Mastering Salesforce Integration Novice to Professional

A step by step guide from concept to implementation to be an Integration Champion
Mastering Salesforce Integration Novice to Professional
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Mastering Salesforce Integration Novice to Professional

What you’ll learn

What Integration & When to use Integration
Why we need to use integration
Types of Authentication used in various integration API
Salesforce Integration from basic to advance a step by step implementation
Integrate Different third party with Salesforce
REST & SOAP WebServices
Streaming, Metadata, Chatter, Analytics API’s
Platform Event, Outbound Message, Heroku
Integration Best Practices
Integration Design Pattern

Mastering Salesforce Integration Novice to Professional


Basic Understanding of Apex Development
Basic Understanding of Lightning Development


As we are living in a world where everything is related to each other and collaboration is a key thing to succeed. This course is designed to learn Salesforce Integration from the very beginning and then advanced to Advance Salesforce Integration. In this course, you will be able to learn every basic information about Salesforce Integration.By integrating Salesforce with other applications, organizations can now tap to vast unknown resources and provide them with much greater operational visibility.This course leverage all types of Authentication that can be used while integration with any third-party system including API Key, Basic, OAuth 2.0, OAuth 1.0, JWT &, etc.In this course, you will also learn how to use different API REST & SOAP, which is best in which case.At the end of the course, you will be able to write any kind of integration for sure.Note: – The course contains a Major project to Integrate Salesforce with the Pipedrive system.Bonus:- You will get the PPT of each lectureCode related to each lectureNew Videos will be added in the coming future related to other integration topicsPlenty no of Assignments for you to practice the integrationList of 20+ API to integrate with SalesforceLive Project implementation along with meCourse Completion CertificationMultiple Assignments are there for most of the sections.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Course

Lecture 2 Introduction to Author

Section 2: How to

Lecture 3 How to get Help

Lecture 4 How to succeed with this course

Lecture 5 How to PPT & Code used in this course

Lecture 6 How to Access Salesforce ORG

Lecture 7 How to setup the required objects

Lecture 8 Useful Resource for the Course

Section 3: Introduction to Integration

Lecture 9 Resources for this section

Lecture 10 What is & Why Integration

Lecture 11 What is API

Lecture 12 What is WebService

Lecture 13 Types of Integration with Salesforce

Section 4: Types of Authentication in Integration

Lecture 14 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 15 Types of Authentication

Lecture 16 No Authentication & API Key Authentication

Lecture 17 Basic Authentication

Lecture 18 Introduction to Connected Application

Lecture 19 Introduction to OAuth 2.0

Lecture 20 OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Flow ( Web Server Flow)

Lecture 21 OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Flow with PKCE

Lecture 22 OAuth 2.0 Implicit Flow

Lecture 23 OAuth 2.0 Resource Owner ( Username & Password ) Flow

Lecture 24 Deep dive into OAuth JWT Authentication

Lecture 25 Usefull JSON Class method used in Integration

Section 5: Apex REST API

Lecture 26 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 27 What is Apex Rest

Lecture 28 Write your First Apex Rest API & Test Using Workbench

Lecture 29 Get Method Using Apex Rest

Lecture 30 Test your API using Postman API Testing tool

Lecture 31 Post Method Using Apex Rest

Lecture 32 Delete Method Using Apex Rest

Lecture 33 Patch Method using Apex Rest

Lecture 34 Use XML as Request & Response format

Lecture 35 Use Wrapper Classes in Apex Rest

Lecture 36 Writing Unit Test for Apex Rest API

Section 6: Apex SOAP API

Lecture 37 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 38 What is Salesforce SOAP API

Lecture 39 Write your own SOAP API and Test using Workbench

Lecture 40 How to use Wrapper Class inside Apex SOAP Services

Lecture 41 How to test Apex SOAP Services using Postman an API Testing tool

Lecture 42 Generate WSDL From Apex Class

Lecture 43 Test Your SOAP API From Second Salesforce Environment

Section 7: Consume 3rd Party APIs

Lecture 44 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 45 What all 3rd Party API we will work with

Lecture 46 Open CageGeocoder Introduction and Demo

Lecture 47 Implement OpenCage GeoCoder API using Apex

Lecture 48 Introduction to Freshdesk & Test using Postman

Lecture 49 Implement Freshdesk Part 1

Lecture 50 Implement Freshdesk Part 2

Lecture 51 Introduction to Quickbooks

Lecture 52 Authenticate QuickBooks from Salesforce

Lecture 53 Make Callout to QuickBooks

Lecture 54 Introduction & Setup Google Calendar Application

Lecture 55 Test the Google Calendar using API using PostMan

Lecture 56 Authorize Google API From Salesforce

Lecture 57 Create Dynamic Event in Google Calendar

Lecture 58 Introduction to LinkedIn API & OAuth

Lecture 59 Implement LinkedIn Integration

Section 8: Named Credentials & Auth Providers

Lecture 60 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 61 Named Credentials in Salesforce

Lecture 62 Use Named Credentials to make the API Callouts

Lecture 63 Auth Providers in Salesforce

Lecture 64 Use Google Email as Auth Providers to log into Salesforce

Lecture 65 How to use Auth. Provider in Named Credentials.

