Mastering RxSwift in iOS

Reactive Programming Using Swift Programming Language
Mastering RxSwift in iOS
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Mohammad Azam


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Mastering RxSwift in iOS

What you’ll learn

Reactive Programming Using RxSwift Framework
Applying Principles of Functional Design

Mastering RxSwift in iOS


Familiarity with iOS App Architecture
Knowledge of Swift Language


No matter which programming community you look at functional and reactive programming is getting popular every day. RxSwift is leading the charge in iOS community by providing flexible and extensible framework, which can easily integrate with iOS applications.RxSwift framework is one of the most popular and talked about frameworks in the iOS ecosystem. Learning RxSwift will increase your chances of landing your dream job and even earn a higher salary at your existing job. This course does not expect any knowledge of RxSwift framework, you will learn all throughout the course.Here is what you will learn in this course:Understanding functional programming and RxSwiftObservablesSubjectsImplementing photo filter app using RxSwiftFiltering operatorsTodo list app using filtering operatorsTransforming operatorsBuilding news app using transforming operatorsCombining operatorsBeginning RxCocoaMVVM with RxSwiftAll the lectures are accompanied with downloadable exercise files. Check out some of my reviews below: Every course you make is simple to understand, filled with great content, & packed with take-aways you can immediately use. Thank you for helping me become the developer I am today.Mohammad Azam is an outstanding instructor, he takes the time to explain why things work.Yes. I really like how the instructor explains not only how to do something, but why we are doing it. I love the clean organized setup for each of the applications & how the instructor gave many different techniques for putting an app together. Very good lessons!This was the most useful tutorial for the MVVM design pattern that I have seen yet. Very good ? Keep in mind that he isn’t showing you how to completely architect your app – but he is showing you how MVVM enables better unit testing. He also gave some great examples of unit tests. I never knew what to test before and he gave a good explanation. Looking forward to more of Azam’s courses.Mohammad Azam courses are always on point, and loaded with quality information that you can start using right away. Great content.Is this course right for you?This course is designed to teach you RxSwift in a very practical way. Each section starts with covering the concepts and terminology and then applying the knowledge by building a real world application. If you ever wanted to learn reactive functional programming in iOS then this is the course for you.Let’s begin learning RxSwift!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Prerequisites

Lecture 3 Exercise Files

Lecture 4 What is Functional Programming?

Lecture 5 What is RxSwift?

Lecture 6 What is CocoaPods?

Lecture 7 Hello RxSwift

Section 2: Observables

Lecture 8 What is an Observable?

Lecture 9 Implementing Observables

Lecture 10 Implementing Subscriptions

Lecture 11 Disposing and Terminating

Section 3: Subjects

Lecture 12 What are Subjects?

Lecture 13 Publish Subjects

Lecture 14 Behavior Subjects

Lecture 15 Replay Subjects

Lecture 16 Variables

Lecture 17 BehaviorRelay

Section 4: Implementing Photo Filter App Using RxSwift

Lecture 18 What we will be building?

Lecture 19 Setting Up the User Interface

Lecture 20 Integrating RxSwift Using CocoaPods

Lecture 21 Requesting Permission to Access Photo Library

Lecture 22 Fetching All Photo Assets

Lecture 23 Displaying Photos from Photo Library

Lecture 24 Passing Selected Photo

Lecture 25 Subscribing and Displaying the Selected Photo

Lecture 26 Applying the Filter to the Image

Lecture 27 Transforming Apply Filter into an Observable

Section 5: Filtering Operators

Lecture 28 Ignore

Lecture 29 Element At

Lecture 30 Filter

Lecture 31 Skip

Lecture 32 Skip While

Lecture 33 Skip Until

Lecture 34 Take

Lecture 35 Take While

Lecture 36 Take Until

Section 6: TODO List App Using Filter Operations

Lecture 37 What we will be building?

Lecture 38 Designing the Task List Screen

Lecture 39 Designing the Add New Task Screen

Lecture 40 Implementing Models

Lecture 41 Integrating RxSwift Using CocoaPods

Lecture 42 Passing Task to Task List Screen

Lecture 43 Adding Tasks Using Variable

Lecture 44 Adding Tasks Using BehaviorRelay

Lecture 45 Filtering Tasks by Priority

Lecture 46 Displaying Tasks

Section 7: Transforming Operators

Lecture 47 To Array

Lecture 48 Map

Lecture 49 Flat Map

Lecture 50 Flat Map Latest

Section 8: Building News App Using Transforming Operators

Lecture 51 What we will be building?

Lecture 52 Registering on NewsAPI Website

Lecture 53 Setting Up the User Interface

Lecture 54 Integrating RxSwift and RxCocoa

Lecture 55 Fetching News from NewsAPI

Lecture 56 Implementing Models

Lecture 57 Displaying News in UITableView

Lecture 58 Implementing URLRequest Observable to Perform Request

Lecture 59 FIX – Response Missing Description

Section 9: Combining Operators

Lecture 60 Starts With

Lecture 61 Concat

Lecture 62 Merge

Lecture 63 Combine Latest

Lecture 64 With Latest From

Lecture 65 Reduce

Lecture 66 Scan

Section 10: Beginning RxCocoa

Lecture 67 What is RxCocoa?

Lecture 68 What we will be building?

Lecture 69 Configure the Open Weather Map API Key

Lecture 70 Building User Interface for the App

Lecture 71 Implementing Models

Lecture 72 Integrating RxSwift and RxCocoa

Lecture 73 Fetching Weather JSON from Open Weather Map

Lecture 74 Displaying Weather Information

Lecture 75 Fetching and Displaying Weather on Search

Lecture 76 What are Binding Observables?

Lecture 77 Displaying Data Using Binding Observables

Lecture 78 ControlProperty and Driver

Lecture 79 Improving the Project with Driver and ControlProperty

Lecture 80 Disposing with RxCocoa

Section 11: Error Handling

Lecture 81 Managing Errors

Lecture 82 Throwing Errors

Lecture 83 Handle Errors with Catch

Lecture 84 Retrying on Error

Section 12: MVVM with RxSwift

Lecture 85 Understanding MVC Architecture

Lecture 86 What is wrong with MVC?

Lecture 87 Understanding MVVM Architecture

Lecture 88 What we will be building?

Lecture 89 Configuring News API Website

Lecture 90 Setting Up the User Interface

Lecture 91 Implementing Models

Lecture 92 Integrating RxSwift and RxCocoa with iOS App

Lecture 93 Fetching News Using Using RxSwift Extensions

Lecture 94 Implementing View Models

Lecture 95 Populating and Displaying News in UITableView

Section 13: Conclusion

Lecture 96 Next Steps

Lecture 97 Bonus Lecture

Developers interested in learning about reactive programming using RxSwift,Developers who want to take their skills to the next level

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Created by: Mohammad Azam

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