lecture 95 implicit wait in selenium

Lecture 96 explicit wait in selenium

Lecture 97 fluent wait in selenium

Lecture 98 remove the deprecate warning

Section 7: Learn Pytest Framework of Python Getting Ready for Test Automation Framework

Lecture 99 1. Wat is PyTest How to Install pytest

Lecture 100 How to write the first test in pytest

Lecture 101 How to run pytest form Common Line

Lecture 102 How to user markers in pytest

Lecture 103 fixture in pytest

Lecture 104 conftest in pytest

Lecture 105 parametrizing the fixture part one

Lecture 106 parametrizing the fixture part two

Section 8: Logging Get Prepared For Test Automation Framework

Lecture 107 introduction to logging in python

Lecture 108 storing the loggs into a file

Lecture 109 formatting the logs

Lecture 110 configure the logs

Section 9: Design and Develop Test Automation Framework

Lecture 111 what is test automation framework part one

Lecture 112 Describing the sample for test automation framework part two

Lecture 113 Automating like4like website to get free credits part three

Lecture 114 Create fixture for test automation framework part four

Lecture 115 Using explicit wait in test automation framework part five

Lecture 116 hit the login button test automation fram work part six

Lecture 117 handling login form test automation framework part seven

Lecture 118 like4like home page test automation framework part eight

Lecture 119 test automation frame work part nine

Lecture 120 test automation framework part ten

Lecture 121 test automation frame work part eleventh

Lecture 122 test automation frame work part twelve

Lecture 123 test automation framework part thirteen

Lecture 124 test automation framework part fourteen

Lecture 125 custom logger for test automation framework

Lecture 126 test automation project part logging

Lecture 127 test automation framework part seventeen

Lecture 128 test automation framework part eighteen

Lecture 129 test automation framework part nineteen

Lecture 130 test automation framework part twenty

Lecture 131 test automation framework part twenty one

Lecture 132 test automation framework part twenty two

Section 10: Learn Git And GitHub and Push Your Framework On GitHub

Lecture 133 installing git in local system

Lecture 134 How to do first commit in git

Lecture 135 push first repository on GitHub

Lecture 136 push the like4like test automation framework on GitHub

Lecture 137 How to clone GitHub repository and push it back on GitHub

Lecture 138 How is git used in development end to end example

Lecture 139 Git Branching and merging

Section 11: Automate your WhatsApp

Lecture 140 setting up the invironment

Lecture 141 send a text message on whatsapp

Lecture 142 closing the whatsapp tab

Lecture 143 send an image to whatsapp

Lecture 144 send text message to whatsapp group

Lecture 145 send an image to whatsapp group

Section 12: Email automation

Lecture 146 creating new password for email automation

Lecture 147 sending text email to a person

Lecture 148 sending files using email

Lecture 149 schedule printing a text

Lecture 150 schedule sending email

Section 13: Automate your YouTube channel

Lecture 151 getting api key and channel ID

Lecture 152 getting information of the channel

Lecture 153 getting some specific information from youtube channel

Lecture 154 getting playlist information and videos

Lecture 155 getting video information

Lecture 156 getting specific information from videos

Lecture 157 challenge exporting youtube channel data

Lecture 158 solving challenge part one

Lecture 159 solving challenge part two

Section 14: Facebook automation

Lecture 160 generating access token

Lecture 161 post on facebook page

Lecture 162 posting image on facebook page

Lecture 163 puting a comment in a post

Lecture 164 like and delete a post on facebook page

Lecture 165 uploading youtube links on facebook page

Section 15: Improve Your YouTube view

Lecture 166 improve YouTube views by uploading your videos link on facebook groups part one

Lecture 167 improve YouTube views by uploading your videos link on Facebook groups part two

Section 16: Telegram Automation

Lecture 168 create your first telegram bot

Lecture 169 providing online message for scheduling

Lecture 170 send message to a telegram group

Lecture 171 schedule sending message to a group

Lecture 172 making the telegram bot online for free

Lecture 173 runing the telegram bot in a period of time on IBM cloud

Intermediate Python Programmers looking to dive deeper into Python,Anyone wanting to learn automation using python,Anyone who is interested in learning python,Anyone who is interested in improving their social medias,Anyone who is interested in improving their skill of collaborating as part of a team

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Udemy | English | 21h 22m | 9.63 GB
Created by: Neamat Andishmand

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