Section 9: Integration using JWT

Lecture 66 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 67 Introduction to Salesforce Platform API and get the .key File

Lecture 68 Authentication of Einstein Platform API using JWT

Lecture 69 Extract Text from image using Einstein Platform API

Section 10: Chatter REST API

Lecture 70 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 71 Introduction to Chatter Rest API

Lecture 72 Get Started Chatter Rest API

Lecture 73 Create Post Using Chatter API

Lecture 74 Do More with Chatter Rest API

Lecture 75 Implement Chatter Rest Using Apex

Section 11: Streaming API

Lecture 76 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 77 Introduction to Streaming API

Lecture 78 Introduction to Push Topics

Lecture 79 Create a Push Topic Using Workbench

Lecture 80 Create Push Topic using Apex

Lecture 81 Subscribe Push Topic Using LWC

Lecture 82 Subscribe Push Topic Using Node.js

Section 12: Platform Events

Lecture 83 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 84 Introduction to Platform Event

Lecture 85 Create & Subscribe your First Platform Event

Lecture 86 Subscribe Platform Event using Process Builder

Lecture 87 Publish Platform Event using API ( Workbench )

Lecture 88 Subscribe Platform Event using Aura Component

Lecture 89 Subscribe BatchApexErrorEvent using Aura

Lecture 90 Subscribe Standard Platform Event using Trigger (LogoutEventStream)

Lecture 91 Subscribe Platform Event using Node.js

Section 13: Change Data Capture

Lecture 92 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 93 What is Change Data Capture & When to Use it

Lecture 94 Subscribe Change Data Capture using Node.js

Section 14: Work with Outbound Message in Salesforce

Lecture 95 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 96 Introduction to Outbound Message

Lecture 97 Setup an outbound message in Salesforce

Section 15: Metadata API

Lecture 98 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 99 Introduction

Lecture 100 List Metadata using API

Lecture 101 Read Metadata using Metadata API

Lecture 102 Create Object using API

Lecture 103 Create Fields Using API

Lecture 104 Create Lookup Field using Metadata API

Lecture 105 Create Picklist field using Metadata API

Lecture 106 Provide Field level Permission using MD API

Lecture 107 Delete Metadata Using Metadata API

Lecture 108 Delete Custom Metadata Record Using Metadata API

Lecture 109 Create Aura Component and VF Page using API

Lecture 110 How to add a field into PageLayout

Lecture 111 Introduction to assignment

Section 16: Write Unit Test Cases

Lecture 112 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 113 Why we write Unit Test Cases

Lecture 114 What are Mock Classes and Why to use them

Lecture 115 Develop the First Test Class for API Callout

Lecture 116 Write the test classes for Chained API Callout

Lecture 117 Write Test Class from SOAP WebService

Section 17: Salesforce Heroku Integration

Lecture 118 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 119 Heroku Overview and Signup free Account

Lecture 120 Create an Application and Install Adons

Lecture 121 Configure PostgreSQL in Heroku

Section 18: Cross-Org Adaptor and External Object

Lecture 122 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 123 External Object in Salesforce

Lecture 124 Cross-Org Adaptor for Salesforce

Section 19: External Services in Salesforce

Lecture 125 Link to Find All the External Service Document

Lecture 126 Introduction to External Services

Lecture 127 Tips & Tricks to design Swagger Schema

Lecture 128 External Service Use Case #1: Get Current Network IP Address

Lecture 129 External Service Use Case #3: Phone Validation API

Lecture 130 External Service Use Case #4: Freshdesk Integration

Lecture 131 External Service Use Case #5: LinkedIn Integration

Section 20: Project – Salesforce Pipedrive Integration

Lecture 132 Useful Resource for the section

Lecture 133 Project Overview

Lecture 134 Object Model for the Project

Lecture 135 Authentication

Lecture 136 Get All Pipedirve users and store into Salesforce Custom Object

Lecture 137 Get All Organization from Pipedrive and store into Account Object

Lecture 138 Get All Person from Pipedrive and store into Contact Object

Lecture 139 Get All Leads from Pipedrive and store into Lead Object

Section 21: Spring 21 Salesforce Release Updates

Lecture 140 Salesforce Release updates Part 1

Lecture 141 Access Custom Metadata Using Static Methods

Lecture 142 All about FIELDS Method in Salesforce

Lecture 143 Flow Builder Related Updates

Lecture 144 Linked to Apex Class Used in Demo

Section 22: More & More Assignments

Lecture 145 List of the API which you can work on

Section 23: The course is not over yet 🙂

Lecture 146 What you can expect in near future

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