Mastering Statistics For GMAT Ivy League Instructor

GMAT Statistics Mastery: Improve your score, solve tough problems, and improve speed
Mastering Statistics For GMAT Ivy League Instructor
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Abhijit Rai


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Mastering Statistics For GMAT Ivy League Instructor

What you’ll learn

Learn GMAT Statistics in a structured manner. Go beyond the basics.
Methods and tricks that helped me crack the GMAT
Learn with practice: Detailed explanations on several Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency on each topic
Improve your GMAT beyond 720+ score by handling harder GMAT problems
Jumpstart your GMAT preparation by fostering a strong foundation of Statistics
Excel at GMAT Statistics: Why is GMAT Statistics difficult? GMAT asks questions in a different way.
Enhance Your GMAT PS and DS Math Skills Through an Engaging and Innovative Approach: Unlock a Fresh Perspective on Question Solving.

Mastering Statistics For GMAT Ivy League Instructor


No pre-requisites.


Welcome to the exciting world of GMAT Statistics! As a GMAT instructor, I’m thrilled to offer you a comprehensive program that will catapult your score to the 750+ level. Not only is statistics a critical topic on the GMAT, but it’s also a core course in most MBA curricula. So, if you want to take your GMAT performance and future MBA studies to the next level, this course is perfect for you.Throughout the course, you will receive in-depth instruction and practice opportunities to apply statistical concepts and methods to GMAT problems. Our goal is to help you develop the skills and confidence you need to solve even the toughest statistical questions on the GMAT. You’ll learn theory, strategies, and problem-solving techniques that will enable you to approach GMAT questions with speed and accuracy.Whether you’re new to statistics or have some prior knowledge, this course is the perfect choice for you. Taught by an IVY League instructor who has a deep understanding of the GMAT exam and its requirements, you’ll receive expert guidance every step of the way. You’ll also get access to practice problems and test-taking tips that will help you build your confidence and improve your performance on the GMAT’s quantitative section.So, don’t wait any longer – enroll now and start your journey to GMAT Statistics mastery! With this course, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to ace the GMAT and achieve your goals in graduate management education.


Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Lecture 1 Introduction to Abhijit Rai – Your Instructor

Lecture 2 The Best Way To Prepare For GMAT

Lecture 3 About Mastering GMAT Statistics

Lecture 4 How to navigate the course

Lecture 5 Quick definitions before we go into the depth

Section 2: Understanding Mean/Average

Lecture 6 Introduction To Average (Mean)

Lecture 7 Calculating Mean: Improving Speed and Accuracy

Lecture 8 Summary: Lets Review Average

Lecture 9 Advanced Topic: Solving Change In Mean Problems

Lecture 10 Summarizing Average (mean)

Lecture 11 Practice Problem Solution: DS08011 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 12 Practice Problem Solution: PS00986 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 13 Practice Problem Solution: PS09050 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 14 Practice Problem Solution: DS38720.02 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 15 Practice Problem Solution: DS03615 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 16 Practice Problem Solution: DS14471 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Section 3: Understanding Median

Lecture 17 Calculating Median Of A Series

Lecture 18 Summarizing Median

Lecture 19 Practice Problem Solution: PS01867 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 20 Practice Problem Solution: PS07771 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 21 Practice Problem Solution: DS11820.02 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 22 Practice Problem Solution: DS07568 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 23 Practice Problem Solution: PS08407 (Official Guide To GMAT)

Lecture 24 Mean VS Median

Section 4: Understanding Standard Deviation

Lecture 25 Introduction to Standard Deviation

Lecture 26 Calculating Standard Deviation and Variance

Lecture 27 Standard Deviation – Must Remember Takeaways

Lecture 28 Solving SD > 0 Type of Questions

Lecture 29 Advanced Topic – Pt 1: Mastering Impact on Standard Deviation

Lecture 30 Advanced Topic – Pt 2: Mastering Impact on Standard Deviation

Lecture 31 Solved Example #SD1

Lecture 32 Summarizing Standard Deviation

Section 5: More Practice

Improving GMAT score,Improving performance on Statistics GMAT problems

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Created by: Abhijit Rai

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